Ivanka Trump gives vintage a try.

December 16th, 2014

Ivanka Trump 2014 & mother Ivana 1991 Bob Mackie Dress

Ivanka Trump can have any outfit she chooses and with no concern of cost.  However, what really impressed me lately was her choice to wear her mothers’ 1991 vintage dress by Bob Mackie.  Ivanka looked absolutely fabulous.  It said she’s confident and owns her style.   How refreshing to women and young girls to look at someone who can spend any amount of money she wants but chose to be creative and look into the back of her mother Ivanas’ closet.   That’s creativity and thinking outside of the box.  Young girls especially take note that you don’t and shouldn’t wear what every girl in school is wearing.  Look outside the box and discover your look and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  If it’s difficult for any of you, let me help you find your unique look.


WW II bomber designer to Wedding Dress designer

October 29th, 2014

“The Graduate” Katherine Ross

My daughter chose her Vintage Wedding dress designed by William Cahill.  Being the curious person I am I had to learn more about the man that designed Kira’s exclusive dress.

 Who was William Cahill?

William Cahill was born in 1918 and designed bombers during World War II as a member of the design team at Lockheed Martin.  Following the war Bill and his brother, John T. Cahill envisioned a business opportunity.  Many soldiers were returning from the war and abundance of weddings was anticipated.  His artistic talent shifted from designing airplanes to designing wedding gowns. William Cahill designs were used in motion pictures; most memorable was the 1967 movie, The Graduate.  New York socialites and Dallas Debutantes pursued his gowns.

A world-renowned wedding gown designer for more than four decades was considered the ‘King of Bridal’ during the 1940s to 1960s. His creations express a timeless elegance was designed with much attention to details and defined quality in bridal wear during this period with its use of exquisite fabrics and fine craftsmanship.

Gowns by Cahill dominated covers of Wedding Wear Magazines for three decades. Cahill gowns were considerably more expensive than most gowns back then. To be a Cahill bride really meant something, as it continues to this day.


Dress by William Cahill







Why do we Pay Designers to Advertise for their products?

March 12th, 2014

Top designers have it easy.   They know what matters to a huge population is how we “look” to the outside world.  Society has reached some people’s pschye to say they are “it” if they carry a designer bag  labeled to the hilt all over the outside or wear a piece of clothing or accessory that has the designers trademark they are part of an elite group.  Why pay the company to advertise for their product?    This puts the price up an extraordinary amount.   Will you buy one designer piece that costs more than your weekly salary and use until it’s demise?  Does it last longer or is it made better?  Not at all.    Do we really want to say we’re fashionable because are wearing designer labels that show on the outside of our clothing?   Do we really want to wear clothing that makes us look like everyone else?



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