What a Deal! $118.00 necklace for $22.00…How’d I do it?

I recently grabbed a bargain: a necklace originally priced at $118.00 for $20.00 I found at Anthropologie. How? I found a dress and discovered this necklace on a mannequin. So I grabbed it as it complimented my dress PERFECTLY.

Then I noticed that the necklace was missing the center stone. Argh!

I asked the salesperson if they could find another one either in the backroom or online. No necklace was to be found.   So my light bulb turned on & I asked the Manager if I could purchase this one without the stone for a discounted price. She said “sure how does $20.00 sound”? (I could still return it if I couldn’t find a stone to fit, too).

So I purchased it and headed to “Bead It,” one of my favorite accessory stores in Austin on South Congress Avenue.   I showed the gal behind the counter and immediately she pulled out some single beads that fit and complimented the other stones. She rang it up and it cost me a total of $2.00 to have the necklace looking like new.

Always be on the look out for different options and be willing to ask for the best deal. It does pay off.



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