Shopping Make you Crazy?

June 8th, 2016


Does walking into a clothing store give you mind overload? How about 2 or 3 different people giving their opinion as to what looks great on you? Does the salesperson keep giving you clothes to try on? Do you buy just because somethings on the sales rack? It’s a daunting task & I will make shopping easy and stress-free!









I purchased a $20.00 sale dress & it cost me $456.45!

July 10th, 2013


You read correctly.  My belief has always been you don’t need to break the bank to look your best.  At times I forget that I could be spending more than the sale price after all is said and done.

For example, my daughter recently rented a home.  When we opened the door we discovered the landlords did a quick clean rather than a deep clean.  Mind you, I do not have OCD, but I wanted my daughter to live in a clean home, is that too much to ask?  Wasting no time I got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the tile floors.  The next day I woke to noticeably large bruises (which turned to scabs) covering my knees because I had failed to use my knee protector.  My husband said “you realize we have a pool party invite for tomorrow.”  Immediately I checked my closet to find an outfit that would hide my knees (without looking as if I were trying to hide my knees), yet feel cool in the 100° plus weather around the pool.

The following series of events unfolded in search of a pool party dress:

6:00 pm Target store to find a dress that wouldn’t cost a bundle.

6:20 pm Sorting thru dresses to cover my bad knees. (I don’t like pants).

6:45 pm Fitting room trying dresses (plus a few extra sale dresses I liked).

6:55 pm Discovering the perfect dress was too small and asking store clerk to check if other Target stores had the correct size.

7:00 pm Driving my car to a South Austin Target that had one dress available in my size.

7:20 pm Arriving at Target, racing to the dress department to find the dress, only to discover the system had not been updated and the dress was gone.  Searching all racks believing it was misplaced.

7:30 pm Waiting for the clerk to find the correct size at another Target.

7:35 pm Heading to the Kyle Target, which supposedly had one dress in my size.

8:00 pm Arriving at the Kyle Target; zooming to the dress department to find the dress had been sold and the system had not yet updated.  Also purchasing two other items I tried on previously that were on sale for a ridiculously low price.

8:45 pm Arrive home explaining to my husband I found the perfect dress On SALE (that usually soothes him) but the stores (not store) didn’t have it available in my size.  My hubby then reminded me I don’t have an “off switch.”  My response: “what’s it matter when I want found a great dress style and fantastic sale price”?

The following morning:

9:00 am On-line looking for a store that might have the dress.  Calling the stores in hopes they actually have the dress.

10:00 am Calling the San Marcos store.  They checked and were actually holding the dress in my size.  Me begging to have them hold it as they said they couldn’t because it was on clearance.  I convinced them I’d be there in 45 minutes and headed out the door once they tentatively agreed.

10:50 am Rocketing into the San Marcos store Customer Service asking if they had THE dress.  YES, YES, YES!!!

12:00 noon Back home with the perfect sale dress.  Congratulating myself for my persistence.  Suddenly it hit me, was it really on sale after all was said and done?

You do the math….

$ 373.75    Hours looking:  5.75 hours @ $65.00/hour (using hourly rate)

$   62.70    Mileage:  114 miles @ .555/mile (IRS rate)

$  20.00     Price of Dress on sale

$456.45   Total price paid for “Sale Dress”




Shopping on A Budget

May 15th, 2013


Fashion doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style over budget!  You can do both.  If you’re like most women these days, knowing how to be stylish on a budget will be helpful when you go clothes shopping.  Here are some useful tips on how:

Re-sell or Donate Unused Clothes

Selling or donating your unused clothes is the first step to learning how to be stylish on a budget.  This accomplishes 3 things! First you make room for things you really want or need.  Second, you make a little money to spend on new clothes!  Third, you are helping others who are unable to afford great clothing at a regular price.

Invest in Classic Pieces

Classic** pieces are important to your closet, since they build the foundation of your wardrobe.  Classic** pieces are items that never go out of style, so think of dark skinny jeans, a basic white button-down shirt, a pencil skirt, a neutral blazer, etc.  Once you have a few classic pieces, you can change up your look easily with the help of shoes and accessories, and still look stylish without spending a wad!  **Remember your classic pieces may not fit into the mainstream.  (I.e. If you don’t wear jeans you shouldn’t have them in your closet).


Layering looks stylish no matter the occasion!  It’s definitely a way to wear the same pieces over and over without making it obvious.  Try to be creative and daring, but when in doubt if something looks good, ask a trusted friend for their opinion.  Don’t be afraid to mix textures or patterns!  (i.e. denim top with a lace skirt).

Build Your Accessory Collection

Accessories are perfect for a woman on a budget because they don’t cost very much at all if you find the right places to shop.  Accessories can really change up or add something to your overall look.  Keep an eye out for sales on jewelry, scarves, bags, shoes, and hats or hairpins.  Stock up when you find amazing deals!  Also bead-making shops can put something together for a small fee (or better yet you can during a class) and it is uniquely yours.  

Makeup And Hair

Your makeup and hair say a lot about you, and keeping up with current trends is a great way to look stylish on a budget.  You don’t have to overhaul your entire makeup drawer but do keep your look current.  A smoky or neutral eye is always safe, and nude nail polish can really finish off a look.  Trendy hairstyles are great, but keeping something that’s a little more classic will help you avoid spending too much money on upkeep when your trendy haircut is no longer in style.

Shopping The Budget-wise Way

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to swear off any and all shopping!  Just learn how to shop the budget-wise way.  Make a list of needs and wants.  Shop for the “needs before the wants.”  Sale racks are your newfound friends.  Thrift stores, garage sales, and outlet places are a few other hot spots to find really inexpensive prices.  Be selective about what you buy.  Inspect for wear and tear or flaws, and make sure it’s something you know you will get use out of.

I’m one to shop on a budget and part of my play (aka job) as an Image Consultant I’m always on the lookout for Great Sales.







File Your ideas on Pinterest

December 26th, 2012

One of my own “Pinterests”

I’m a visual person and at one time I tore ideas out of magazines; (I must confess I would tear ideas from friends magazines or the magazines from my doctors office)and stash them in my file.  I found I would go back to them intermintly or just rummage through my file even though it was organized.  However, if I wanted to tell someone about an idea I liked, I would have to describe it.  This year I discovered Pinterest.   What is Pinterest?   It’s simply your personalized pin board  filed anyway you choose.  You can photo share from websites or other users boards to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, and more.  You can refer anyone to your board.  For instance, I have women’s fashions, men’s fashions, places I love or places I want to go.  Anytime I hear someone tell me something I want to remember I add it to my Pinterest board.  Check it out and put any ideas you want to keep right in your very own file.



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