Mascara I Love…For now

June 4th, 2014

I’m forever searching for THE perfect mascara to give me length. Department store employees at makeup counters tell you what works for them yet I when I see their lashes they are not by any means long. Some places will tell you to buy it and try it and if it doesn’t work return it. So that’s what I do. I’ve tried inexpensive to expensive mascaras and the one I’ve discovered for the time being (until there is something better) is Two Faced Cosmetics BETTER THAN FALSE LASHES mascara which are nylon extensions (applied by a mascara wand). The application takes a few minutes longer yet I totally see a difference in my lashes. I’m not a paid spokesman nor have I received any free product. The 3-step process is as follows: Step 1: Prime the lashes from lash base to tip. Step 2: Build the lashes with Flexi-stretch Nylon Fibers (white fibers) Step 3: Seal the lashes and bond the layers together with the base formula (which covers the white fibers). I repeat steps 2 and 3 to have longer lashes. I truly see a difference compared to many I’ve tried. It lengthens and stays lengthened. Let me know what works for you.

Two-Faced Mascara


Fashion Show March 22, 2014

March 5th, 2014

Dillard’s, Barton Creek Mall, Austin Texas will be providing clothing and accessories for the St. David’s Medical Center 1st fashion show for their bariatric patients who’ve lost 100 pounds or more and on their way to health.  I will select clothing for all 20 models specific to their body shape and  personality from all the gorgeous clothing and accessory brands available at Dillards.

Others taking part and donating their expertise:

Natalie Gauci, VP of Arbonne will apply the makeup to all models.

Holly Taylor-Kottwitz, Hairstylist, Fringe Salon, Austin, TX  is providing all models styling, color and highlights free. Holly will create updo’s for the models the evening of the fashion show.

We’d LOVE for you to join us!


“Hairs” To You!

October 3rd, 2012

Ever wonder why your makeup may not look great or you look too pale or too old?  Consider your hair color and what brings out your eyes and best skin tone.   Dark hair may cover your gray, but can make you look years older while you think blond makes you look younger it can make you look pale and sick.  It takes a knowledgeable hair color analyst to know it’s more than just a color you want, but rather what can work with your skin tone and features to make you glow.  This is when you need to call in a makeup professional who puts the best foundation, blush and eye color on your face.

Check out this recent picture of Barbara Streisand  what do you see and what don’t you see?

Much Better Color…Her Eye’s Pop!

Washed out and her eyes sink






Eyelashes Right Before Your Very Eyes

April 18th, 2012


I have short eyelashes so I’m always looking for the latest and greatest way to get long luxurious lashes. Long and luxurious was not what awaited me, but it was closer to the zillions of mascaras I’d tried before. The first mascara I tried is ‘They’re Real!’ by Benefit Cosmetics. They’re designed to lengthen, separate, and dramatically curl your lashes. They truly did lengthen and separate and I did get some curl. I had to apply more than one coat. I’d give it kudos since I really noticed a true difference. I purchased my mascara at Sephora for $22 and if you don’t have a Sephora near by, you can purchase it on line at

Another one I’ve heard about, but not tried is called ‘Better Than False Lashes’ by Too Faced Cosmetics. They use unique flexistretch nylon fibers; the coats melt and seal together, building out lashes that are long, glossy, and sleek. You can purchase this at Sephora or for $35.

Since I always want to be ready and out the door in 20 minutes to enjoy life I want to try “Cry Baby” mascara. However it has to be applied at a salon by a professional. It’s a semi-permanent lash-coating process and can last up to two weeks with volume, curl and color as opposed to traditional tints. It’s for women who don’t want to take the time to apply mascara daily or have trouble wearing mascara with contact lens. It’s cost is $25 & up. Check out the website for salon locations.

I’m going to try all 3, but I’ll take it “one lash at a time.” Let me know what you think.





Guest Blogger Natalie Gauci “5 Hottest Make-up Trends for Spring”

April 6th, 2011

Don’t leave your look behind; your makeup should change with the seasons too!

1. CHEEKS are back! Bold Vibrant flushed – Coral or Pink depending on your skin tone – Apply to the apple of your cheek while smiling! Blend with a powder brush.

2. “ELECTRIC” EYES! Yes they’re back! Don’t be afraid if this is too extreme for your personality. Just a “dab” of a bright turquoise or purple on the lid of your eye will create a “pop” and change for your spring look.

3. BRONZER. Add a “sun kissed” look to your entire face with a bronzing powder. Bronzing powders are great as we go into summer . . . A little goes a long way! A fan brush is used to apply.

4. VIOLET IS HOT! – Yes, purple eye shadow.

5. SEXY SMOKEY EYE. – For a night out create drama with sexy metallic grays and navy. Pair with a neutral lip so your eyes are the focus!



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