Mother-of-the-Bride Dress

January 7th, 2015

My daughter Kira got married in November of 2014 (you may have seen my blog about her vintage dress).   I’ve shopped with mothers’ and for myself for Mother-of-the-bride/groom dresses.   I realize some brides want the mother of the groom and mother of the bride to be dressed to the brides desires.  This can be a rather difficult situation as the bride may have one thought and the mothers’ are uncomfortable dressing as the bride prefers.  I was lucky, my daughter was relaxed about what we mothers’ wore and left it up to us.  However, when choosing a dress I did take into consideration the following:

A. I didn’t want to upstage the bride or “stick out”,  rather be a compliment to the wedding party.

B. I chose to dress with a specific detail from my daughters dress, again not to stand out rather to dress in the style of the wedding yet with the elegance she wanted to express for her theme.

C. I wanted to dress comfortably and express who I am.

D. Last but not least I was NOT going to dress like so-called mothers-of-the brides dressed from years ago, who doesn’t recall the dreaded long dress with a sparkly jacket!

My daughter had lace, therefore I wore a subtle lace dress.  Her dress was off-white so of course no off-white or whites which would’ve made me be equal color-wise to my daughter.  It was her day to shine, not mine.  Black for my dress seemed  dreary and had I worn a navy dress I would’ve matched the bridal party.  Therefore I chose a deep raspberry color since Kira had raspberry colors in her bouquet.  I wore vintage earrings and a vintage bracelet from my mother-in-law to bring in the era of Kira’s vintage wedding dress.

Voila!   I felt I complimented the wedding party with my own personal style rather than stood out as I look back at the pictures taken.  If your son or daughter are getting married my suggestion is to understand the theme of the wedding.  Is it tremendously fancy?  What type of venue will the wedding and reception be held?  What style of dress is the bride wearing?  What colors are the bridal party wearing?   Those are a few of the questions I would ask of you when shopping for a dress for your child’s wedding.



The Bridal Party


Mothers of the Wedding Couple


Ivanka Trump gives vintage a try.

December 16th, 2014

Ivanka Trump 2014 & mother Ivana 1991 Bob Mackie Dress

Ivanka Trump can have any outfit she chooses and with no concern of cost.  However, what really impressed me lately was her choice to wear her mothers’ 1991 vintage dress by Bob Mackie.  Ivanka looked absolutely fabulous.  It said she’s confident and owns her style.   How refreshing to women and young girls to look at someone who can spend any amount of money she wants but chose to be creative and look into the back of her mother Ivanas’ closet.   That’s creativity and thinking outside of the box.  Young girls especially take note that you don’t and shouldn’t wear what every girl in school is wearing.  Look outside the box and discover your look and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  If it’s difficult for any of you, let me help you find your unique look.


Junkyard Jewelry

December 3rd, 2014


“Imogene” Earrings

You read correctly!   Yes jewelry from vintage cars and trucks.  It’s a magnificent idea for using old vehicles.  I’m always about using what you have rather than waste so I love the idea.   My earrings and bracelet are from a 1960’s ford truck.  I was hoping to get a year and vehicle and name that had significance.  Rather it had none,  just beautiful unique pieces of artwork you can’t find anywhere.   I came upon this jewelry artist at the Austin Art Fair in April of 2014.    You Got Mojo Jewelry


“LAVONNE” bracelet




My Daughter’s Vintage Wedding Dress

November 5th, 2014

Exquisitely Kira

My daughter Kira and I shopped for her wedding dress for approximately three days.  After trying on 150 dresses (a bit of an exaggeration), which needless to say, my daughter looked gorgeous in all, we were taken aback at the price tag.  I’m the first to say I love uniqueness and quality but put the word “wedding” in any sentence and the price soars!  Though the prices were exorbitant we always commented the way we could tweak this or that to make it perfect.  News Bulletin:  We are not the “Warren Buffets” of the world and I told my daughter she could build two or three closets for the price these dresses cost to wear for the day and use for a much longer time.   After much discussion I told Kira “none of these dresses expressed who she was.”  Kira’s always been the one to find vintage clothing and re-style it to her body and give it her unique artistic flair.    She agreed and began searching her grandmothers’ closets, thrift stores, Etsy and E-bay.  She purchased roughly 5 dresses from online that were possibilities, which are stored in my closet and soon to be resold.  Finally she came upon “THE DRESS” a 1960’s vintage dress by designer  “George William Cahill”.  She felt beautiful and unique in this dress purchased for $150.00.  Kira had the back altered to a low V and a bustle made for minimal cost.  After seeing Kira on her wedding day all I can say and think as a Mom and an Image Consultant: Exquisitely Beautiful…Exquisitely Kira.




WW II bomber designer to Wedding Dress designer

October 29th, 2014

“The Graduate” Katherine Ross

My daughter chose her Vintage Wedding dress designed by William Cahill.  Being the curious person I am I had to learn more about the man that designed Kira’s exclusive dress.

 Who was William Cahill?

William Cahill was born in 1918 and designed bombers during World War II as a member of the design team at Lockheed Martin.  Following the war Bill and his brother, John T. Cahill envisioned a business opportunity.  Many soldiers were returning from the war and abundance of weddings was anticipated.  His artistic talent shifted from designing airplanes to designing wedding gowns. William Cahill designs were used in motion pictures; most memorable was the 1967 movie, The Graduate.  New York socialites and Dallas Debutantes pursued his gowns.

