Holiday Gift for A Special Someone

December 1st, 2016




Happy November!

Find it difficult to find that special gift for a friend, partner, family member?

What better time to start thinking ahead for a Unique Holiday Gift for that “Special Someone.”

Purchase a gift certificate from Bonnie Balistreri Image Consulting for this deserving person to:

  • Go on a shopping trip to find their personal, distinctive look and/or
  • Organize & shop their closet to find valuable clothing combinations

Contact me to purchase this exceptional holiday gift.


Get paid for cleaning your closet!

March 2nd, 2016

As I’m organizing women’s closets they recognize they are no longer using their expensive handbags yet save them because they won’t get the price they paid nor close to the price they paid when they re-sell them.  Therefore I’m thrilled to announce my partnership with Rebagg, a company that purchases pre-owned designer handbags.

The benefits of selling with are that they:

  • Generate upfront price quotes
  • Purchase bags outright (no consignment hassles)
  • Pay via check or bank transfer in 2-3 business days

Rebagg offers free pick up and shipping. Please contact me if you have a bag you would like to sell!  Rebagg Sell Your Bag Now


Louis Vuitton Handbag


Dolce Gabbana Handbag

Gucci Handbag



Button Up Men & Women

May 6th, 2015


Whether it be reassessing your current wardrobe or shopping for a new wardrobe you may not be able to put your finger on why you are not completely drawn to an outfit.

One reason may be as simple as replacing the buttons on the article of clothing.  It may seem insignificant but it can make a huge difference that can make an outfit rise to the occasion.

How can you accomplish this feat if you’re unable to envision the all-over look or sewing is not your “thing”?

Give me a call and I can give you a recommendation or even head to the fabric store and select buttons specific to the look you are going for and apply the buttons for you.

Men’s Buttoned Shirt




One Thing Led to Another

April 23rd, 2014

My client was so excited after her beginning closet makeover she suggested I write a blog about her.    She hired me to shop and organize her closet in her small 2 bedroom condo.  Upon viewing her first closet which was overflowing with clothes and shoes, she proceeded to show me the next closet  overflowing in addition to sweaters and shoes in huge plastic containers.  My goal was to give her a fall/winter and spring/summer closet.  The issue, I was unable to make the closets organized without having to put things in the proper places.  One of the first things I noticed in the second closet she had her tool box and a tent along with miscellaneous items she would not wear or put on her body.  I asked her why she stored it in the clothes closet when it should’ve been stored elsewhere. Her response this was the only place she could put them.   I suggested we put the toolbox in the closet where it ergonomically should be stored.  She took me to that closet and it was overflowing with everything you could name.  Six pairs of sheets for a single bed, light bulbs, batteries, etc. strewn in various places.  She said I’m really sorry things are a mess, but I’ve been through a messy divorce, raised my 16 year autistic son who recently went to live in a group home and my mother passed away last month so my father brought over clothing and household items he thought I should have.  We downsized her from six sheet sets to two.   I told her  I needed nor wanted any apologies as this was a challenge I LOVED.  I let her know I wasn’t judging her because she really had no time for herself and whatever she could do to simply survive was all she could do.  I had and continue to have a huge respect for her because she realized it was her time to clean the clutter from her home so she could clear it from her mind and be able to have time for herself and enjoy the present and could see the future without having clutter to fog her vision.  We made a pile of her son’s toys and mementos for her to take to her son’s group home.  However, we had to take items meant to be in the kitchen which meant clearing and reorganizing the cabinets.   From 9:00 am to 9:00 pm  and we were half way there.  Twenty bags of “stuff” for donations and 5 trips to the garbage bin.  She was smiling and at times sad because of her son and her mom but said she wanted and needed to cleanse herself.   She brought clients into her home so she too needed a place of comfort for them.    We are on the second journey and she’s made some life changes starting by ending a relationship with a man who she then clearly could see he was adding clutter and insecurity in her life.  What I want from you?  Give yourself compassion and clear your mind and your path to become even better than you truly are.


Mind Aflutter?

January 1st, 2014

When your surroundings are cluttered by “objects” your mind is cluttered.

Call me to help you “de-clutter your home and closet & your mind”





Christmas Gift

December 25th, 2013



Give yourself or someone you know the perfect Christmas gift.  


– Closet organization 

-New Wardrobe (by shopping your closet)

-Personal Image Consulting


Happy Holidays!


Paralysis By Analysis

November 13th, 2013

The Before……The After


When I tell people I’m an Image Consultant and I organize and “shop people’s closets” some react and tell me they want me to shop their closet but they need to first clean their closet before I come.  My answer “that’s what I do”.  When I see an unorganized closet I’m elated, as I foresee the end result of a clutter-free closet AND a weight lifted from my client.  I’m not in your home to judge your closet, your home, or you.  It’s all about beginning somewhere…but just beginning.  Each client that I’ve shopped and organized their closet sigh a sigh of relief and smile knowing they are one step closer to starting anew.




