Little Changes Men Can Do

June 26th, 2013

Guys I did not forget about you!  Last week I blogged mistakes women make which cause them to appear older than they really are or want to appear.  Below are some examples that scream “old man” and simple answers to create a more updated look.

Pleated front and/or wrong waste-line pant.  Wear a flat-front pant even if you have larger thighs as pleated can make you look shorter, wider, and dated.  Wearing pants over the belly button or under the “belly” is just plain wrong.  Always wear pants at your natural waist, no matter how wide the waist.  

Comb-Over Hairstyles or Toupee may make you think you’re hiding your bald spot but others definitely know, I can assure you.  Shave your head and it will definitely update your look.  If you can grow a well, filled-in beard, grow that instead.

Over-grown hair in the ears, nose or on the eyebrows are not only unkempt but also scream old.  People want to feel you care about how you look rather than concentrate on overgrown hairs.  Either invest in a hair trimmer for $20.00 or have your hairstylist take care of the extra long hairs.

Eye Glasses definitely say more about your style than you realize.  When you shop for new frames ask the question “what image do the glasses give me…. young, old, etc” rather than “do these glasses look good”?  More than likely if you ask “what image do the glasses give me” people will be more open to say old, distinguished, sporty whereas asking “do these glasses look good” most people will generally say yes.  (Hint:  If you shop for glasses with me I’ll give my honest opinion.)

Rubber Soled or Square-Toed Shoes just look dated and is especially noticeable when you wear it with an updated outfit.  I understand bad feet as my husband and I both have them and the need to wear comfortable shoes.  Don’t spoil your look.  The right shoes may be more expensive but it is possible to find a comfortable, great looking pair of shoes.  




Remembering the Little Things

April 10th, 2013


Imagine your dentist with dirty teeth or shoe salesperson with scuffed shoes.  Grooming is at the top of the list.  The little things count for a great deal to complete our overall look.

Here are a few things one may need to look your best:

1. Guys a razor to cut nose and ears hairs.  *Also it’s not unmanly to have someone wax the unibrow (some eyebrows that don’t stop in the middle.

2. Women, yes there is a razor for all over light facial hair on the cheeks and neck.

3.  Shoe shine pad.  Great little invention.  No rags or liquid.  The shine is on the pad.  Keep one in the closet and apply to shoes before stepping into them.

4.  Tooth Cleaners for travel.  After eating head to the restroom and brush and floss the teeth.

5.  Lint Cleaner.  Even if one doesn’t own a pet one still needs to have a lint roller at hand. Small lint rollers for travel are available.






November 7th, 2012



Some men feel it’s difficult to have a ‘style’ because there simply aren’t as many options for men as there are for women.  Lucky facial hair has made a comeback.  And the cool thing is that by altering your facial hair, you can emphasize (or distract from) facial features.

BUT WAIT!  Before you start growing mutton chops, take a good look at your face.  Ask yourself and someone you know who can be honest.  What shape is your face?  How much hair will you be able to grow?  Does your hair grow sparse in certain areas?  Will a beard age you or give you a distinguished look?  Once you feel like you’re in touch with your face and the hair that grows on it…give it a shot!  No worries if you mess up…it’s just hair.  It will always grow back. Check out this article for more info on  Face Shapes for Beards








Want an Instant Face Lift?

July 20th, 2011

The eyes have it when it comes to looking younger more polished.

Men and Women if you’re looking for ways to enhance your facial appearance, consider these strategies to perfect your eyebrows.

Creating the perfect arch can be a trial and error process if you attempt to use tweezing and waxing methods on your own.  Salons, med spas and aesthetic centers offer professional eyebrow waxing and hair removal services, and these can help you achieve just the right arch without losing the small hairs you need to get the right look.

Common methods for creating perfect eyebrows include:guys unibrow and eyebrow arching, waxing, reshaping

-Hot wax

-Tweezing and plucking


-Laser hair removal for dark hair

All of these methods can provide instant results and shapelier, more attractive eyebrows, but do require ongoing maintenance.  If you choose to maintain results on your own, you also run the risk of ‘over-plucking’ or over-waxing, and hair can take months to grow back.  Yes men, having your eyebrows shaped and hair removed between your brows can give you a polished look.




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