Secret Psychologists….Really?

October 23rd, 2013


Long story short, I was asked to be the Image Consultant/Matchmaker by a Discovery Channel producer for 4 psychologists wanting to learn about life and love in America in comparison to Europe. I was asked if any of my single women clients might be interested in dating the psychologists and appearing on a reality show. This happened at noon Thursday, April 4, 2013 and I agreed only if I could find four women by 10:00 am the next day that would be open to the idea. To my surprise I had 10 women who wanted to give it a shot and by the end of the evening of April 4th. I submitted these women and they chose four to date the psychologists. The producer contacted me once again and asked if I would be
on the show to discuss image with the psychologists and in turn set them up with one of the four dates. I agreed and of course they needed to film me with the psychologists the next day, Saturday, April 6th.

The men came into my home dressed “American” style rather than with the European flair I notice when I travel internationally. Tom came in and sat slumped in a chair looking unenthusiastic. Of course I heard he thought this was a bad idea (he was being filmed on the way to my home) so I confronted him on this immediately saying he didn’t seem thrilled with this idea just by his lack of enthusiasm through his non-verbal actions. That’s when he sat upright and said, “no, no I’m quite fine with this.” I then asked, “what type of women they were trying to attract as part of the way they were dressed?” They mostly agreed they were unsure. One psychologist said he only wanted to attract a woman with a mind and it had nothing to do with looks. The Italian of the group said “that’s untrue you said last night you wanted to quit talking to one girl and begin talking to another because she was prettier”. On and on we filmed for 2 hours, more or less questions on my part as I told the producers I normally have a formal informative group presentation or a one-on-one. However, they felt this was the way to film. I continued to use my question-type style.

No drama was to be had so I tell everyone if I’m on the show it may be for 30 seconds because of the
Drama-less performance. Yet I’m fortunate one of my clients, a jazz singer/songwriter, who was introduced to the Italian, was able to sign her song and signed a release. Look for Cass Love-Naumann. That’s all I’m hoping is good things come to my clients and I was there for a reason.

Six weeks following the filming I was notified they were four princes from different European countries. Very nice gentleman, but quite honestly I see why they can’t find love. It’s only by their title they get dates rather than how they appear both on the inside and the outside.

It’s the second season and premiers Friday, October 25, 2013 at 9:00 pm Central on the TLC channel. Enjoy, as I have no idea what’s to come.


Dear Bonnie,

March 21st, 2012


Meeting you the other day was the highlight of my week!  I enjoyed learning more about you and your image consulting services.  I can see that you are making a huge difference with people… not only on the outside, but also in the inside.  I always like to say that what’s going on in your internal landscape escapes and shapes what goes on in your external landscape.

During our visit, I realized that I help people with the inside so that they project more confidence, you help people with the outside so they feel more confidence.  I love that… because how you feel inside and out must be aligned no matter where you start.

I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that I’m fascinated by human development and especially self-improvement in all facets of life – career, social, spiritual, etc.  So, I have to tell you what occurred to me after our recent conversation.  I was showing you the 13×4 personal effectiveness and goal achieving program that I’ve been using and teaching with Oxford Physicist Tom Cassidy.  We discussed how Benjamin Franklin used a similar method for self-improvement in certain areas of his life over 280 years ago.  He found it to be effective because he was focusing on only one thing at a time.

As you know, I’ve created my own year-long 13×4 with 13 focus areas that I’m concentrating on for one week at a time and will be cycling through them 4 times – you know, 13×4=52 weeks.  Anyway, I remember showing you my 13×4 and talking with you about some of the areas I’m trying to improve in my life… including “De-clutter.”

Here’s what you made me realize – and it shows the brilliance of focusing on something fully for one week and then switching to something else the next week – even though “De-clutter” was my focus during week 2, it was in week 10 that I had the urge to clear out my closet.  What’s important here is that week 10 was the week of “Gratitude.”

Wow!  That earlier focus of de-clutter flowed over and influenced me while I spent the week focused on counting my blessings.  And here’s how… One morning, I’m standing in my closet, realizing that more than half the clothes in there were “not me” any longer.  These clothes, though in nice condition, no longer fit the image I wanted to project of myself, and they were just taking up valuable space. While I felt grateful for the abundance of nice clothes I owned, I realized that someone else would be grateful to have them since I wasn’t using them.  So, I ended up de-cluttering my closet.

It wasn’t until I told you about my recent wardrobe cleanse that I truly realized how much my 13×4 was changing me.  Oh, sure I’ve been having fun with it, especially in seeing some great synchronicities (like meeting you!).  I’ve enjoyed learning new things by focusing on what I hadn’t focused on before.  And I’ve also noticed that I’ve been able to get more done with less time, which is, in part, due to the week when I stopped for a moment two times each day to “Breathe.”  Coming out of work mode, closing my eyes and simply breathing was like a computer system reboot.  It got me to review my time priorities, reduce my stress and recharge so that I could get more accomplished.

All that was great, but this little thing with the week of gratitude and how it tied in with de-clutter is huge to me.  I now see how much my 13×4 is changing my perspective, my character and my life in subtle, positive ways far exceeding what I had hoped for when I first started it… and without my having to try very hard.

Tom says that there’s a rocket science concept called “The Principle of Least Action” that explains why it’s so easy, and even though I know the science behind it, and even though I know Ben Franklin was a genius, it still amazes me.

Thank you for sparking even further insight for me about this program that I am so fortunate to get to teach to others.  And thanks for spreading the word about the upcoming workshop about this that Tom and I are facilitating on April 21.  I can’t wait to help people experience what I’ve been experiencing!

Warmly yours,

Angela Loëb

Author, Speaker, Career Consultant & Personal Vision Strategist

Upcoming Free Teleseminar “Zero-Pressure Goal Achieving” On 3/27/12: 13×

"Benjamin Franklin" focus








December 28th, 2011

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September 14th, 2011

Have you changed and your style has remained the same?

I had some fabulous ladies take part at the 3 hour Informal Class I taught at University of Texas on September 7.  I addressed selecting fashionable clothing styles that enhanced their specific body type and educated them on shopping their own closet by use of accessories. The women brought an item (i.e., blouse or scarf) from their wardrobe that they have trouble wearing, and I gave them advice on how to wear it.

Color Analyst and Makeup Artist, Natalie Gauci demonstrated how to choose colors best suited for their skin tone, plus: 3 Steps to Flawless Skin and Makeup in Minutes.

Stay tuned….We’ll be teaching another class in November!



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