Christmas Gift

December 25th, 2013



Give yourself or someone you know the perfect Christmas gift.  


– Closet organization 

-New Wardrobe (by shopping your closet)

-Personal Image Consulting


Happy Holidays!


Wearing your cape

December 18th, 2013



Natalie Gauci, a wonderful friend and business role model, invites working and stay-at-home mothers to network monthly to empower each other.  Her belief is that we all need to support one another rather than feel we are in competition.  She provides the monthly presentation and following the presentation, there is a group discussion.  The presentation at the last meeting was a TED Talk (you can find this on YouTube).  It was about a woman who had issues and felt that the only way to deal with them was to cover them up with alcohol and drugs.  She called those vices her “cape.”

I believe all of us wear a “cape” whether we decide to face it or even admit it’s there.  We handle issues like being distant so that no one will see we aren’t as good on the inside as we appear to be on the outside.  Other issues may include overeating, being bulimic, over confidence, acting tougher than we really are, having the best of the best and showing that to the world, even exercising to excess.  It can appear as healthy to some of us and unhealthy to others.  The fact is we all need to be supportive and understanding of each other, as we’ve never worn each other’s “cape.”

Allowing yourself to drop your “cape” and face the real you is very difficult.  When you’re able to do this it can launch your life to the next level in a genuine and satisfying way.  I too realize I have “capes” and it’s a continuing process.

As an Image Consultant one of my jobs is to understand you and lift you up and uncover the beautiful person on the inside.

No one but you can decide to shed your “cape.”


Uniform Approach

December 11th, 2013

I was hired to consult with a company aiming to have a professional, unified appearance.  Since this was the first time since their inception in over 60 years some employees had difficulty seeing the value of an overall look.  They balked at the idea, as it didn’t allow them their freedom of individualism.

I explained in their weekly meeting how branding one’s company distinguishes them from others.  It’s advantageous to the company, clients, and potential clients.  It’s giving clients a sense of security from the company.  Professionalism and unity of the business speaks to a client’s subconscious.

Employers and employees, take it from your own eyes of you as potential client walking into a club and considering doing business.  Your first exchange is with one of two individuals.  The first a disheveled person wearing a baggy, wrinkled t-shirt; slouched denim jeans with a view of his boxer shorts and soiled shoes and mussed hair.  The other is dressed in uniform and well-cared shoes.  Who are you more likely to approach in this inclusive club?  Annoying for you, right?  A uniform is not pertinent to all companies, more so it’s for the employees that interface and are seen by clients, especially in a club-type atmosphere.  If a business and its employees lack the look of professionalism and unity they could stand to lose or even gain clients and the employee may not be treated as capable.  Consider all sides of the business you own or are in charge rather than just you or your employees view.  It’s a win-win situation.


The “IT” Color for 2014

December 4th, 2013


Pantone has announced the “IT” color for 2014.  It is (drum roll)…..


Radiant Orchid 2014 Color of the Year




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