September 25th, 2013


When speaking with potential clients I always ask questions about them, their lifestyle, favorite colors, likes, dislikes etc.  On one occasion someone questioned “why do you need to know these things about me”?  My answer “I have to dig deep to find you and your true spirit of who are”.  Do I care about you? Absolutely, if I didn’t I would just meet you at a store and hand you some clothes to try.  Asking pointed questions gives me direction to stay on task to save you time and money to present who you really are.  It’s okay to talk to yourself (it doesn’t mean your crazy) and make notes of how you want to express yourself.   Then we can have fun creating the new you!


Mixing it Up

September 18th, 2013

If you’re checking out Grandma’s jewelry box and wanting to wear a pin or necklace that is near and dear to your heart know that you can add a splash more jewelry currently in your own jewelry box such as a gold or silver chain or pearls either heavier or lighter in weight and size.  Before you head out the door look in the mirror and see if it looks in proportion to your figure and neck length.  Wear it if it feels good and looks right to you, not because it’s in fashion for this season.  Otherwise it looks as if you are trying to hard.








The “Beep is On”

September 11th, 2013

LJ, a 61-year old, jewel of a client, who has more spunk than a classroom of 3-years olds emailed me an update following our shopping trip.


LJ arrived home from our day of shopping and she noticed a pair of jeans with the electronic tag still attached.  Apparently, the sales clerk overlooked this tag.  And, yes I watched the clerk ring up the bill and supposedly remove all the tags.  Either the tag was disabled and not beeping when we left the store or it was beeping and we were too busy talking and had no idea alarms were sounding off around us.

LJ’s update:


Follow up with the electronic tag:   I got it off the jeans okay but it just kept beeping with the little red light flashing.  So I threw the beeping tag in the trash and delivered the clothes we decided to purge from my closet to a friend .  When I returned, the tag was still beeping and flashing.  So I dunked it in water…. it floated and continued to beep and flash under water, really!!  So I ran over it with my car, it just kept beeping and flashing.  So I pulled out my hammer and pounded it once.  It kept flashing!  The beep was quieter so I whacked it again.  It continued to flash, and the beeping could only be heard when I put it near my ear, so I put it in the outside garbage can.  This morning I looked in the garbage can and that baby was still flashing!  I think I am going to keep it to see how long it takes to die!

Note to my readers:  While I don’t encourage this type of action to remove the tag,  it was beyond my control. In all fairness LJ lives an hour one-way from the store.

The beeper reminded me of LJ as she kept going after 6 hours of shopping and then was headed to happy-hour in one of her new outfits.  They broke the mold when LJ was born.  Everyone needs a LJ in their life.      Check out her video she sent:         “The Beep Goes On”



Overdone Glamour vs. Undone Glamour

September 4th, 2013

In keeping up with the fashion for the season for all sexes including makeup, hair, and glasses I came upon the look of the lips.  Will I try it?  Absolutely but I’ll try before leaving my home or knowing will be seated in a dark restaurant.  Would I recommend to my women clients?  I would suggest the same, try it at home first.  Lip trends are fun because they are minute changes, while others are significant such as dyeing your hair from black to platinum blonde.  The new 2013 fall lip trends:

1.   Matte Lips….How?   Apply lip color, place a tissue over the lips, and take a brush dipped into translucent powder and run over the lips.  Voila!

2.  Undone Lips….How?   Apply one or more of your berry shades of lipstick with your finger onto the center of your lips then buff the lipstick to the corners with a moist towelette.



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