Ever So Thankful

November 27th, 2013


One of the best parts of my job is getting to know my clients who allow me to get to know them better so I can help them be the person they want to be.  I teach my clients about shopping and clothing for their body shape and lifestyle.  However, they teach me valuable information about their world and themselves.  One instance you will see as you read on.

I’ve travelled overseas however I’ve never visited India so before my client now my friend Anagha left I told her I wanted to hear all about her trip, etc.  When she returned from her homeland of India upon celebrating her father’s 75th birthday we met back up.  A few pieces of information she told me are India celebrates people’s 75th and 81st birthday.  Why the 81st birthday I asked.  She said it is because a persons’ 81st birthday one has seen 1000 full moons during their lifetime.  Now this is a very cool and meaningful tradition I’d never heard!

When we met Anagha presented me with candleholders along with some wonderful food from her native country.  See pictures and info below.

1. Naralachya Karanjya. A pastry stuffed with a sugared coconut filling.

2. Khawyachi Poli.  Made from Khawa milk solid

3. Pedha.  Mainly served at weddings

4. Palak Poori(spinach).  We thought it tasted wonderful for sandwiches.

Anagha said in her country they serve what is a dessert during the meal, unlike ours, which is after the meal.  How fantastic if we could make this a tradition!

Understanding others cultures gives me a better sense and understanding of our entire world.

I’m thankful for you Anagha for sharing a part of your world and help me grow my world and the food you shared with me was scrumptious!  I’m look forward to learning more about her entire culture.








My daughter on the JC Penney Commercial

November 20th, 2013

My daughter Kira is a part-time model/actress and was hired to do this JC Penney Christmas commercial.  While she is more of a vintage, retro, second-hand clothing shopper the sweater she is wearing is not a style she would choose.  Yet when your hired to do a job you have no choice.    However no matter what she wears she’s beautiful and it’s been fun watching her and I’m lucky to be her Mom.  JC Penney “Santa Baby” commercial


Paralysis By Analysis

November 13th, 2013

The Before……The After


When I tell people I’m an Image Consultant and I organize and “shop people’s closets” some react and tell me they want me to shop their closet but they need to first clean their closet before I come.  My answer “that’s what I do”.  When I see an unorganized closet I’m elated, as I foresee the end result of a clutter-free closet AND a weight lifted from my client.  I’m not in your home to judge your closet, your home, or you.  It’s all about beginning somewhere…but just beginning.  Each client that I’ve shopped and organized their closet sigh a sigh of relief and smile knowing they are one step closer to starting anew.




Yucca for the Hair

November 6th, 2013


One evening I was eating dinner and my waiter was a hispanic man with long, shiny, braided hair.  I commented about his hairs beautiful sheen.  He told me ever since he was young his family had cleaned his hair with Yucca.  I’d only known the yucca plant was used to heal types of burn.  So the detective in me went home and researched yucca and the hair.

I discovered the yucca root has been used by Native Americans for years to thwart hair loss and dandruff and make hair shiny.   They make a shampoo and soap from the plant as it contains natural saponin which is a natural detergent that lathers. Check out how to make shampoo from the yucca roots.  How to make Yucca Shampoo  



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