Oh No She Di’int

January 15th, 2014


Jim Harbaugh, head coach of the San Francisco 49ers wife Sarah admitted to the world she had not dropped the ball when it came to her husband wearing pleated khaki pants from Walmart for a price tag of $8.00.  The fashion faux paux from a guy who makes millions a year buying pleated pants made infamous when Sarah called into a radio show to jokingly say if she had a choice she wouldn’t put him in the game, not even the sidelines wearing the dreaded pants.  Wives tell me how they have no control over types of clothing their husbands wear that are well…you know just awful looking.  They even ask if I can fix this issue in their marriage.  Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t.

Despite Sarah’s disapproval, Walmart is taking advantage of the free press. The company ran an ad for the pants Thursday reading “Coach-worthy khakis: “Fit For A Champion, Priced For Everyone”.

I have to give him credit that he doesn’t feel he’s too good to shop for bargains at Walmart. Harbaugh’s been a good sport about fumbling the play and announced next season he will buy update his pants!

Que Sera Sera.



AUSTIN Guys!! Store for Sizes XL and Larger!!

December 12th, 2012


Guess what Austin guys?  We can now shop at Destination XL, a new store focusing on your fashion needs for XL sizes and up.  Located at the Arbor Walk, 10515 North MoPac Blvd.


-Tall Sizes AND XL and Larger Sizes

-Over 100 Brands, including Lucky Brand & DKNY Jeans, Michael Kors and Lacoste!

-Casual and Dress Clothing

-Accessories and shoes (sizes 10 to  16  and wide-width options)

Check out: DestinationXL



Those pesky pockets!

March 30th, 2011

Finding a pair of pants that fit and look terrific is a chore in itself. Personally speaking, if a company that manufactures clothing wants to save time and money, KEEP the pockets to a minimum. One that really blows my mind is a white pant with pockets showing…HOW DARE THEY? Nothing like bringing attention to the hips, bum, or thighs! Besides removing the pocket outlines from your garment it can give you an extra ½” of room. That in itself is worth removing those pesky pockets.

You can do this by stitching over the pocket on the outside, or leave the stitching already in & then cut the pocket out from the inside. I do it all the time, but if you don’t care to do it a tailor can do it for around $10.00. How many women out there actually use their pockets? pockets antonio melanie



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