Guy’s…..Tie One On in Tokyo, Japan

October 19th, 2016


                  Necktie of Mt. Fuji in Japan


My husband Salvatore & I recently visited Japan and we wanted to bring back something memorable.

We ran across Taya, a men’s clothing store in the Ginza area of Tokyo selling beautiful 100% silk jacquard neckties. The ties are designed and produced in Yonezawa,Yamagata, Japan. My husband purchased a “Mt. Fuji” necktie with subtle colors (pictured) so it can go with a multitude of different colored shirts and suits.

According to their business card, “Taya was founded in 1905 as a store importing

Western-goods and clothing at the time when “kimono” was a dominant fashion in Japan.”  The original necktie brand have been supported by more than three generations of visitors.

If you’re visiting Japan or if you are here in the states, check out their website for a beautiful gift for yourself or someone else.

Taya 4-6-17 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan




Guys……Style Tips that are always Fashionable

June 12th, 2013



So men, how can you look your best?   Let’s face it, if you walk into a room you are being judged on your look.  Women are fortunate to have a huge variety in their wardrobe while men are usually offered a minimal amount of options from season to season.  Below are some simple style principles that will keep you looking great and never go out of style.

1. Cut

Make sure the clothes you wear are not wearing you.  The right fit for you may be different than the right fit for another.  More importantly, wear your style rather than someone else’s.  Find a tailor that makes the clothes fit to your body shape, which will make you look as if the clothes were made for you.  Just because one brand fits one guy doesn’t mean it will fit you the same.

2.  Color

Many men feel that a tan colored pant and shirt can be a safe choice.  However, tan can work for some while it can wash other men out due to their skin tone or hair color.  Taupe may be a better choice.

3. Fashion

Don’t build your wardrobe based on the latest trend being pushed by a store or fashion magazines.  Fashion is not about the latest fad but rather finding a way to emphasize your body shape and have more than one look from work to social to special occasions to match your style.  The look also needs to be age appropriate.  Also adding clothes to your wardrobe so they can be interchangeable.  Simply adding a pocket scarf with your favorite suit or sports jacket can give your look much more flair. 

4. Quality over Quantity

Target store prices may look best for your checkbook so you can save for the great pair of expensive golf clubs you want to purchase.  However, if you calculate how many times you wash and wear a shirt and then have to buy 2 or 3 in the same year to continue to look good, it actually can be more expensive.   Quality clothing will look great through all the wear and washings for a longer period.

5. Shoes

The first thing others notice are the shoes you wear.  They are the best indication of your style and the strongest signal on how conscious you are about your presentation.  A cheap pair of shoes paired with an expensive outfit is the clearest giveaway that you look cheap and less impressive.  If you can’t afford a decent pair, wait for a sale rather than opting for a cheaper pair.  For example, if you spend the regular price of $60.00 on a pair of shoes that you wear day in and day out, you a may have to purchase them again during the year.  You could be spending much less by buying a comfortable, well-made shoe that can have resoled for a few years.

Looking your best signals to others that you care about yourself and that you have a high regard for yourself.



What? Forget the Laundering…

May 1st, 2013

Wool & Prince tailored men’s shirt. Yahoo-Shine

Really?  A shirt that can be worn 100 days straight without being washed or dry cleaned.  Imagine being wrinkle-free and odorless.  Mac Bishop, 24, whose family owns the Pendleton Woolen Mills in Oregon had 15 testers sport the shirt for 100 days from socializing to working out at the gym.  The shirts retained their shape and look.  What’s the secret?  Wool is six times more durable than cotton and is wrinkle resistant.  The company says its shirts are light and breathable, because they use a fine wool thread three times finer than human hair.


Get this!  Jeans, according to Levi Strauss and other experts can and should go for long stretches without being laundered, as washing breaks down the fabric.  Levi’s suggests freezing your jeans to kill off bacteria between uses.  They’ve suggested washing them every 6 months.


