Ivanka Trump gives vintage a try.

December 16th, 2014

Ivanka Trump 2014 & mother Ivana 1991 Bob Mackie Dress

Ivanka Trump can have any outfit she chooses and with no concern of cost.  However, what really impressed me lately was her choice to wear her mothers’ 1991 vintage dress by Bob Mackie.  Ivanka looked absolutely fabulous.  It said she’s confident and owns her style.   How refreshing to women and young girls to look at someone who can spend any amount of money she wants but chose to be creative and look into the back of her mother Ivanas’ closet.   That’s creativity and thinking outside of the box.  Young girls especially take note that you don’t and shouldn’t wear what every girl in school is wearing.  Look outside the box and discover your look and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  If it’s difficult for any of you, let me help you find your unique look.


Junkyard Jewelry

December 3rd, 2014


“Imogene” Earrings

You read correctly!   Yes jewelry from vintage cars and trucks.  It’s a magnificent idea for using old vehicles.  I’m always about using what you have rather than waste so I love the idea.   My earrings and bracelet are from a 1960’s ford truck.  I was hoping to get a year and vehicle and name that had significance.  Rather it had none,  just beautiful unique pieces of artwork you can’t find anywhere.   I came upon this jewelry artist at the Austin Art Fair in April of 2014.    You Got Mojo Jewelry


“LAVONNE” bracelet





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