Guys and Gals Coated Denim is in

October 2nd, 2013



Coated denim is everywhere this season and may be here to stay.  The look has a waxy finish that resembles leather pants.  The price is much easier to bear than leather itself and if you’re vegan you don’t have to sacrifice style for your love of animals.  They are made for men and women.  The downside is most brands require hand washing or dry cleaning.



The “Beep is On”

September 11th, 2013

LJ, a 61-year old, jewel of a client, who has more spunk than a classroom of 3-years olds emailed me an update following our shopping trip.


LJ arrived home from our day of shopping and she noticed a pair of jeans with the electronic tag still attached.  Apparently, the sales clerk overlooked this tag.  And, yes I watched the clerk ring up the bill and supposedly remove all the tags.  Either the tag was disabled and not beeping when we left the store or it was beeping and we were too busy talking and had no idea alarms were sounding off around us.

LJ’s update:


Follow up with the electronic tag:   I got it off the jeans okay but it just kept beeping with the little red light flashing.  So I threw the beeping tag in the trash and delivered the clothes we decided to purge from my closet to a friend .  When I returned, the tag was still beeping and flashing.  So I dunked it in water…. it floated and continued to beep and flash under water, really!!  So I ran over it with my car, it just kept beeping and flashing.  So I pulled out my hammer and pounded it once.  It kept flashing!  The beep was quieter so I whacked it again.  It continued to flash, and the beeping could only be heard when I put it near my ear, so I put it in the outside garbage can.  This morning I looked in the garbage can and that baby was still flashing!  I think I am going to keep it to see how long it takes to die!

Note to my readers:  While I don’t encourage this type of action to remove the tag,  it was beyond my control. In all fairness LJ lives an hour one-way from the store.

The beeper reminded me of LJ as she kept going after 6 hours of shopping and then was headed to happy-hour in one of her new outfits.  They broke the mold when LJ was born.  Everyone needs a LJ in their life.      Check out her video she sent:         “The Beep Goes On”



Guidelines for both Sexes

August 21st, 2013



As a Personal Stylist/Image Consultant I give you the latest trends.  I believe everyone should rejuvenate themselves to feel younger, whether it be your health, a new hobby or updating your wardrobe in order to stay out of a rut and get the most of our lives.  Below are some tips to help you look your best:

Look longer and leaner or shorter and wider…

Wearing a shapeless blazer can actually make you look heavier and shorter.  A well-tailored jacket sculpted at the waist and shorter in length flatters your body and makes you look taller.  Very rarely, if ever, does a jacket fit perfectly.  Our bodies are asymmetrical so tailoring is a must for either sex.

Color can bring you to life or zap the life right out of you … 

A black or neutral tone is NOT SAFE for every skin tone or hair color.  Black, for instance, can swallow a person or  emphasize wrinkles. An earthy color such as a deep chocolate brown (who wouldn’t want to be dressed in chocolate?) can give a person a richer, softer look.  Beige/tan can make one look sickly. If you’re unsure, look into the mirror with the outfit in question and see if you “blend in” with your outfit or if you have an overall  balanced look.  If someone asks if you feel ill this may be a hint.   Some people would rather blend into the crowd; however if they are wearing the wrong color they may certainly bring attention to themselves in a crowd.

 Jeans with too much or too little of stretch… 

Stretch denim is a great addition to our world with comfort being the number one factor.  Jeans with 2 percent Elastane, Lycra, or Spandex is ideal (it will say it on the inside label of the pants).  The right jeans should have enough stretch so your legs won’t look like sausages or you don’t see a crack in the back.  On the flipside, too baggy of jeans worn improperly below or above the waist can bring attention, and it may not be good attention. 

Turtle look…

Covering a wrinkled neck and looking like “Yertle the Turtle” can definitely scream out-dated or old .  A better choice is a V-neck or boat neck.  Collared shirts draw attention away from the neck area.


Women: Jeans that “girdle and shape”

August 7th, 2013

Levi’s released a new line of jeans called Revel on August 4th which the company states will “girdle up your thighs and butt to make them shapelier and slimmer-looking.”   The jeans are currently available in-store only and eventually they will be online.

Revel takes your natural shape and adds a Spanx effect. The new jeans will be available in Curve ID sizes: slight, demi, and bold, and supreme, with an added proprietary chemical applied to the inside of the fabric to shape the butt and thighs in strategic locations.

Jill Guenza, Levi’s vice president of women’s design:

It controls the stretch in those areas, much as compressionwear does. But rather than using visible reinforced panels, we use the application of the liquid-stretch technology. The result is a jean that carves out the inner thigh, slims and smooths the outer thigh, lifts the seat and flattens the tummy.

The jeans come in indigo and black and will cost between $98 and $128—a bit more expensive.    I’ll try them on and if it does everything it promises I’ll add a pair to my wardrobe..


Guys……Style Tips that are always Fashionable

June 12th, 2013



So men, how can you look your best?   Let’s face it, if you walk into a room you are being judged on your look.  Women are fortunate to have a huge variety in their wardrobe while men are usually offered a minimal amount of options from season to season.  Below are some simple style principles that will keep you looking great and never go out of style.

1. Cut

Make sure the clothes you wear are not wearing you.  The right fit for you may be different than the right fit for another.  More importantly, wear your style rather than someone else’s.  Find a tailor that makes the clothes fit to your body shape, which will make you look as if the clothes were made for you.  Just because one brand fits one guy doesn’t mean it will fit you the same.

