A Beautiful Young Lady

February 26th, 2014

I was asked to judge the Miss Teen Austin 2014 pageant.  While I hesitated for more than a week I opted to participate instead of “judging from the outside” all beauty pageants I wanted to “judge from the inside”.  I along with four other judges interviewed girls ages 16 through 19 years.  We were to  get the girls to talk about themselves rather than ask questions that were answered with rehearsed lines.  One girl walked in with poise, shook our hands and introduced herself.  She sat down waiting for questions.  We clearly saw she had vitiligo, a condition when patches of your skin suddenly lose pigmentation. We asked questions about her life avoiding the issue of her vitiligo.  A question was presented midway through our conversation, “what challenges have you had in your life and what have you done to overcome them”.  She began to tear up, yet remained poised and explained when she was 18 she developed vitiligo.  She explained the embarrassment and loneliness she felt to say the least.  She wouldn’t leave home and became depressed.  However, she had love and support from her family who encouraged her and reminded her she was still beautiful inside and out and she couldn’t let vitiligo defeat her and consume her young life.  They encouraged her to enter the pageant and hold her head high and prove to younger girls beauty is not skin deep.  She won runner-up in her division, but that was unimportant compared to her picking herself up and proving she can do anything.  I wish her much success.


Austin Fashion Week 2014

February 19th, 2014

M.E. Shirley Austin Fashion Designer

I want to introduce you to a talented fashion designer here in Austin.   Lindsey Creel  began her women’s wear designs as she writes “as an ode to her great grandmother Mary Edna Shirley”.   Lindsey and her team create and construct each piece of clothing with the intention of making “someone’s favorite piece”.    M.E. Shirley  designs can be purchased at the Sunroom Boutique  2324 South Lamar, Austin, TX,  Phone:  512-326-1499 or online.

The best part is Lindsey’s been accepted to the Upcoming Austin 2014 Fashion week. However, to make this happen Lindsey pays an entry fee which is to be submitted by March 23 2014.  You can support Lindsey’s dream by donating an amount as low as $2.00.  Please Support M.E. Shirley

“M.E Shirley comes from the idea that we can all accomplish anything we dream when we feel fulfilled. And great clothing is part of that. It changes you.” Beautifully stated Lindsey!

I hope all who read this will support Lindsey’s dream and deservingly so.

Congratulations and I wish you the VERY BEST Lindsey!

Spokan Dress-Cream Crochet





I work for you

February 12th, 2014


I was asked to represent a high end clothing line.  The line is displayed at a trunk show four times a year.  I’m not knocking the clothing but decided it was not what I stood for in my business.  I informed the rep as to why I didn’t consider this an option.  My reasons for not wanting to be a salesperson for this clothing or even a jewelry line is:

I’ve attended showings of specific clothing and jewelry lines and I’ve heard guests comment “I bought that blouse the last time.  Let’s make sure who will wear it to the party we’ll be going to Saturday evening” so we don’t look like twins.  I don’t want my friends and I to have the same clothing styles.  We are unique.  You can go from store to store or on the internet to find the same clothing label, however it’s YOUR STYLE.  When you see the clothing accessorized the same it’s hard to break that habit, especially if it’s difficult for you to put a style together.

Working on commission takes away my credibility.  Customers feeling pressure to buy, I dislike that and I don’t want my customers feeling pressure to buy.  I’m hired by the customer to tell the real truth of an outfit enhances or doesn’t enhance your body shape and how it can be used in different aspects of your wardrobe.  I don’t want anyone feeling this is the way Bonnie makes her living so I should buy.

I am a fashion consultant/fashion stylist for a reason.  I educate you; give you options, allow you to shop at more than one store for a variation of looks.  I want you to be you.




February 5th, 2014

Mommy Brobe


The Recovery Brobe

I want others to be successful in their endeavors.  I feel there is room at the top for all of us, if we allow ourselves to work hard reaching our dreams.  Allison Schickel a friend of mine designed the Brobe.  I find her creation essential for women and am excited her passion came to fruition.  Here’s Allison’s story:


B: Why did you invent the Brobe?  Describe the Brobes you created.

A:  I created the Brobe to support women at all stages of their life.  The garment consists of a supportive bra built inside a robe with specific nuances for each Brobe type.  The Recovery Brobe helps women who have undergone mastectomy or reconstructive surgery.  Constructed with pockets built inside the robe for post op fluid drains as well as pockets built inside the bra for ice packs and/or a prosthetic breast.  The Mommy Brobe was created for the new mom who is nursing and needs privacy as well as support.  Made from luxurious modal cotton, this robe bodes a flattering fit and provides both comfort and support for mom and baby.  The hook and eye, super supportive nursing bra makes for easy access during nursing and, it’s detachable, to take mom through the day.  It’s a birth through babyhood go-to, promotes skin-on-skin contact with baby, and is the perfect gift for new moms.  I hope to create the Brobe for the everyday woman in the near future, brand name TBD.

B:  Did your inspiration of the Brobe come overnight? 

A:  Sort-Of.  10 years ago I was working three jobs, taking care of a very sick husband and a toddler.  Everyday I would get ready in my robe and find a sports bra to put on underneath to refrain from sweating in areas I shouldn’t be.  I instantly thought “why won’t someone just make a bra inside a robe?”  This way I wouldn’t spend so much time searching for sports bras, nor being concerned about getting sweat or makeup on my sports bra.  I spent the next 5 years searching for a bra inside of a robe and never found it.  Almost 9 years after the initial idea, I created my first Brobe.

B: What disappointments developed in the process?

A:  Many.  I’ve made some mistakes.  I’m disappointed in myself for not being as patient as I should have in the beginning.  It cost me a lot of money not being patient.  I trusted and hired people not fit for the job.

B:  How has the Brobe benefited other and what has it brought out of your personal being?

A:  I’ve realized my company is more than just a piece of clothing to some people.  The Brobe, specifically the Recovery Brobe has helped so many women, more than I ever could’ve imagined.  It gives them dignity in an otherwise very difficult time in their life.  I realized I not only want to create other functional garments, I want to create a brand and a company that people admire.

B:  How has the creation of the Brobe affected your family life? 

Before receiving my first shipment of Brobes I gave birth to my second daughter.  These past two years have been exciting to say the least.  Working from home with a baby (now toddler) has turned out to be much more challenging than I realized.  My husband Matt takes up much of the slack when he’s home so I can finish up my work day which at times is difficult, considering Matt works 60-70 hours a week.  We also have an 11-year-old daughter who started middle school.  Balancing schedules, soccer practice, dinners, homework, his schedule, and my schedule.  It gets a bit hectic however we both agree family ALWAYS comes first.  We try to eat dinner as a family if we can.  No electronics, just us.  Matt and I work very hard to continue our date nights and give each child individual attention.  Overall, our family knows the Brobe will pay off in the long run.  We have to work together to make it happen.

B:  How can you help others considering a business of their own?

A:  I would like to think I am now in a position to help others in building a business from the ground up.  I talk to several entrepreneurs who need help with manufacturing, design, business plans, etc.  I’m not familiar with everything about a business but I can help with what I’ve learned in the past 2-3 years.  Honestly, I am still learning but helping someone find certain factories, attorneys, CPA’s to help make their business run a little smoother is something I am always happy to help with.

Thank you Allison and I wish you the utmost success!   “Shop the Brobe”










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