All Blow Dryers are Different

August 6th, 2014

When I look in the mirror after my hairdresser has finished styling my hair I always ask myself “why can’t I make my hair look shiny and frizz free”?  How did she do it?  When I asked her she said a ceramic blow dryer.  The word “ceramic” already put dollar signs in front of my eyes.   My normal M.O. was to buy what I thought was a blow dryer that would do the job for $35.00.   I always thought “a blow dryer is blow dryer”.  Last week while I was getting ready to dry my hair my blow dryer quit.  It quit at the worst possible time when I turned it on so I ran upstairs to get my even cheaper $15.00 blow dryer I have guests use (please don’t spread this tidbit as I want to be known as a host who treats her guest well)!  It was THE worst blow dryer I’ve used but it had to be done because I was headed to meet a client.

The positive:  I had an extra blow dryer and didn’t have to run to my neighbors and borrow theirs or turn up as a wet head for my client.

So I decided to take the plunge and invest in a better blow dryer.  Ultra had a $149 ceramic blow dryer on special for $99 and I’d still receive a 20% discount.  I gulped at the price and decided to ask the clerk if this was the best as I’d seen some cheaper ones.  She told me her sister is a beautician and loved the tourmaline Hot Tools dryer for $79.  Apparently ceramic and tourmaline blow dryers create negative ions that are great for your hair and heat evenly.

Finally the true test came I washed my hair and blew dry it.  I couldn’t believe the shine and no frizzies.   As always I don’t get free items or commission for recommending items.  I’m telling you as I see it.  Paying a higher dollar and watching sales for a quality ceramic or tourmaline blow dryer is a MUST for beautiful shiny frizz free hair.


Fashion Show March 22, 2014

March 5th, 2014

Dillard’s, Barton Creek Mall, Austin Texas will be providing clothing and accessories for the St. David’s Medical Center 1st fashion show for their bariatric patients who’ve lost 100 pounds or more and on their way to health.  I will select clothing for all 20 models specific to their body shape and  personality from all the gorgeous clothing and accessory brands available at Dillards.

Others taking part and donating their expertise:

Natalie Gauci, VP of Arbonne will apply the makeup to all models.

Holly Taylor-Kottwitz, Hairstylist, Fringe Salon, Austin, TX  is providing all models styling, color and highlights free. Holly will create updo’s for the models the evening of the fashion show.

We’d LOVE for you to join us!


Yucca for the Hair

November 6th, 2013


One evening I was eating dinner and my waiter was a hispanic man with long, shiny, braided hair.  I commented about his hairs beautiful sheen.  He told me ever since he was young his family had cleaned his hair with Yucca.  I’d only known the yucca plant was used to heal types of burn.  So the detective in me went home and researched yucca and the hair.

I discovered the yucca root has been used by Native Americans for years to thwart hair loss and dandruff and make hair shiny.   They make a shampoo and soap from the plant as it contains natural saponin which is a natural detergent that lathers. Check out how to make shampoo from the yucca roots.  How to make Yucca Shampoo  


“Hairs” To You!

October 3rd, 2012

Ever wonder why your makeup may not look great or you look too pale or too old?  Consider your hair color and what brings out your eyes and best skin tone.   Dark hair may cover your gray, but can make you look years older while you think blond makes you look younger it can make you look pale and sick.  It takes a knowledgeable hair color analyst to know it’s more than just a color you want, but rather what can work with your skin tone and features to make you glow.  This is when you need to call in a makeup professional who puts the best foundation, blush and eye color on your face.

Check out this recent picture of Barbara Streisand  what do you see and what don’t you see?

Much Better Color…Her Eye’s Pop!

Washed out and her eyes sink






Hair Tricks that Make You Look 7 Years Younger

June 13th, 2012

I love gray hair on men and women at any age, but only if it’s the correct coloring with your skin tone and it’s worn stylish.  Even short hair can make you look older than you really should look or may make you look dated.  A haircut defines who you are.  Are you stylish? Sassy? Conservative?  Certain colors of hair may make one look washed out or too  old (ex. black hair can make a person look older, mousy brown colored hair can make you look tired).

