Sans Blisters

May 29th, 2014


We want it all fashion and comfort yet our feet don’t always allow this luxury.  Here are some tips to alleviate the pain of shoes causing blisters.


1.  Blister Block by Johnson & Johnson is  a Chapstick type application put anywhere on your foot to stop the friction.  I keep it in my purse.

2. Achille’s pad are self-adhesive cushion put in the back of your shoe to make it not slip or rub on the back of your foot.

3.  No show socks made of stretchy cotton with a silicone backing at the heel for a no-slip fit.   You can also wear them if your feet sweat.

 So wear style and have comfort looking your best sans blisters.



Guys……Style Tips that are always Fashionable

June 12th, 2013



So men, how can you look your best?   Let’s face it, if you walk into a room you are being judged on your look.  Women are fortunate to have a huge variety in their wardrobe while men are usually offered a minimal amount of options from season to season.  Below are some simple style principles that will keep you looking great and never go out of style.

1. Cut

Make sure the clothes you wear are not wearing you.  The right fit for you may be different than the right fit for another.  More importantly, wear your style rather than someone else’s.  Find a tailor that makes the clothes fit to your body shape, which will make you look as if the clothes were made for you.  Just because one brand fits one guy doesn’t mean it will fit you the same.

2.  Color

Many men feel that a tan colored pant and shirt can be a safe choice.  However, tan can work for some while it can wash other men out due to their skin tone or hair color.  Taupe may be a better choice.

3. Fashion

Don’t build your wardrobe based on the latest trend being pushed by a store or fashion magazines.  Fashion is not about the latest fad but rather finding a way to emphasize your body shape and have more than one look from work to social to special occasions to match your style.  The look also needs to be age appropriate.  Also adding clothes to your wardrobe so they can be interchangeable.  Simply adding a pocket scarf with your favorite suit or sports jacket can give your look much more flair. 

4. Quality over Quantity

Target store prices may look best for your checkbook so you can save for the great pair of expensive golf clubs you want to purchase.  However, if you calculate how many times you wash and wear a shirt and then have to buy 2 or 3 in the same year to continue to look good, it actually can be more expensive.   Quality clothing will look great through all the wear and washings for a longer period.

5. Shoes

The first thing others notice are the shoes you wear.  They are the best indication of your style and the strongest signal on how conscious you are about your presentation.  A cheap pair of shoes paired with an expensive outfit is the clearest giveaway that you look cheap and less impressive.  If you can’t afford a decent pair, wait for a sale rather than opting for a cheaper pair.  For example, if you spend the regular price of $60.00 on a pair of shoes that you wear day in and day out, you a may have to purchase them again during the year.  You could be spending much less by buying a comfortable, well-made shoe that can have resoled for a few years.

Looking your best signals to others that you care about yourself and that you have a high regard for yourself.



Shoe Tips

August 17th, 2011

Men:  A shoe with a bit more round tip will always be in style.  Square tipped shoes are just that!

Women:  If you are short and/or have thick calves wearing shoes with too high of a strap can make you look shorter and bring attention to your calves.






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