Guy’s…..Tie One On in Tokyo, Japan

October 19th, 2016


                  Necktie of Mt. Fuji in Japan


My husband Salvatore & I recently visited Japan and we wanted to bring back something memorable.

We ran across Taya, a men’s clothing store in the Ginza area of Tokyo selling beautiful 100% silk jacquard neckties. The ties are designed and produced in Yonezawa,Yamagata, Japan. My husband purchased a “Mt. Fuji” necktie with subtle colors (pictured) so it can go with a multitude of different colored shirts and suits.

According to their business card, “Taya was founded in 1905 as a store importing

Western-goods and clothing at the time when “kimono” was a dominant fashion in Japan.”  The original necktie brand have been supported by more than three generations of visitors.

If you’re visiting Japan or if you are here in the states, check out their website for a beautiful gift for yourself or someone else.

Taya 4-6-17 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan




Sizes 8 to 28 Clothing & Shoes

July 23rd, 2014



Simply Be is a wonderful website for affordable clothing and footwear (for hard-to-fit feet). Simply Be Clothing & Shoes


Czech Republic Bambas Luxury Handbag Collection

July 2nd, 2014


We recently visited the Czech Republic (a place we love and where my family originated).   I came across a luxury handbag shop in the village of Cesky Krumlov.   They make accessories and mens wallets as well.

Bambas is a small family business that uses the finest Italian leather then designs and  hand-paints directly onto the leather by local artists.  The bags’ designs are conservative to over-the-top artistic.  They are expensive as you would expect being high quality and hand-designed from beginning to end.

One bag I specifically loved was black with poppies painted on it.  This reminded me of the Czech roadsides filled with poppies in the month of May.  However I chose not to buy the bag because of the steep price and thinking how I like to change bags.  Who knows maybe one day a Bambas bag will show up on my front doorstep.

Check “Czech” out their website for different designs.  Bambas Handbags from the Czech Republic







Christmas Gift

December 25th, 2013



Give yourself or someone you know the perfect Christmas gift.  


– Closet organization 

-New Wardrobe (by shopping your closet)

-Personal Image Consulting


Happy Holidays!


Seeing Eye to Eye

May 8th, 2013


Purchasing my services for another individual is a brilliant idea!  However, the giver of my services and the receiver may have two completely separate ideas as to how the receiver should appear after the image makeover.

Issues I’ve Come Across:

-Closet Organization can be overwhelming, especially disposing of clothing, which receivers have held onto for many years. Sometimes it’s a bit emotional for the receiver.

-Parents wanting their daughter to dress more feminine rather than wear just jeans and a t-shirt and finding a happy medium.  

-A daughter wanting a mother to cut her waist length hair to chin length and go from a blonde to a redhead; where as the mother’s lifestyle requires it to be pulled up at times and she basically dislikes red hair.

-A wife wanting to have a hip-20’s dressed husband when he’s actually 40 and looks awkward dressing as a 20 year old.

I understand and guide the receivers’ wants and needs rather than mine or the givers.  Gift givers…please realize I’m fulfilling the want and need of the receiver and what makes them happy.  Receivers have to live with the final look while givers only see it.

Do I see a better look for people at times?  Yes.  However, I encourage and allow them to take baby steps.  They’ll get there…it just takes time and patience.




Wrap yourself in Unique…

August 15th, 2012


When I recognize talent and beauty I want the world to know!


Creator Sue Foss (scarves and wraps artist) utilizes a traditional Batik style or the Japanese method of Roketzu wax resist.  Sue applies her colorful designs to pure silk and velveteen silk.  She creates custom cover-ups and garments and special made-to-orders within 2-3 weeks.  Her scarves and wraps range from $25.00 to $70.00.  They come in all shapes and sizes including plus sizes.

These designs are another method of adding pizzazz to your wardrobe.


Fit to Be Tied

December 15th, 2010

Guys were surveyed as to what they want for Christmas.

Topping the list:  Gadgets such as a GPS system, E-Reader, Blu-Ray.


Kindle E-Reader

Last, Last on the list: Necktie

Santa Claus Necktie, Holiday necktie, Christmas neckties

Christmas Necktie

What’s on or off your Christmas list?



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