Give to Live

October 16th, 2013

Today I spoke with a woman while waiting to get our mammograms.  She told me she just had 12″ of hair cut and donated it to “Locks of Love”.  She said she felt she was being good to herself and others.   Generally, people hesitate to cut their hair or clean their closets as a fear of letting go.   Simply putting it into perspective if people consider cutting their hair or purging their clothes is in actuality renewing themselves and more importantly giving to others.

If you feel renewing yourself as a luxury think of it as giving to others in need.











The “Beep is On”

September 11th, 2013

LJ, a 61-year old, jewel of a client, who has more spunk than a classroom of 3-years olds emailed me an update following our shopping trip.


LJ arrived home from our day of shopping and she noticed a pair of jeans with the electronic tag still attached.  Apparently, the sales clerk overlooked this tag.  And, yes I watched the clerk ring up the bill and supposedly remove all the tags.  Either the tag was disabled and not beeping when we left the store or it was beeping and we were too busy talking and had no idea alarms were sounding off around us.

LJ’s update:


Follow up with the electronic tag:   I got it off the jeans okay but it just kept beeping with the little red light flashing.  So I threw the beeping tag in the trash and delivered the clothes we decided to purge from my closet to a friend .  When I returned, the tag was still beeping and flashing.  So I dunked it in water…. it floated and continued to beep and flash under water, really!!  So I ran over it with my car, it just kept beeping and flashing.  So I pulled out my hammer and pounded it once.  It kept flashing!  The beep was quieter so I whacked it again.  It continued to flash, and the beeping could only be heard when I put it near my ear, so I put it in the outside garbage can.  This morning I looked in the garbage can and that baby was still flashing!  I think I am going to keep it to see how long it takes to die!

Note to my readers:  While I don’t encourage this type of action to remove the tag,  it was beyond my control. In all fairness LJ lives an hour one-way from the store.

The beeper reminded me of LJ as she kept going after 6 hours of shopping and then was headed to happy-hour in one of her new outfits.  They broke the mold when LJ was born.  Everyone needs a LJ in their life.      Check out her video she sent:         “The Beep Goes On”



The Heat Was On!

August 14th, 2013


What a Deal 65% Off!

I have the BEST clients with all very unique tastes and goals.  Last week my client Allison, an intelligent, beautiful, self-confident, 19 year-old pursing a chemical engineering degree who, by the way, received a four-year scholarship for pole vaulting came to me at the request of her mother.  Allison works summers coaching young kids and she and her mother wanted my help putting together a basic wardrobe that could be expanded through Allison’s college years.

During my consultation with Allison and her mother I heard a couple things, which amazed me and admired at the same time.

1. Allison believed in buying clothing on sale.  She didn’t feel she had to buy “label” clothing, in fact, she’d rather not, and money could be spent better ways.

2. Her parent’s purchase her clothes, yet she’s conscientious of the money she spends.  In fact, her Mom will suggest clothing and Refreshing to hear!

3.  She posted her “Imaginary Closet” on the Pinterest website (fabulous idea!) to give me her preferred style.  Allison is goal-oriented…love it!

Before our challenge began at the mall Allison & I “shopped” her closet for current pieces of clothing to combine with purchases to expand her wardrobe.  We discarded clothes she’d not worn in years and put aside clothes that had special meaning (i.e. high school track jacket).

Her Mom gave us an approximate budget $250.00 to begin the process and a 2-hour shopping limit.

My instructions to Allison before we shopped:

-Wear clothing easy to change in order to save time

-Truthfulness, if clothing I chose wasn’t appealing tell me immediately as opposed to trying it on to make me happy.  Timing was key.

-Eat a good breakfast, as energy was important, suggestion from her mom.

I told Allison I’d dress in my athletic wear, (i.e. running shoes, t-shirt, and workout pants), rather than image consultant wear, as this was a race and challenge I looked forward to.

I spent a few hours the prior day of the race (as if scouting the field, the other team, etc.) going store to store in search of sale garments, keeping in mind Allison’s taste by combining current wardrobe and future needs and staying within the approximate budget of $250.00.  One major challenge was being unable to put my finds on hold, as the sales were 40 to 70% off.  To my chagrin the clothing I spotted could be gone the following day we shopped.

While I love swimming and riding bikes I could never compare myself to Allison when it comes to being an athlete.  However, I pride myself that my motor stays running as long as I’m out to shop for others.  The race began at the mall.  Allison was successful in buying approximately 13 pieces of clothing to combine with her current wardrobe along with several different looks for a little over the $250.00 budget.  I was successful in scouting our list of Allison’s taste, outfit combinations, and costs.

Near the end of our 2-hours Allison remarked in an exhausted tone, “you’re killing me.”  Which I responded with a smile and an energetic “Yes”!

I felt from my point of view I’d won the race over this smart, athletic, lady or more importantly we tied on our achievements.  Awesome Race Allison!!!  PS.  Mom & Dad…you’ve raised an outstanding daughter, I can see why you’re proud of her.









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