Sans Blisters

May 29th, 2014


We want it all fashion and comfort yet our feet don’t always allow this luxury.  Here are some tips to alleviate the pain of shoes causing blisters.


1.  Blister Block by Johnson & Johnson is  a Chapstick type application put anywhere on your foot to stop the friction.  I keep it in my purse.

2. Achille’s pad are self-adhesive cushion put in the back of your shoe to make it not slip or rub on the back of your foot.

3.  No show socks made of stretchy cotton with a silicone backing at the heel for a no-slip fit.   You can also wear them if your feet sweat.

 So wear style and have comfort looking your best sans blisters.



Money Saving Website

May 21st, 2014




When shopping with clients we find great clothing, some on sale and some we wish were on sale.  I discovered a website that tracks the clothing I would love to have but my pocketbook can’t afford at the moment.  It’s called “Poachit.”  How does it work?  You find the item of clothing online you are hoping to buy; copy and paste the URL into the “Poachit” track list.  Once your item is on sale Poachit notifies you via email that your wish for item is now on sale.  I’ve saved over 50% on all items I’ve poached.



No Hanky-Panky

May 14th, 2014

My husband loves to dash up his sports jackets and suit coats with a great looking pocket hanky.  The issue in the past was how to keep it staying put without dropping down or sideways after it’s in the pocket.  This was a source of minor frustration as he was always adjusting the hanky to stay in place.  The answer to his issue:  Fashion tape.  It’s available in the women’s lingerie departments.



Kelly Wynne White Designer Handbags

May 7th, 2014

I discovered Kelly’s handbags during the Austin Fashion Week.  Her kiosk was set up with an array of custom leather handbags in various shapes, sizes, and colors.  While visiting with Kelly at her kiosk she told me she’s originally from Austin, Texas and moved to New York to launch her business and oversee production of her handbags, which are made in New York.  Her bags are of high quality and sophistication.  Check out Kelly’s website as her handbags are available in some Austin specialty stores.      Kelly Wynn Handbags

Kelly Wynn-White holding handbags she designed



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