Uniform Approach

December 11th, 2013

I was hired to consult with a company aiming to have a professional, unified appearance.  Since this was the first time since their inception in over 60 years some employees had difficulty seeing the value of an overall look.  They balked at the idea, as it didn’t allow them their freedom of individualism.

I explained in their weekly meeting how branding one’s company distinguishes them from others.  It’s advantageous to the company, clients, and potential clients.  It’s giving clients a sense of security from the company.  Professionalism and unity of the business speaks to a client’s subconscious.

Employers and employees, take it from your own eyes of you as potential client walking into a club and considering doing business.  Your first exchange is with one of two individuals.  The first a disheveled person wearing a baggy, wrinkled t-shirt; slouched denim jeans with a view of his boxer shorts and soiled shoes and mussed hair.  The other is dressed in uniform and well-cared shoes.  Who are you more likely to approach in this inclusive club?  Annoying for you, right?  A uniform is not pertinent to all companies, more so it’s for the employees that interface and are seen by clients, especially in a club-type atmosphere.  If a business and its employees lack the look of professionalism and unity they could stand to lose or even gain clients and the employee may not be treated as capable.  Consider all sides of the business you own or are in charge rather than just you or your employees view.  It’s a win-win situation.


First instinct, which gift would you rather receive?

August 8th, 2012

How do your potential clients decide who to do business with?

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Non-verbal & Verbal Communication & Dress-How do they relate?

March 9th, 2011

Recently, I presented a corporate seminar for 25 men regarding “dressing in the workplace.” I was pleasantly surprised that they listened intently and asked some very insightful questions.  One question asked was “if the company you work for gives you a choice to dress more casual or more formal (i.e. logo shirt versus necktie) does wearing a necktie in some way suggest to your clients that you consider yourself superior to them?

My take on this: the clothing you wear displays your professionalism for the company and yourself. Your non-verbal and verbal skills are what establish whether or not you come across as being superior to the client. Being able to connect with your clients and being genuine with them by giving them your undivided attention is what matters. Adding the tie with your effective non-verbal and verbal skills will usually create the most professional image for you and your organization. casual or professional business wear for men



June 15th, 2010

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE giving presentations!

I gave one to a group of 200 networking associates.  It was a general presentation for men and women.  After I finished I was approached with a diversity of questions.  One admitted how he’d been “stuck” in both his professional and personal life.  Another told me she felt and looked old and she really wasn’t.  She said; somewhere along the road it just happened.  I hear so many inspiring stories.  Individualism and creativity is what’s about.



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