A world-renowned wedding gown designer for more than four decades was considered the ‘King of Bridal’ during the 1940s to 1960s. His creations express a timeless elegance was designed with much attention to details and defined quality in bridal wear during this period with its use of exquisite fabrics and fine craftsmanship.

Gowns by Cahill dominated covers of Wedding Wear Magazines for three decades. Cahill gowns were considerably more expensive than most gowns back then. To be a Cahill bride really meant something, as it continues to this day.


Dress by William Cahill







Wedding Bells or Wedding Bills?

January 8th, 2014


My beautiful daughter Kira is getting married November 1, 2014.  Since October 2013 we’ve searched for THE PERFECT wedding dress.  We’ve hit Bridal Salons in Austin and Dallas.  While the gowns Kira tried have been gorgeous we almost gag when we see the price, plus trade huge stares and twisted mouths with one another before telling the salesperson “it just isn’t Kira’s style.”  As always we choose the most expensive dresses and she tries some that hugely over budget.  Why not dream before the nightmare hits?  The Bridal Salon treats us to a mimosa (believe me it’s ONE mimosa).  Had we been served more mimosas we would’ve purchased a dress on the spot.  Bridal Salons know how to hit the pocket closest to the heart.  After Bridal Salon 95 we looked at one another and questioned why buy a gown for 6 hours of wear for $2,000 plus dollars?  Myself being the accountant said “Kira you could build 4 closets for the amount you are paying for a dress that you will wear once.”  Ladies, correct me if I’m wrong, but how many of you have worn your wedding dress more than once or have your wedding dress displayed on your wall?  Where is it?  In the closet?

Over a few glasses of wine we talked about Kira being true to herself and what she wants to convey on her special day.  One of Kira’s special talents is buying and altering vintage clothing to enhance her body shape and more importantly to express her personal style.  It may be removing the sleeves, taking up the waistline or altering the neckline.  Quite honestly I’ve never seen a flop in her redesigns.  Kira has purchased a few dresses online that I can assure you will be THE ONE.

Some brides may feel it’s just as expensive or more of a hassle or don’t have the eye for design or know a great tailor.  It’s not for everyone.

Kira will spend approximately a fourth of what a new wedding dress costs and have a one and only unique design especially for her that will make her fiancé Larry cry because she’s ever so beautiful rather than cry for the cost of 4 closets he could have built.  Smart choice Kira!  Stay tuned for the unveiling of the dress in November 2014!


Mixing it Up

September 18th, 2013

If you’re checking out Grandma’s jewelry box and wanting to wear a pin or necklace that is near and dear to your heart know that you can add a splash more jewelry currently in your own jewelry box such as a gold or silver chain or pearls either heavier or lighter in weight and size.  Before you head out the door look in the mirror and see if it looks in proportion to your figure and neck length.  Wear it if it feels good and looks right to you, not because it’s in fashion for this season.  Otherwise it looks as if you are trying to hard.








Accessories with Meaning

March 6th, 2013

Adding the final touch to an outfit can at times be challenging.  I want my clients to express themselves through their outfit which includes accessories.

Some of my clients love sparkle while others love nature, some love necklaces while others love bracelets.  A few of us have a meaningful piece of jewelry such as a bracelet but it clashes with the rest of our jewelry.

After stepping on my necklace and breaking it I took it to “BEADIT” for repairs.  While waiting for my necklace to be repaired I began browsing the store and spotted a unique bracelet for one client who was having difficulties putting it together with earrings she’d gotten from her grandmothers jewelry chest.  For myself I found Czech crystal beads (I’m of Czech descent)  and an interesting vintage metal clock face and gear (I love vintage and elegance together) that the clerk helped me design and then she constructed at no extra charge.   Czech Bead Information

Next time you have a dilemma of where you’ll find the perfect accessories that completes your look check out BeadIt!  BeadIt-Austin

Vintage Look..Clock Parts & Czech Crystal









Sew What?

December 19th, 2012


Sometimes it’s difficult to find that “perfect style” which feels as if it were designed specifically for you.  We can shop ‘til our toes drop; yet never stumble on that unique, one-of-a-kind look.  One great way to achieve this   is to purchase a sewing pattern, a great fabric and locate a talented seamstress to make the perfect piece of art fitted for you!  Having a pattern hand-tailored for your body is a great way to get the look, ideal fit and color you desire.

How can you do it if you don’t know “your style” and what flatters your body shape?  Follow these easy steps:

  • Hire an image consultant about flattering styles for your body type/and or head to a clothing store and try on clothes (even in the designer section of a store) and see what looks great on your figure.
  •  Visit your local fabric store and page through modern patterns or check out popular websites such as Etsy or where vintage patterns are sold.
  • Locate a talented seamstress (many times seamstresses are added to a list available at the Fabric store or check on the Craigslist website in your  area.  A talented seamstress can sew any pattern & make adjustments (such as make the pattern larger or smaller and give advice as to what type of fabric is suitable (also it will be noted on the back of the pattern).  Seamstresses are able to combine two separate patterns by interchanging a neckline with a different bottom.
  • Choose your fabric.  It’s so important to select a fabric that speaks to you and is right for that specific pattern.
  • Voila, a LOOK that is totally you in just a few weeks.




Want Unique? Try the “Shabby Apple”

July 4th, 2012

If you want a to feel and look feminine check out  Shabby Apple They offer vintage looking, flirty and stylish dresses a woman can wear anywhere.  It may not be for everyone, but it can be for someone and that someone might be you!



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