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October 30th, 2013

Acorn Jelly


Normally I write about something to do with fashion or lessons I’ve learned from my wonderful clients.  This blog has nothing to do with either.  It was just a strange happening that made my husband Sal and I wondered if we were living in a “normal world”.

Sunday Sal and I came outside to find a gentleman busy gathering our acorns from our oak trees. He paid no attention to us as he continued removing the acorn hats and putting the acorns in his red bag.  I asked why he was picking our acorns and he said to make “jello”. I asked “jello”? He said “yes jello”. Again I repeated myself and asked “jello”? and he responded again “jello” I looked at him confused as I thought I heard incorrectly…as usual. Sal and I looked at one another with a confused nose wrinkle and eyes wide opened since we don’t put acorns in our jello. Then Sal asked “jelly”? ….the gentleman said “yes jelly”. He then asked for a stick to shake the acorns down. Sal and I again looked at one another with our eyes thinking why is he putting us to work to get acorns he wanted?  Were we being punked or on Candid Camera? I got our hoe with a long handle gave it to him and he began to hit the branches so the acorns came down. I asked what part of the acorn he uses.  He showed me how he got the meat from the acorn (from a hammer I got from the toolbox). He cracked the acorn and showed me.  I tried to taste it and he got all nervous and told me “no, no don’t eat it.” After curiosity got the best of me I got the computer and did a web search for “acorn jelly” and there it was. I showed him and he laughed and said “yes”. I asked if we could try some when it was finished.  He said he would.  One week passed and my doorbell rang and it was Mr. Lee bringing me a taste of his acorn jelly.  I invited him into my kitchen and offered him a seat.  I grabbed a fork and unwrapped the acorn jelly.  His wife had cubed it and mixed it with cabbage and other ingredients.  It was a great flavor with a jello-type texture.  He was very proud of the jelly and he should be.  We communicated as best we could and he after 20 minutes he decided to leave.   Twice a week I see Mr. Lee out in our front yard picking our acorns, (he said we have the best acorn trees in the neighborhood) and I open the door and we exchange hellos.  We now know it wasn’t Mr. Squirrel, but rather Mr. Lee who was taking our acorns.   Check out the recipe for acorn jelly.  Acorn Jelly Recipe

Mr. Lee & His Acorn Jelly





Secret Psychologists….Really?

October 23rd, 2013


Long story short, I was asked to be the Image Consultant/Matchmaker by a Discovery Channel producer for 4 psychologists wanting to learn about life and love in America in comparison to Europe. I was asked if any of my single women clients might be interested in dating the psychologists and appearing on a reality show. This happened at noon Thursday, April 4, 2013 and I agreed only if I could find four women by 10:00 am the next day that would be open to the idea. To my surprise I had 10 women who wanted to give it a shot and by the end of the evening of April 4th. I submitted these women and they chose four to date the psychologists. The producer contacted me once again and asked if I would be
on the show to discuss image with the psychologists and in turn set them up with one of the four dates. I agreed and of course they needed to film me with the psychologists the next day, Saturday, April 6th.

The men came into my home dressed “American” style rather than with the European flair I notice when I travel internationally. Tom came in and sat slumped in a chair looking unenthusiastic. Of course I heard he thought this was a bad idea (he was being filmed on the way to my home) so I confronted him on this immediately saying he didn’t seem thrilled with this idea just by his lack of enthusiasm through his non-verbal actions. That’s when he sat upright and said, “no, no I’m quite fine with this.” I then asked, “what type of women they were trying to attract as part of the way they were dressed?” They mostly agreed they were unsure. One psychologist said he only wanted to attract a woman with a mind and it had nothing to do with looks. The Italian of the group said “that’s untrue you said last night you wanted to quit talking to one girl and begin talking to another because she was prettier”. On and on we filmed for 2 hours, more or less questions on my part as I told the producers I normally have a formal informative group presentation or a one-on-one. However, they felt this was the way to film. I continued to use my question-type style.

No drama was to be had so I tell everyone if I’m on the show it may be for 30 seconds because of the
Drama-less performance. Yet I’m fortunate one of my clients, a jazz singer/songwriter, who was introduced to the Italian, was able to sign her song and signed a release. Look for Cass Love-Naumann. That’s all I’m hoping is good things come to my clients and I was there for a reason.

Six weeks following the filming I was notified they were four princes from different European countries. Very nice gentleman, but quite honestly I see why they can’t find love. It’s only by their title they get dates rather than how they appear both on the inside and the outside.

It’s the second season and premiers Friday, October 25, 2013 at 9:00 pm Central on the TLC channel. Enjoy, as I have no idea what’s to come.


Give to Live

October 16th, 2013

Today I spoke with a woman while waiting to get our mammograms.  She told me she just had 12″ of hair cut and donated it to “Locks of Love”.  She said she felt she was being good to herself and others.   Generally, people hesitate to cut their hair or clean their closets as a fear of letting go.   Simply putting it into perspective if people consider cutting their hair or purging their clothes is in actuality renewing themselves and more importantly giving to others.

If you feel renewing yourself as a luxury think of it as giving to others in need.











Making Our Life Easier

October 9th, 2013

I remember my Mom teaching me to iron.  She’d hand me a load of cotton handkerchiefs that I was expected to iron.  Along with that she gave me a seven-up bottle filled with water and plugged with a sprinkle-type cork to dampen the clothes if needed.  I’m not sure if I complained but I did think there had to be more to life than ironing hankies or better yet, using tissues to blow your nose.

What I wasn’t aware of at the time was a chemist named Ruth Benerito who was perfecting modern wrinkle-free cotton, better known to us as permanent press.  As others noted a Shaker community actually discovered wrinkle-free cotton in the 19th century.

Unbeknown to me (and possibly my Mom) permanent press clothing was widely available since the mid-1960s.  Dr. Benerito held over 50 patents and was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2008.  She retired at age 81.

Dr. Benerito stated:  “I don’t like it to be said that I invented wash and wear, because there were any number of people working on it, and there are various processes by which you give cotton those properties. No one person discovered it or was responsible for it.  But I contributed to new processes of doing it.”

This blog is to honor Dr. Benerito who died October 5, 2013 at the age of 97 for making life easier for all of us.     


Guys and Gals Coated Denim is in

October 2nd, 2013



Coated denim is everywhere this season and may be here to stay.  The look has a waxy finish that resembles leather pants.  The price is much easier to bear than leather itself and if you’re vegan you don’t have to sacrifice style for your love of animals.  They are made for men and women.  The downside is most brands require hand washing or dry cleaning.




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