I wonder if their test included people eating and possibly spilling mustard or barbecue sauce on their shirt.  I could definitely to it, just not eat in my shirt or pants!    *See entire Yahoo-Shine Article”


AUSTIN Guys!! Store for Sizes XL and Larger!!

December 12th, 2012


Guess what Austin guys?  We can now shop at Destination XL, a new store focusing on your fashion needs for XL sizes and up.  Located at the Arbor Walk, 10515 North MoPac Blvd.


-Tall Sizes AND XL and Larger Sizes

-Over 100 Brands, including Lucky Brand & DKNY Jeans, Michael Kors and Lacoste!

-Casual and Dress Clothing

-Accessories and shoes (sizes 10 to  16  and wide-width options)

Check out: DestinationXL



Guys Boxy and Classy!

May 23rd, 2012

I have several men clients and when I first work with them I ask how they really feel about their look. Their answer typically is “mostly frumpy and I lack style.”  Then I ask them how they’d like to look and the answer is almost always the same, “sharp and classy.”  No matter what, everyone wants COMFORT!

I’d have to say when guys shop with me they are fairly open to trying new things and they are very candid which I love.  Some say, “no can do on that color” or “I’d never be caught dead in that print.”  Okay by me!  However, some guys have decided that one look is ok and comfortable for them and then they tend to buy 10 shirts of different colors (in the same style) and will wear them for the next 3 years if not longer.

Guys! I want you to view the pictures below and see how shirts can be both be comfortable and classy. One style makes you look frumpier, shorter and wider (boxier) while the other makes you look classier, taller and thinner.  I help create illusions so in once sense, yes, I’m a magician.  Again, if your style is the boxier type of shirt,  I’ll accept it but I always will ask that you be open to try on different styles.  For instance the Perry Ellis and Boss brands are much more of a European slim fitting shirt and the Faconnable and Michael Kors are a slim look but can be worn easier by a greater degree of men of all shapes.  My advice, be open to trying several brands since they look differently and can give you a boxy, frumpy shape or a classy, slimming, taller look and you don’t have to tuck either of them in if you’re heading for a casual evening out.  Best of all they both can be comfortable!

Boxy Fitting Shirt

Slim Fitting Shirt



My yoga revelation and my dad!

September 1st, 2010

Dad and me. He’s wearing one of his few long sleeve shirts from the early days.

Yesterday was yoga. channeling one’s energy into consciousness.  Seated position, eyes closed, inhale, and then exhale, repeating five times the mantra Ohm (Pronounced Ohmmm).  Everyone was in accord with their Ohm, well almost.  However, one Aum was noticeably distinct from the group…keeping my head straight as to pretend I was in the zone,  moving only my eyes to an older gentleman reciting the mantra.  Inner peace out the window and thoughts begin to go wild.  Flashback age 13, Sunday church service, Dad singing a step ahead and louder than everyone, singing…very well, according to his standards.  At the last Ohm I came to the revelation this is a rarity of my Dad.  Dad is unique and defines whom he is even introducing himself as  “Ol Bill, not Old Bill”.

While my career is individualizing a person, Dad would not be one to employ my services.  Put him in a casual, button down, front-pocketed, short sleeve, red, blue or Hawaiian shirt,  pants, shoes, belt, hanky and he’s out the door.  Simple.  No fuss no muss.  Not to forget the dab of Brylcreem to his hair.  Not to change the subject, but I loved putting rollers in his hair when we all watched television.  This was the time he would do his yoga.  You could count on Dad to wear a navy suit, white shirt, blue, or red tie combo (his favorite colors) to church and he looked sharp, still does!  When Christmas or birthdays rolled around my idea of a gift to introduce him to something exotic was a green half-button down shirt or yellow necktie, his response was more of a mumble.  Who can misconstrue a mumble?  I realized buying a box of chocolates as he eats them daily or a  restaurant gift certificate Dad’s more likely to have a BIG thank you with no prodding from Mom.  This man is one of the biggest reasons my goal is not to change anyone, rather bring out who they are.  That’s my 77-year young Dad and I’ve learned he owns his style and is an original and he’s defined himself like no other.  I’m cool with that!



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