What does Your Wardrobe Say about your Psyche?

January 29th, 2014

Yahoo Shine

I wanted to share this fun article by Yahoo Shine…  What Your Wardrobe Says About Your Psyche

Watching makeover shows can be amusing — if occasionally cringe-inducing, particularly when people are forced to throw away that sweater they’ve had forever or favorite old pair of shoes. “That can be traumatizing,” Dawnn Karen, New York-based fashion psychologist, tells Yahoo Shine, “because people are attached to their clothes.” That’s where Karen and others in the relatively new but growing field of fashion-psychology step in — by helping folks who want to reboot their wardrobes figure out a little more about themselves first. a way to get to the heart of the matter for folks wanting to reboot their wardrobes.  

“I use counseling to assess where they’re at and why,” explains Karen, who uses her background in psychology, design, modeling, and performance to counsel clients ranging from CEOs to entertainers. “That way, the changes tend to stick.”

This week, the Australian publication Daily Life wrote about the rise of Karen’s field, noting, “This niche group of professionals applies psychological theories to what we wear, understanding that our clothing choices impact not only our own thoughts and emotions, but also those of the people we come in contact with 

It works the other way too, of course, with emotions, psyches, and underlying issues driving people to wear what they wear. And that aspect — what your clothes really say about you — is pretty fascinating. So Yahoo Shine checked in with Karen for a little insider info about what tight pants, too-high heels, dated clothing, and other looks reveal about the mindsets of those who wear them.

If you wear very high heels often
“You stand on solid ground with your shoes, and they carry you through life, so they do say a lot. Wearing very high heels might mean she feels rather inept and cannot look at people at eye level, and uses the shoes to elevate her, both physically and in her mind.”

If your wardrobe is trapped in the ’90s (or ’80s, or any other time)
“No updating means they’re stuck in a time period. The clothing could be from and symbolize a time when they were at their best. So they’re stuck in a mold from when they were most confident, when they were younger and hip and in their heyday, instead of thinking: How am I evolving?”

If you are slavishly, hyper-trendy
“I love these people because they are very expressive, but it’s like, who are you? Yes, you look awesome and I see all your Instagram pictures, but you’re constantly changing. Are you ever slowing down to settle in and to ask, ‘Who am I?’ Are you hiding from something?”

If you refuse to ever dress up — or down
“It’s cliché to say, but this goes back to your comfort level and when you feel your best. I had a client once who purposefully would not dress up for anything — he didn’t know how to dress up, it was a comfort-level thing — but he would literally do it to piss people off. Then there are the others who wear a fur and stilettos and it’s like, ‘We’re just going for brunch!’ They want all eyes on them. Both cases are seeking validation. Perhaps they’re not getting it somewhere else in their lives.”

If you cling to too-tight clothing
“It could simply be ignorance of not knowing how to dress for one’s body type.  Or, culturally, and in an urban world, it’s very cool and va-va-voom for clothes to be tight — it gets a lot of attention.  So it could be a way for women to feel sexy, and that they just don’t know how to portray sexy without clothes that are tight.”

If your outfits are too baggy
“Perhaps they don’t like their body, and don’t want the world to see it. They could have low self-esteem, and don’t know how to feel comfortable in their own skin. Or maybe something traumatic happened; a woman who has been sexually abused may want to shield her body from the world.” 

Of course there is always a person’s mood of the day to take into account, Karen notes. “Mood enhancement is a term I’ve coined about dressing your mood,” she says, explaining that dressing up when you’re feeling down — or down when you’re feeling down, whatever helps — can go a long way. “It can be very therapeutic,” she says.


11,163 Steps

January 22nd, 2014

I’ve started the New Year off with my resolution to have a healthier lifestyle and lose a few pounds by my daughters wedding.  It’s not like I have much weight to lose, but it’s those Oreos, Mac-N-Cheese and Chocolate Marshmallow Ice Cream that stare me in the face and beg me to eat them.  I don’t want to buy more clothes so I’m determined not to go up another size.  The accountant in me keeps my weight even so my pocketbook doesn’t suffer.

