Add a Pop of Color

March 1st, 2017


A great way to add pop and an extra touch to your suit coat or sport jackets with ease try Prefolded Pocket Squares


Pre-Folded Pocket Squares

Pre-Folded Pocket Squares


Holiday Gift for A Special Someone

December 1st, 2016




Happy November!

Find it difficult to find that special gift for a friend, partner, family member?

What better time to start thinking ahead for a Unique Holiday Gift for that “Special Someone.”

Purchase a gift certificate from Bonnie Balistreri Image Consulting for this deserving person to:

  • Go on a shopping trip to find their personal, distinctive look and/or
  • Organize & shop their closet to find valuable clothing combinations

Contact me to purchase this exceptional holiday gift.


Guy’s…..Tie One On in Tokyo, Japan

October 19th, 2016


                  Necktie of Mt. Fuji in Japan


My husband Salvatore & I recently visited Japan and we wanted to bring back something memorable.

We ran across Taya, a men’s clothing store in the Ginza area of Tokyo selling beautiful 100% silk jacquard neckties. The ties are designed and produced in Yonezawa,Yamagata, Japan. My husband purchased a “Mt. Fuji” necktie with subtle colors (pictured) so it can go with a multitude of different colored shirts and suits.

According to their business card, “Taya was founded in 1905 as a store importing

Western-goods and clothing at the time when “kimono” was a dominant fashion in Japan.”  The original necktie brand have been supported by more than three generations of visitors.

If you’re visiting Japan or if you are here in the states, check out their website for a beautiful gift for yourself or someone else.

Taya 4-6-17 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan




Shopping Make you Crazy?

June 8th, 2016


Does walking into a clothing store give you mind overload? How about 2 or 3 different people giving their opinion as to what looks great on you? Does the salesperson keep giving you clothes to try on? Do you buy just because somethings on the sales rack? It’s a daunting task & I will make shopping easy and stress-free!









Button Up Men & Women

May 6th, 2015


Whether it be reassessing your current wardrobe or shopping for a new wardrobe you may not be able to put your finger on why you are not completely drawn to an outfit.

One reason may be as simple as replacing the buttons on the article of clothing.  It may seem insignificant but it can make a huge difference that can make an outfit rise to the occasion.

How can you accomplish this feat if you’re unable to envision the all-over look or sewing is not your “thing”?

Give me a call and I can give you a recommendation or even head to the fabric store and select buttons specific to the look you are going for and apply the buttons for you.

Men’s Buttoned Shirt




St. David’s 2nd Annual Fashion Show

April 1st, 2015

Please join us at St. Davids Fashion show for Weight Loss Surgery Bariatric patients who have begun the process of losing 100 pounds or more and improving their health.  I’m providing the Image Consulting for the show and Dillards is providing the clothing and accessories for the fashion show.  Holly Taylor of Fringe Salon is the hair stylist for all participants.  We’d love to have you join us!  Saturday April 25, 2015 at 6:30 pm  St. Davids North Austin Medical Center, 12221 North Mopac Expressway, Austin, TX  78758.








2015 Color of the Year

February 11th, 2015


Pantone the company used in printing and manufacturing is known for its color complimenting technique chooses a top color each year to be used in fashion, beauty or home décor. This year the color is MARSALA   like the Italian red wine.  What color is Marsala you ask?  It’s a deep red-brown hue.  You can add a dash of color wherever you feel appropriate; rather than dressing head-to-toe on your hair, lipstick, blush and eye color.  Then you would STICK OUT in a crowd.  A dash makes more of a statement that can go a long way.

Guys you can add a necktie or pocket scarf with Marsala or if you’re feeling really confident go with a Marsala shirt and/or socks in this color.    “Less is more” which too is my motto.

If you’re not into this color on your body add a pillow or towel with this color in your home. Let the color speak to you rather than let anyone tell you that is what you have to wear.  You don’t have to like it or wear it because people tell you it’s in this season, wear it because you feel good in this color.


Money Saving Website

May 21st, 2014




When shopping with clients we find great clothing, some on sale and some we wish were on sale.  I discovered a website that tracks the clothing I would love to have but my pocketbook can’t afford at the moment.  It’s called “Poachit.”  How does it work?  You find the item of clothing online you are hoping to buy; copy and paste the URL into the “Poachit” track list.  Once your item is on sale Poachit notifies you via email that your wish for item is now on sale.  I’ve saved over 50% on all items I’ve poached.



Plus-Size Designers Listen Up

March 19th, 2014

I shop for plus-size people of all ages.    I’m not sure who these designers use as models to fit or design the clothing but I’m feeling it’s not an actual woman.    Many designers or stores rarely hear what real women want to wear or want to feel like when they put on their clothing.   Eight out of ten of my plus-sized clients want a top with a sleeve to cover their arms.  When I pre-shop for them I find all sleeveless tops or long sleeved clothing that’s hot.  Designers if  you do have clothing with sleeveless tops please design covers that are not just sweater fabric or made to be worn at the waist.  Other tips from my experiences:  Give your clothing shape so it doesn’t make a woman look like she’s wearing a box.   Choose fabrics that flow rather than stiff fabrics so they enhance a woman’s shape.   Lastly PLEASE use real women of all different shapes and sizes as your models when designing clothing so you can understand true fit and give them the dynamic look they deserve.


Why do we Pay Designers to Advertise for their products?

March 12th, 2014

Top designers have it easy.   They know what matters to a huge population is how we “look” to the outside world.  Society has reached some people’s pschye to say they are “it” if they carry a designer bag  labeled to the hilt all over the outside or wear a piece of clothing or accessory that has the designers trademark they are part of an elite group.  Why pay the company to advertise for their product?    This puts the price up an extraordinary amount.   Will you buy one designer piece that costs more than your weekly salary and use until it’s demise?  Does it last longer or is it made better?  Not at all.    Do we really want to say we’re fashionable because are wearing designer labels that show on the outside of our clothing?   Do we really want to wear clothing that makes us look like everyone else?



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