I found this article about hair tricks to make you look younger.  Check it out:   7 Hair Tricks To Make You Look Younger


Hairdressers for Hair Tresses

April 27th, 2011

Generally, it’s hard to find a hairdresser who can cut or color your hair perfect to your liking the first time around.  Most of us have to try a few hairdressers to get the ideal style and/or color that flatter us and fit our lifestyle.  Some hairdressers can be better at one type of hair or another whether it’s coarse, thin, fine, straight, or curly.  My stepdaughter has gorgeous natural curly hair and lots of it.  She’s had to try different hairdressers to find one that knows what she wants specific to her hair.

If you’re checking out a new stylist, remember it’s a consultation.  If you don’t feel comfortable with their suggestions you can leave.  It’s your hair, your decision.  When you find a terrific hairdresser don’t be afraid to have them show you step-by-step how they styled your hair.  They want you to be a happy client who will return and spread the word.  If you want to find a great hairdresser look for someone’s (even a stranger’s) hairstyle and/or color you love and ask them who does their hair.  To them it’s a compliment.

Stephanie's Curls Straightened


Stephanie's Natural Curls




My yoga revelation and my dad!

September 1st, 2010

Dad and me. He’s wearing one of his few long sleeve shirts from the early days.

Yesterday was yoga. channeling one’s energy into consciousness.  Seated position, eyes closed, inhale, and then exhale, repeating five times the mantra Ohm (Pronounced Ohmmm).  Everyone was in accord with their Ohm, well almost.  However, one Aum was noticeably distinct from the group…keeping my head straight as to pretend I was in the zone,  moving only my eyes to an older gentleman reciting the mantra.  Inner peace out the window and thoughts begin to go wild.  Flashback age 13, Sunday church service, Dad singing a step ahead and louder than everyone, singing…very well, according to his standards.  At the last Ohm I came to the revelation this is a rarity of my Dad.  Dad is unique and defines whom he is even introducing himself as  “Ol Bill, not Old Bill”.

While my career is individualizing a person, Dad would not be one to employ my services.  Put him in a casual, button down, front-pocketed, short sleeve, red, blue or Hawaiian shirt,  pants, shoes, belt, hanky and he’s out the door.  Simple.  No fuss no muss.  Not to forget the dab of Brylcreem to his hair.  Not to change the subject, but I loved putting rollers in his hair when we all watched television.  This was the time he would do his yoga.  You could count on Dad to wear a navy suit, white shirt, blue, or red tie combo (his favorite colors) to church and he looked sharp, still does!  When Christmas or birthdays rolled around my idea of a gift to introduce him to something exotic was a green half-button down shirt or yellow necktie, his response was more of a mumble.  Who can misconstrue a mumble?  I realized buying a box of chocolates as he eats them daily or a  restaurant gift certificate Dad’s more likely to have a BIG thank you with no prodding from Mom.  This man is one of the biggest reasons my goal is not to change anyone, rather bring out who they are.  That’s my 77-year young Dad and I’ve learned he owns his style and is an original and he’s defined himself like no other.  I’m cool with that!


Hair’s the deal…

August 18th, 2010
Hair rollers or curlers

One Style Is Not Meant For Everyone

Hair stylists always tell you to bring a picture of the cut you’d like to have.  I came upon Heidi Klum’s haircut for the season fun.  As usual, my fine textured straight hair never seems to fit the style I find in the magazines.  I went with something partially the same since I’m growing it out.  I like to change my hairstyle and color so I stay out of a rut. Why not?  I can always revert back.  I admit I’ve seriously gone to extremes, blonde to black and later return to a colorist to strip the color and start over.  Not to mention the cost hurts!   Here are some pointers I found if you’re considering a change.

Guidelines for Cuts and Face Shape

Round Face: Longer hair is best. The panels in the front can cover up to a quarter of the face, which will make it appear longer.

Oval/Narrow Face: Avoid center parts. Layers around the face and side parts will create the illusion of a rounder face.

Square Face: Avoid geometric haircuts with strong lines. Angular cuts are awful with square faces because it makes your shape look harsher. Think wispy and softer.

Heart-shaped Face: Bangs are great for the heart-shaped face because they will create balance and soften the angular chin.



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