This Summer’s Must Have: UGLY SANDALS

April 30th, 2014

Women are standing up and saying they want comfort over style this summer.  They’re kicking off their stilettos for foot-friendly sandals.  This summer it’s cool to wear ugly sandals.  Who’d have thought this would ever happen? Jane Buckingham, CEO of Trendera, a trend forecasting company, says women have drawn  the line. Making comfort convert in a fashionable way.  One of the biggest things to remember is to have a pristine pedicure to give you the “chic ugly look”.



One Thing Led to Another

April 23rd, 2014

My client was so excited after her beginning closet makeover she suggested I write a blog about her.    She hired me to shop and organize her closet in her small 2 bedroom condo.  Upon viewing her first closet which was overflowing with clothes and shoes, she proceeded to show me the next closet  overflowing in addition to sweaters and shoes in huge plastic containers.  My goal was to give her a fall/winter and spring/summer closet.  The issue, I was unable to make the closets organized without having to put things in the proper places.  One of the first things I noticed in the second closet she had her tool box and a tent along with miscellaneous items she would not wear or put on her body.  I asked her why she stored it in the clothes closet when it should’ve been stored elsewhere. Her response this was the only place she could put them.   I suggested we put the toolbox in the closet where it ergonomically should be stored.  She took me to that closet and it was overflowing with everything you could name.  Six pairs of sheets for a single bed, light bulbs, batteries, etc. strewn in various places.  She said I’m really sorry things are a mess, but I’ve been through a messy divorce, raised my 16 year autistic son who recently went to live in a group home and my mother passed away last month so my father brought over clothing and household items he thought I should have.  We downsized her from six sheet sets to two.   I told her  I needed nor wanted any apologies as this was a challenge I LOVED.  I let her know I wasn’t judging her because she really had no time for herself and whatever she could do to simply survive was all she could do.  I had and continue to have a huge respect for her because she realized it was her time to clean the clutter from her home so she could clear it from her mind and be able to have time for herself and enjoy the present and could see the future without having clutter to fog her vision.  We made a pile of her son’s toys and mementos for her to take to her son’s group home.  However, we had to take items meant to be in the kitchen which meant clearing and reorganizing the cabinets.   From 9:00 am to 9:00 pm  and we were half way there.  Twenty bags of “stuff” for donations and 5 trips to the garbage bin.  She was smiling and at times sad because of her son and her mom but said she wanted and needed to cleanse herself.   She brought clients into her home so she too needed a place of comfort for them.    We are on the second journey and she’s made some life changes starting by ending a relationship with a man who she then clearly could see he was adding clutter and insecurity in her life.  What I want from you?  Give yourself compassion and clear your mind and your path to become even better than you truly are.


Boutiques may be your best best

April 16th, 2014



When asked where you purchased an article of clothing and you say the word “Boutique”  it already sounds more expensive.   Some of us shy away from shopping a boutique because of cost, or so we think, but not true.  I find gorgeous styles for great prices and cheaper then regular department or name brand stores.   So next time your passing by a Boutique check it out.


Personal Stalker

April 9th, 2014

Some stores are really making salespeople fight for customers by giving them higher commission criteria.  While I respect salespeople and understand most work on commission I really make sure they get my sales when I’ve been helped.  However, on the past few trips I’ve been inundated with shark eating salespeople when I’ve just wanted to browse.  I even had two saleswomen fight over me.  The first instance my friend was returning a dress she’d purchased.  While she was at the counter I told her I was going to browse (mind you I said nothing to the sales clerk helping her with the return, nor did she say anything to me).  While browsing I saw a jacket and tried it on and another sales clerk approached  asked if I had the appropriate size.  Immediately the clerk that was helping my friend (who was 20 feet away) stated in a loud voice to the clerk who’d approached me that “she had me and I was her customer”.   I felt uncomfortable and sales clerk told her fine I’m just helping her with a size.  They both watched me even while the one was still helping my friend with the return.   I finally told both of them “I’m looking and I’m not planning to buy anything”.  I felt completely engulfed between a feud I had not created.   My friend and I were amazed that the two actually  confronted one another for a sale in front of customers.  We left immediately without making any other purchases.

The other instance, I entered another well-known store for a pair of jeans.  I’m a browser so I came upon a cute jacket.   As I was trying it on a salesclerk approached me and said she knew me from such-and-such a store.  I told her I didn’t remember her and continued browsing.  She followed me and suggested I look at another jacket when I hung the other back.  She stayed within a few steps from me as I felt like she was my personal stalker.  Any direction I went she followed within close proximity.  I finally turned to her and said directly  “I’m sorry but I need my space and I just want to look”.   I didn’t want to be rude, but tailing and breathing down someone’s neck to make a sale is hardly the way you’ll get me to buy anything.  I ended up once again not purchasing anything but hightailing it out of the store.  NOTE to clothing stores:  educate your clerks this is not how to get a customer, rather it’s how to get a customer to avoid you or any sales.


Take yourself out of the box

April 2nd, 2014

An out-of-state client hired me to do a full makeover.  She was tired of looking old and feeling frumpy.  She wanted change and she wanted it immediately.  Prior to our get together I suggested she meet with my stylist.  She said her son who she was visiting in Houston  had set up an appointment with a hairstylist  so she would go there prior to us meeting.   We met and went shopping.  I had pulled  pieces of clothing back for her at some stores after she had explained what she wanted for her new look.   She liked some while others she had not.  After 3 hours she had finished for the day ready for the next time.  I told her to take the clothing home and revisit it in the morning when she was fresh and we would meet in a few days.  She’d changed her mind about having her hair done as she didn’t care for how the first stylist did her hair so she had me schedule an appointment with my stylist.  While we were waiting to meet the stylist she told me what she disliked about her new cut from a few days ago and what she really wanted.   My advice to her: suggest to the stylist your needs, i.e. easy to fix,  sassy look, etc.  rather than “a certain length, bangs, cut, etc”  as she was not allowing the stylist to use her artistic abilities and give her a new look.  I asked her “do you want to have a different look or stay the same”.  She said “of course I want it different”.    I explained that she was giving the stylists so many guidelines of the cut she wanted it was going to look exactly the same way.  My client confirmed I was absolutely right that she was again putting herself in the box.  I explained she’d done it with some of the clothing she’d purchased as well.  Now she was ready for the stylist and decided to let go of giving direction rather minimal criteria.   She got out of the chair and LOVED her new updated look which she left to chance.  She then wanted to go shop and return some of the clothes she’d purchased that were putting her back in the very box she didn’t want to be in.  As we shopped she reminded herself and allowed me to do the same that she needed to open herself up to new ideas and looks.  Each time she tried on clothing she asked herself, is this who she was or who she wanted to be.   By days end she was excited she really did have a new look and  a new outlook on life and learned a valuable lesson about giving up control.



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