My healthy eating has been on track for 3 weeks with the help of my husband Sal who is also trying to eat healthy.   I have my hula hoop, my 2 pound weights and road bike which I use regularly.  I used to walk 5 miles for about 10 years until my foot surgery.  Walking that many miles always kept my weight down.  After inching up I started thinking (my husband defines this as dangerous) that I should buy a pedometer to keep track of my steps.  Experts say if you walk 10,000 steps a day you can lose weight along with healthy eating.  So after purchasing & returning 2 pedometers I found the ideal one.   Yesterday was my first day to try it in it’s entirety so I programmed it for 10,000 steps.  I began the day by putting it on before getting out of bed so I could record each and every step.  After breakfast I walked to the grocery store nearby and loaded my backpack with groceries.  I dropped them off for Sal to unload because I saw I only walked 4,500 steps.   Mid afternoon I’d made it to 6,700 steps walking around the house and upstairs.   8:00 pm comes around and  I noticed I needed 1,500 steps to hit my target goal of 10,000.  So I took off for the grocery store with my backpack one more time to pick up a few more groceries.  By this time Sal knew I was serious and began shaking his head know there was no way to stop me.   I got home, checked my pedometer and walked 11,163 steps.  Woo Hoo!  One day down!

However, as I write this I realize it’s time to check my step total for today and somehow it reset.   Ouch!  What do I do, what do I do?  If I wouldn’t have been sitting most of today it wouldn’t have reset.  I’ll regroup and think how not to have it reset while I’m sitting.  Maybe I should stand or lie flat on my back all day until I’m ready to walk once again.  Watch out HEB I’ll be headed your way sooner than you think.


Oh No She Di’int

January 15th, 2014


Jim Harbaugh, head coach of the San Francisco 49ers wife Sarah admitted to the world she had not dropped the ball when it came to her husband wearing pleated khaki pants from Walmart for a price tag of $8.00.  The fashion faux paux from a guy who makes millions a year buying pleated pants made infamous when Sarah called into a radio show to jokingly say if she had a choice she wouldn’t put him in the game, not even the sidelines wearing the dreaded pants.  Wives tell me how they have no control over types of clothing their husbands wear that are well…you know just awful looking.  They even ask if I can fix this issue in their marriage.  Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t.

Despite Sarah’s disapproval, Walmart is taking advantage of the free press. The company ran an ad for the pants Thursday reading “Coach-worthy khakis: “Fit For A Champion, Priced For Everyone”.

I have to give him credit that he doesn’t feel he’s too good to shop for bargains at Walmart. Harbaugh’s been a good sport about fumbling the play and announced next season he will buy update his pants!

Que Sera Sera.



Wedding Bells or Wedding Bills?

January 8th, 2014


My beautiful daughter Kira is getting married November 1, 2014.  Since October 2013 we’ve searched for THE PERFECT wedding dress.  We’ve hit Bridal Salons in Austin and Dallas.  While the gowns Kira tried have been gorgeous we almost gag when we see the price, plus trade huge stares and twisted mouths with one another before telling the salesperson “it just isn’t Kira’s style.”  As always we choose the most expensive dresses and she tries some that hugely over budget.  Why not dream before the nightmare hits?  The Bridal Salon treats us to a mimosa (believe me it’s ONE mimosa).  Had we been served more mimosas we would’ve purchased a dress on the spot.  Bridal Salons know how to hit the pocket closest to the heart.  After Bridal Salon 95 we looked at one another and questioned why buy a gown for 6 hours of wear for $2,000 plus dollars?  Myself being the accountant said “Kira you could build 4 closets for the amount you are paying for a dress that you will wear once.”  Ladies, correct me if I’m wrong, but how many of you have worn your wedding dress more than once or have your wedding dress displayed on your wall?  Where is it?  In the closet?

Over a few glasses of wine we talked about Kira being true to herself and what she wants to convey on her special day.  One of Kira’s special talents is buying and altering vintage clothing to enhance her body shape and more importantly to express her personal style.  It may be removing the sleeves, taking up the waistline or altering the neckline.  Quite honestly I’ve never seen a flop in her redesigns.  Kira has purchased a few dresses online that I can assure you will be THE ONE.

Some brides may feel it’s just as expensive or more of a hassle or don’t have the eye for design or know a great tailor.  It’s not for everyone.

Kira will spend approximately a fourth of what a new wedding dress costs and have a one and only unique design especially for her that will make her fiancé Larry cry because she’s ever so beautiful rather than cry for the cost of 4 closets he could have built.  Smart choice Kira!  Stay tuned for the unveiling of the dress in November 2014!


Mind Aflutter?

January 1st, 2014

When your surroundings are cluttered by “objects” your mind is cluttered.

Call me to help you “de-clutter your home and closet & your mind”






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