Kudos to Shoe Repair

August 28th, 2013


When I discover a business associated to my clients image needs that offers wonderful customer service I want to share the information.

Austin Shoe Repair earns KUDOS for best turn-around service (1 day if needed) and price.  They are located at 308 East Oltorf Street, Austin, TX  78704.     Phone number: 512-442-5769.   Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.


Guidelines for both Sexes

August 21st, 2013



As a Personal Stylist/Image Consultant I give you the latest trends.  I believe everyone should rejuvenate themselves to feel younger, whether it be your health, a new hobby or updating your wardrobe in order to stay out of a rut and get the most of our lives.  Below are some tips to help you look your best:

Look longer and leaner or shorter and wider…

Wearing a shapeless blazer can actually make you look heavier and shorter.  A well-tailored jacket sculpted at the waist and shorter in length flatters your body and makes you look taller.  Very rarely, if ever, does a jacket fit perfectly.  Our bodies are asymmetrical so tailoring is a must for either sex.

Color can bring you to life or zap the life right out of you … 

A black or neutral tone is NOT SAFE for every skin tone or hair color.  Black, for instance, can swallow a person or  emphasize wrinkles. An earthy color such as a deep chocolate brown (who wouldn’t want to be dressed in chocolate?) can give a person a richer, softer look.  Beige/tan can make one look sickly. If you’re unsure, look into the mirror with the outfit in question and see if you “blend in” with your outfit or if you have an overall  balanced look.  If someone asks if you feel ill this may be a hint.   Some people would rather blend into the crowd; however if they are wearing the wrong color they may certainly bring attention to themselves in a crowd.

 Jeans with too much or too little of stretch… 

Stretch denim is a great addition to our world with comfort being the number one factor.  Jeans with 2 percent Elastane, Lycra, or Spandex is ideal (it will say it on the inside label of the pants).  The right jeans should have enough stretch so your legs won’t look like sausages or you don’t see a crack in the back.  On the flipside, too baggy of jeans worn improperly below or above the waist can bring attention, and it may not be good attention. 

Turtle look…

Covering a wrinkled neck and looking like “Yertle the Turtle” can definitely scream out-dated or old .  A better choice is a V-neck or boat neck.  Collared shirts draw attention away from the neck area.


The Heat Was On!

August 14th, 2013


What a Deal 65% Off!

I have the BEST clients with all very unique tastes and goals.  Last week my client Allison, an intelligent, beautiful, self-confident, 19 year-old pursing a chemical engineering degree who, by the way, received a four-year scholarship for pole vaulting came to me at the request of her mother.  Allison works summers coaching young kids and she and her mother wanted my help putting together a basic wardrobe that could be expanded through Allison’s college years.

During my consultation with Allison and her mother I heard a couple things, which amazed me and admired at the same time.

1. Allison believed in buying clothing on sale.  She didn’t feel she had to buy “label” clothing, in fact, she’d rather not, and money could be spent better ways.

2. Her parent’s purchase her clothes, yet she’s conscientious of the money she spends.  In fact, her Mom will suggest clothing and Refreshing to hear!

3.  She posted her “Imaginary Closet” on the Pinterest website (fabulous idea!) to give me her preferred style.  Allison is goal-oriented…love it!

Before our challenge began at the mall Allison & I “shopped” her closet for current pieces of clothing to combine with purchases to expand her wardrobe.  We discarded clothes she’d not worn in years and put aside clothes that had special meaning (i.e. high school track jacket).

Her Mom gave us an approximate budget $250.00 to begin the process and a 2-hour shopping limit.

My instructions to Allison before we shopped:

-Wear clothing easy to change in order to save time

-Truthfulness, if clothing I chose wasn’t appealing tell me immediately as opposed to trying it on to make me happy.  Timing was key.

-Eat a good breakfast, as energy was important, suggestion from her mom.

I told Allison I’d dress in my athletic wear, (i.e. running shoes, t-shirt, and workout pants), rather than image consultant wear, as this was a race and challenge I looked forward to.

I spent a few hours the prior day of the race (as if scouting the field, the other team, etc.) going store to store in search of sale garments, keeping in mind Allison’s taste by combining current wardrobe and future needs and staying within the approximate budget of $250.00.  One major challenge was being unable to put my finds on hold, as the sales were 40 to 70% off.  To my chagrin the clothing I spotted could be gone the following day we shopped.

While I love swimming and riding bikes I could never compare myself to Allison when it comes to being an athlete.  However, I pride myself that my motor stays running as long as I’m out to shop for others.  The race began at the mall.  Allison was successful in buying approximately 13 pieces of clothing to combine with her current wardrobe along with several different looks for a little over the $250.00 budget.  I was successful in scouting our list of Allison’s taste, outfit combinations, and costs.

Near the end of our 2-hours Allison remarked in an exhausted tone, “you’re killing me.”  Which I responded with a smile and an energetic “Yes”!

I felt from my point of view I’d won the race over this smart, athletic, lady or more importantly we tied on our achievements.  Awesome Race Allison!!!  PS.  Mom & Dad…you’ve raised an outstanding daughter, I can see why you’re proud of her.








Women: Jeans that “girdle and shape”

August 7th, 2013

Levi’s released a new line of jeans called Revel on August 4th which the company states will “girdle up your thighs and butt to make them shapelier and slimmer-looking.”   The jeans are currently available in-store only and eventually they will be online.

Revel takes your natural shape and adds a Spanx effect. The new jeans will be available in Curve ID sizes: slight, demi, and bold, and supreme, with an added proprietary chemical applied to the inside of the fabric to shape the butt and thighs in strategic locations.

Jill Guenza, Levi’s vice president of women’s design:

It controls the stretch in those areas, much as compressionwear does. But rather than using visible reinforced panels, we use the application of the liquid-stretch technology. The result is a jean that carves out the inner thigh, slims and smooths the outer thigh, lifts the seat and flattens the tummy.

The jeans come in indigo and black and will cost between $98 and $128—a bit more expensive.    I’ll try them on and if it does everything it promises I’ll add a pair to my wardrobe..



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