All Blow Dryers are Different

August 6th, 2014

When I look in the mirror after my hairdresser has finished styling my hair I always ask myself “why can’t I make my hair look shiny and frizz free”?  How did she do it?  When I asked her she said a ceramic blow dryer.  The word “ceramic” already put dollar signs in front of my eyes.   My normal M.O. was to buy what I thought was a blow dryer that would do the job for $35.00.   I always thought “a blow dryer is blow dryer”.  Last week while I was getting ready to dry my hair my blow dryer quit.  It quit at the worst possible time when I turned it on so I ran upstairs to get my even cheaper $15.00 blow dryer I have guests use (please don’t spread this tidbit as I want to be known as a host who treats her guest well)!  It was THE worst blow dryer I’ve used but it had to be done because I was headed to meet a client.

The positive:  I had an extra blow dryer and didn’t have to run to my neighbors and borrow theirs or turn up as a wet head for my client.

So I decided to take the plunge and invest in a better blow dryer.  Ultra had a $149 ceramic blow dryer on special for $99 and I’d still receive a 20% discount.  I gulped at the price and decided to ask the clerk if this was the best as I’d seen some cheaper ones.  She told me her sister is a beautician and loved the tourmaline Hot Tools dryer for $79.  Apparently ceramic and tourmaline blow dryers create negative ions that are great for your hair and heat evenly.

Finally the true test came I washed my hair and blew dry it.  I couldn’t believe the shine and no frizzies.   As always I don’t get free items or commission for recommending items.  I’m telling you as I see it.  Paying a higher dollar and watching sales for a quality ceramic or tourmaline blow dryer is a MUST for beautiful shiny frizz free hair.



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