St. David’s Fashion Show a Huge success!

March 26th, 2014

The first annual fashion show for St. David’s Bariatric patients was a huge success.  I was extremely proud of the 20 women who modeled the outfits I’d chosen for their lifestyle and personality.  The beauty was they were REAL women, moms, grandmothers, teacher, office worker,  executive, nurse no models among the bunch.  They used their energy, nerves and family and friend’s reinforcement to go onto the stage and show their new look compared to their before photo.  Amazing!   I had a fantastic team working with me.  Holly Taylor Kottwitz styled and colored the models hair and Natalie Gauci of Arbonne applied the women’s makeup.   Dillard’s provided the outfits and accessories worn by the women.  I promised the women I would not make them wear anything they wouldn’t feel comfortable in.  I asked them to open their minds to new possibilities to show off their true personalities and that’s exactly what most of them did.  I thank all of these ladies for taking a chance to get on stage and flourish.  They’ve had beauty all along and this was their time to show it.




Plus-Size Designers Listen Up

March 19th, 2014

I shop for plus-size people of all ages.    I’m not sure who these designers use as models to fit or design the clothing but I’m feeling it’s not an actual woman.    Many designers or stores rarely hear what real women want to wear or want to feel like when they put on their clothing.   Eight out of ten of my plus-sized clients want a top with a sleeve to cover their arms.  When I pre-shop for them I find all sleeveless tops or long sleeved clothing that’s hot.  Designers if  you do have clothing with sleeveless tops please design covers that are not just sweater fabric or made to be worn at the waist.  Other tips from my experiences:  Give your clothing shape so it doesn’t make a woman look like she’s wearing a box.   Choose fabrics that flow rather than stiff fabrics so they enhance a woman’s shape.   Lastly PLEASE use real women of all different shapes and sizes as your models when designing clothing so you can understand true fit and give them the dynamic look they deserve.


Why do we Pay Designers to Advertise for their products?

March 12th, 2014

Top designers have it easy.   They know what matters to a huge population is how we “look” to the outside world.  Society has reached some people’s pschye to say they are “it” if they carry a designer bag  labeled to the hilt all over the outside or wear a piece of clothing or accessory that has the designers trademark they are part of an elite group.  Why pay the company to advertise for their product?    This puts the price up an extraordinary amount.   Will you buy one designer piece that costs more than your weekly salary and use until it’s demise?  Does it last longer or is it made better?  Not at all.    Do we really want to say we’re fashionable because are wearing designer labels that show on the outside of our clothing?   Do we really want to wear clothing that makes us look like everyone else?


Fashion Show March 22, 2014

March 5th, 2014

Dillard’s, Barton Creek Mall, Austin Texas will be providing clothing and accessories for the St. David’s Medical Center 1st fashion show for their bariatric patients who’ve lost 100 pounds or more and on their way to health.  I will select clothing for all 20 models specific to their body shape and  personality from all the gorgeous clothing and accessory brands available at Dillards.

Others taking part and donating their expertise:

Natalie Gauci, VP of Arbonne will apply the makeup to all models.

Holly Taylor-Kottwitz, Hairstylist, Fringe Salon, Austin, TX  is providing all models styling, color and highlights free. Holly will create updo’s for the models the evening of the fashion show.

We’d LOVE for you to join us!



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