2.  Color

Many men feel that a tan colored pant and shirt can be a safe choice.  However, tan can work for some while it can wash other men out due to their skin tone or hair color.  Taupe may be a better choice.

3. Fashion

Don’t build your wardrobe based on the latest trend being pushed by a store or fashion magazines.  Fashion is not about the latest fad but rather finding a way to emphasize your body shape and have more than one look from work to social to special occasions to match your style.  The look also needs to be age appropriate.  Also adding clothes to your wardrobe so they can be interchangeable.  Simply adding a pocket scarf with your favorite suit or sports jacket can give your look much more flair. 

4. Quality over Quantity

Target store prices may look best for your checkbook so you can save for the great pair of expensive golf clubs you want to purchase.  However, if you calculate how many times you wash and wear a shirt and then have to buy 2 or 3 in the same year to continue to look good, it actually can be more expensive.   Quality clothing will look great through all the wear and washings for a longer period.

5. Shoes

The first thing others notice are the shoes you wear.  They are the best indication of your style and the strongest signal on how conscious you are about your presentation.  A cheap pair of shoes paired with an expensive outfit is the clearest giveaway that you look cheap and less impressive.  If you can’t afford a decent pair, wait for a sale rather than opting for a cheaper pair.  For example, if you spend the regular price of $60.00 on a pair of shoes that you wear day in and day out, you a may have to purchase them again during the year.  You could be spending much less by buying a comfortable, well-made shoe that can have resoled for a few years.

Looking your best signals to others that you care about yourself and that you have a high regard for yourself.



What? Forget the Laundering…

May 1st, 2013

Wool & Prince tailored men’s shirt. Yahoo-Shine

Really?  A shirt that can be worn 100 days straight without being washed or dry cleaned.  Imagine being wrinkle-free and odorless.  Mac Bishop, 24, whose family owns the Pendleton Woolen Mills in Oregon had 15 testers sport the shirt for 100 days from socializing to working out at the gym.  The shirts retained their shape and look.  What’s the secret?  Wool is six times more durable than cotton and is wrinkle resistant.  The company says its shirts are light and breathable, because they use a fine wool thread three times finer than human hair.


Get this!  Jeans, according to Levi Strauss and other experts can and should go for long stretches without being laundered, as washing breaks down the fabric.  Levi’s suggests freezing your jeans to kill off bacteria between uses.  They’ve suggested washing them every 6 months.


I wonder if their test included people eating and possibly spilling mustard or barbecue sauce on their shirt.  I could definitely to it, just not eat in my shirt or pants!    *See entire Yahoo-Shine Article”


AUSTIN Guys!! Store for Sizes XL and Larger!!

December 12th, 2012


Guess what Austin guys?  We can now shop at Destination XL, a new store focusing on your fashion needs for XL sizes and up.  Located at the Arbor Walk, 10515 North MoPac Blvd.


-Tall Sizes AND XL and Larger Sizes

-Over 100 Brands, including Lucky Brand & DKNY Jeans, Michael Kors and Lacoste!

-Casual and Dress Clothing

-Accessories and shoes (sizes 10 to  16  and wide-width options)

Check out: DestinationXL



Guys-Update your Jeans!

November 30th, 2011

Men need to keep updating their wardrobe as much as women.

This year’s denim is getting slimmer.  If you’re wearing jeans from two years ago, most likely they don’t look fashionable.

General rules for denim: dark washes are dressy and lighter washes are more casual.  A relaxed fit is fine, but the baggy denim look is over.  Avoid washes with too many effects i.e. whiskers, creases, rips.  They look fine in small doses but never wear jeans that have all of the above.  For a great fit, try jeans with a bit of stretch  to them.  Even for guys with larger thighs they look and feel terrific.

C’mon Guys…….time to update! 





Those pesky pockets!

March 30th, 2011

Finding a pair of pants that fit and look terrific is a chore in itself. Personally speaking, if a company that manufactures clothing wants to save time and money, KEEP the pockets to a minimum. One that really blows my mind is a white pant with pockets showing…HOW DARE THEY? Nothing like bringing attention to the hips, bum, or thighs! Besides removing the pocket outlines from your garment it can give you an extra ½” of room. That in itself is worth removing those pesky pockets.

You can do this by stitching over the pocket on the outside, or leave the stitching already in & then cut the pocket out from the inside. I do it all the time, but if you don’t care to do it a tailor can do it for around $10.00. How many women out there actually use their pockets? pockets antonio melanie



August 11th, 2010

The Dreaded Casual Look

Flip-flops? Tennis shoes? T-shirt? Halter dress? If you wear it to the beach it’s too casual for the office.  However hot you think you look, IT’S NOT COOL! You represent your company’s image and a client responds to professionalism. Studies have shown people treat you differently with how you dress. Think “tasteful”not “grunge.”

(Unless your company has a dress code) Here are some ideas
Guys can do
Dark jeans or chinos
Long or short-sleeve slim fitting cotton or knit shirt (make sure you iron)
Boat type leather or canvass shoes
Guys don’t even try
Logo t-shirts
Athletic shoes
Cargo pants
Pants with frayed edges rips and tears, extreme sandblasting or anything too tight or too baggy and not falling off your bottom
Ladies it’s OK to be trendy
Skinny jeans and a top layered with a jacket or sweater.
Dress with short sleeves (not a mini)
Dark jeans
Ladies not good
Jeans with a lot of embellishment, frayed edges, extreme sandblasting or too baggy
Low-cut or halter-type tops
Logo t-shirts
Stilettos or strappy sandals
Mini skirts or beach dresses


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