What a Deal! $118.00 necklace for $22.00…How’d I do it?

January 24th, 2017

I recently grabbed a bargain: a necklace originally priced at $118.00 for $20.00 I found at Anthropologie. How? I found a dress and discovered this necklace on a mannequin. So I grabbed it as it complimented my dress PERFECTLY.

Then I noticed that the necklace was missing the center stone. Argh!

I asked the salesperson if they could find another one either in the backroom or online. No necklace was to be found.   So my light bulb turned on & I asked the Manager if I could purchase this one without the stone for a discounted price. She said “sure how does $20.00 sound”? (I could still return it if I couldn’t find a stone to fit, too).

So I purchased it and headed to “Bead It,” one of my favorite accessory stores in Austin on South Congress Avenue.   I showed the gal behind the counter and immediately she pulled out some single beads that fit and complimented the other stones. She rang it up and it cost me a total of $2.00 to have the necklace looking like new.

Always be on the look out for different options and be willing to ask for the best deal. It does pay off.




Jump into Life

January 4th, 2017

When I was 17 years old I taught swim lessons to young children. While I’m with my current clients, I educate them similar to how I taught swim class.   The children were afraid to jump in (even though I was hired to offer them swim lessons). I built trust with the swimmers and let them have fun. Once we had trust established, they flourished and learned.

When my clients hire me they want to feel safe and assured that I will update their look. However, I do have clients who test the waters by just putting their toes in. They say they want to swim but it’s easier said than done and can talk themselves out of it. I would love all my clients to jump in and begin swimming immediately.

Don’t overthink it. Jump in, feel the splash and trust me. You will then experience the freedom to go any direction with a person who has your back and believes in you.



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