Sizes 8 to 28 Clothing & Shoes

July 23rd, 2014



Simply Be is a wonderful website for affordable clothing and footwear (for hard-to-fit feet). Simply Be Clothing & Shoes


St. David’s Fashion Show a Huge success!

March 26th, 2014

The first annual fashion show for St. David’s Bariatric patients was a huge success.  I was extremely proud of the 20 women who modeled the outfits I’d chosen for their lifestyle and personality.  The beauty was they were REAL women, moms, grandmothers, teacher, office worker,  executive, nurse no models among the bunch.  They used their energy, nerves and family and friend’s reinforcement to go onto the stage and show their new look compared to their before photo.  Amazing!   I had a fantastic team working with me.  Holly Taylor Kottwitz styled and colored the models hair and Natalie Gauci of Arbonne applied the women’s makeup.   Dillard’s provided the outfits and accessories worn by the women.  I promised the women I would not make them wear anything they wouldn’t feel comfortable in.  I asked them to open their minds to new possibilities to show off their true personalities and that’s exactly what most of them did.  I thank all of these ladies for taking a chance to get on stage and flourish.  They’ve had beauty all along and this was their time to show it.




Wrap yourself in Unique…

August 15th, 2012


When I recognize talent and beauty I want the world to know!


Creator Sue Foss (scarves and wraps artist) utilizes a traditional Batik style or the Japanese method of Roketzu wax resist.  Sue applies her colorful designs to pure silk and velveteen silk.  She creates custom cover-ups and garments and special made-to-orders within 2-3 weeks.  Her scarves and wraps range from $25.00 to $70.00.  They come in all shapes and sizes including plus sizes.

These designs are another method of adding pizzazz to your wardrobe.


Bohemian, Romantic, Rustic Looks & More

August 1st, 2012
Even though I prefer shopping in-store I know others like to shop on-line as well.  I found this terrific website.


August 11th, 2010

The Dreaded Casual Look

Flip-flops? Tennis shoes? T-shirt? Halter dress? If you wear it to the beach it’s too casual for the office.  However hot you think you look, IT’S NOT COOL! You represent your company’s image and a client responds to professionalism. Studies have shown people treat you differently with how you dress. Think “tasteful”not “grunge.”

(Unless your company has a dress code) Here are some ideas
Guys can do
Dark jeans or chinos
Long or short-sleeve slim fitting cotton or knit shirt (make sure you iron)
Boat type leather or canvass shoes
Guys don’t even try
Logo t-shirts
Athletic shoes
Cargo pants
Pants with frayed edges rips and tears, extreme sandblasting or anything too tight or too baggy and not falling off your bottom
Ladies it’s OK to be trendy
Skinny jeans and a top layered with a jacket or sweater.
Dress with short sleeves (not a mini)
Dark jeans
Ladies not good
Jeans with a lot of embellishment, frayed edges, extreme sandblasting or too baggy
Low-cut or halter-type tops
Logo t-shirts
Stilettos or strappy sandals
Mini skirts or beach dresses


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