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July 23rd, 2014



Simply Be is a wonderful website for affordable clothing and footwear (for hard-to-fit feet). Simply Be Clothing & Shoes


Plus-Size Designers Listen Up

March 19th, 2014

I shop for plus-size people of all ages.    I’m not sure who these designers use as models to fit or design the clothing but I’m feeling it’s not an actual woman.    Many designers or stores rarely hear what real women want to wear or want to feel like when they put on their clothing.   Eight out of ten of my plus-sized clients want a top with a sleeve to cover their arms.  When I pre-shop for them I find all sleeveless tops or long sleeved clothing that’s hot.  Designers if  you do have clothing with sleeveless tops please design covers that are not just sweater fabric or made to be worn at the waist.  Other tips from my experiences:  Give your clothing shape so it doesn’t make a woman look like she’s wearing a box.   Choose fabrics that flow rather than stiff fabrics so they enhance a woman’s shape.   Lastly PLEASE use real women of all different shapes and sizes as your models when designing clothing so you can understand true fit and give them the dynamic look they deserve.


Stacy Forgot to Mention….

February 20th, 2013

Stacy London of the fashion show “What Not To Wear”  showed off  2013 trends.  What she forgot to mention is trends that are in are not for everyone.  Beware!  Always consider your height, shape and age for the trends or any clothing styles for that matter.   One of the best examples is the gladiator shoe.  Personally, I feel they look good on very few women.  If you absolutely love them, try them on, look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are drawing attention to your feet and/or legs.   Do they make your calves look heavy?  Do they make you look shorter?   Do they make you look masculine? Always ask yourself if you’re wearing the trend or the trend is wearing you.






Balance Your Look

September 19th, 2012

Sometimes people want to compensate for a specific area of their body they feel is imperfect: for example,  large hips or a long nose.  What they end up doing is overpowering another area of their body that gives an imbalance to their overall look.  For example, wearing loud shoes could draw too much negative attention to your feet if you are attempting to draw attention away from your hips.  Think about a balanced overall look and don’t over compensate any imperfections. 



June 20th, 2012

The shorter the hem…the shorter the heel.





The longer the skirt….the longer the heel.





Guys Boxy and Classy!

May 23rd, 2012

I have several men clients and when I first work with them I ask how they really feel about their look. Their answer typically is “mostly frumpy and I lack style.”  Then I ask them how they’d like to look and the answer is almost always the same, “sharp and classy.”  No matter what, everyone wants COMFORT!

I’d have to say when guys shop with me they are fairly open to trying new things and they are very candid which I love.  Some say, “no can do on that color” or “I’d never be caught dead in that print.”  Okay by me!  However, some guys have decided that one look is ok and comfortable for them and then they tend to buy 10 shirts of different colors (in the same style) and will wear them for the next 3 years if not longer.

Guys! I want you to view the pictures below and see how shirts can be both be comfortable and classy. One style makes you look frumpier, shorter and wider (boxier) while the other makes you look classier, taller and thinner.  I help create illusions so in once sense, yes, I’m a magician.  Again, if your style is the boxier type of shirt,  I’ll accept it but I always will ask that you be open to try on different styles.  For instance the Perry Ellis and Boss brands are much more of a European slim fitting shirt and the Faconnable and Michael Kors are a slim look but can be worn easier by a greater degree of men of all shapes.  My advice, be open to trying several brands since they look differently and can give you a boxy, frumpy shape or a classy, slimming, taller look and you don’t have to tuck either of them in if you’re heading for a casual evening out.  Best of all they both can be comfortable!

Boxy Fitting Shirt

Slim Fitting Shirt




February 1st, 2012

QUESTION:  I really want to wear new types of clothing i.e. pencil skirt and skinny jeans, but I feel I look strange.  What can I do?

ANSWER:  It’s great you want to try something new!  If I were you I’d buy the pair of skinny jeans or pencil skirt you want to wear, save the receipt and leave the price tag on.  One problem could be it doesn’t give you a balanced look.  Try wearing the piece of clothing with different styles of tops, which can make a huge difference. Another problem could be the skirt may be too long or too short for your height and emphasize the wrong areas.  So it may need to be altered.  Another suggestion if it’s a pencil skirt and you feel, for instance it’s emphasizing your calves wear the same hue of tights and shoes to give you a leaner look of continuity.  Go slowly and ask others what they think (or hire me).  Eventually you’ll feel confident in your heart whether you can or cannot wear it.

Shorter Pencil Skirt with Longer Top

Longer Pencil Skirt with Blouse tucked in





Can sleeve length and sleeve width make you look shorter & wider?

December 21st, 2011

The answer:  Yes.

I went “closet shopping” with my 5’1” client who for the most part had all the right clothes in her closet but felt they made her look frumpy.  She began trying on the jackets and they looked as if they were all the wrong size.  She stood in front of the mirror while I rolled up the sleeves and pulled in the sleeves and waist.  She was amazed how much taller and thinner she appeared.  Later she put on a dress with vertical stripes and the hem had a 4” wide horizontal pattern.  The dress was too long so it needed hemming, however, I folded the 4” wide pattern under, and she could see how it had shortened her.

Before you put anything to the back of the closet try taking it in or hemming it.

Creating length is more than just wearing vertical stripes -it’s altering.




Optical Illusions with Fashion

October 26th, 2011

My wish for all women is to be comfortable with their body no matter the shape and realize the models are not true to life rather retouched for magazine covers.  At one of my recent image classes a woman said she had gained weight and wasn’t shopping until she lost weight.  She wore baggy clothing and this made her look larger.  While looking in the mirror I gathered her t-shirt to show how she could look slender by emphasizing her waist…no matter her current size.

One great look for appearing thinner is to wear “colorblock” clothing.  By wearing purposefully placed patterns and hues it has a waist-whittling effect to flatter your figure.  Check out the pictures below. Dillard’s ColorBlock Dress

After Photo, same style as the before, color placement on bottom is different

Before Photo



September 14th, 2011

Have you changed and your style has remained the same?

I had some fabulous ladies take part at the 3 hour Informal Class I taught at University of Texas on September 7.  I addressed selecting fashionable clothing styles that enhanced their specific body type and educated them on shopping their own closet by use of accessories. The women brought an item (i.e., blouse or scarf) from their wardrobe that they have trouble wearing, and I gave them advice on how to wear it.

Color Analyst and Makeup Artist, Natalie Gauci demonstrated how to choose colors best suited for their skin tone, plus: 3 Steps to Flawless Skin and Makeup in Minutes.

Stay tuned….We’ll be teaching another class in November!



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