Christmas Gift

December 25th, 2013



Give yourself or someone you know the perfect Christmas gift.  


– Closet organization 

-New Wardrobe (by shopping your closet)

-Personal Image Consulting


Happy Holidays!


Need to look more mature?

July 24th, 2013


E-mail I received:

Dear Bonnie…This may sound like an odd question. Have you ever consulted with someone to make them ” look older” and more professional? I’ve been an Attorney for 15 years, I’m 40 years old but have a “youthful appearance” which at times makes me seem less credible in my business.

The Verdict is Mr. Attorney….I can tranform  people  to appear “more mature”.  The process includes dress, glasses, hair, grooming and non-verbal actions.

Thank you for your question.



Little Changes Men Can Do

June 26th, 2013

Guys I did not forget about you!  Last week I blogged mistakes women make which cause them to appear older than they really are or want to appear.  Below are some examples that scream “old man” and simple answers to create a more updated look.

Pleated front and/or wrong waste-line pant.  Wear a flat-front pant even if you have larger thighs as pleated can make you look shorter, wider, and dated.  Wearing pants over the belly button or under the “belly” is just plain wrong.  Always wear pants at your natural waist, no matter how wide the waist.  

Comb-Over Hairstyles or Toupee may make you think you’re hiding your bald spot but others definitely know, I can assure you.  Shave your head and it will definitely update your look.  If you can grow a well, filled-in beard, grow that instead.

Over-grown hair in the ears, nose or on the eyebrows are not only unkempt but also scream old.  People want to feel you care about how you look rather than concentrate on overgrown hairs.  Either invest in a hair trimmer for $20.00 or have your hairstylist take care of the extra long hairs.

Eye Glasses definitely say more about your style than you realize.  When you shop for new frames ask the question “what image do the glasses give me…. young, old, etc” rather than “do these glasses look good”?  More than likely if you ask “what image do the glasses give me” people will be more open to say old, distinguished, sporty whereas asking “do these glasses look good” most people will generally say yes.  (Hint:  If you shop for glasses with me I’ll give my honest opinion.)

Rubber Soled or Square-Toed Shoes just look dated and is especially noticeable when you wear it with an updated outfit.  I understand bad feet as my husband and I both have them and the need to wear comfortable shoes.  Don’t spoil your look.  The right shoes may be more expensive but it is possible to find a comfortable, great looking pair of shoes.  




Spring 2013 Eyewear Trends

March 13th, 2013


Spring of 2013 has a variety of eyewear trends and since I help my clients shop for glasses here’s some trendy ideas.  However, I remind everyone that because it’s a trend they still need the right fit & look for their face shape.  Style is about the overall look, not just “the frames”.

1. Round Frames

Small, medium, and large frames are all in fashion, as long as they have a sleek circular shape.  Round frames is just what you need to give your outfit a retro-feel.  They can be hard to pull off so make sure you experiment with different sizes to find the frames that suit you best.

2. Cat Eye Frames

Cat eye frames have been in fashion for a while now but this spring they’ll be everywhere!  They are ideal for creating a glamorous, ladylike look.  You can’t go wrong with classic black or tortoiseshell frames, yet bolder designs are going to be popular as well.

3. Mirrored Lenses

Mirrored lenses on sunglasses are a big trend this spring.  The look is fashion-forward and a tad futuristic.  These sunglasses can be found in all shapes and styles.

4. Oversized Frames

Bigger is better in eyewear this spring.  Oversized frames with square, slightly rounded shapes are the most popular option.  Big sunglasses are perfect for the mysterious look, while larger ones are great for channeling your inner hipster.

5. Artsy Frames

You can make a statement this spring with some artsy looking frames.  Embellishments will create a statement of your personality in seconds.

Below are two websites in which you can try on a downloaded picture of you from your very own home and see what look is right for you.  Coastal Eyewear  and  Zenni Optical



“Looking Good”

October 31st, 2012
A client of mine ordered glasses from the“Lookmatic” website and receives a lot of compliments.  This a great site for men+women who wear glasses (or sunglasses).  The cool thing about Lookmatic is  they have a virtual try on so you can see if you might like the glasses. ALSO…they are affordable and you can return a pair as many times as you want until you find a pair you like. GENIUS!   Lookmatic Eyeglasses


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