Basically…there are no Basics

July 31st, 2013



Fashion magazines and some stylists will tell you the true basics for a wardrobe are:  black pants, long sleeve, collared white, button-down, blouse, LBD(Little Black Dress),  jeans,  blazer to name a few.

I truly disagree with this “basic idea”.    My answer….basics are different for everyone, depending on one’s social life and work life.  Some women prefer only pants, while others choose to wear dresses.  A bohemian look, or someone who wears only casual clothing, loves cowboy boots, despise high heels, the list could go on.   Building your wardrobe is such a personal matter and this is where you and I will begin.  Who Are YOU?  My advice, don’t let a magazine tell you what your life should be when they haven’t experienced it.


Need to look more mature?

July 24th, 2013


E-mail I received:

Dear Bonnie…This may sound like an odd question. Have you ever consulted with someone to make them ” look older” and more professional? I’ve been an Attorney for 15 years, I’m 40 years old but have a “youthful appearance” which at times makes me seem less credible in my business.

The Verdict is Mr. Attorney….I can tranform  people  to appear “more mature”.  The process includes dress, glasses, hair, grooming and non-verbal actions.

Thank you for your question.



Let go of the excuses and begin…

July 17th, 2013

My husband Sal recently went for his yearly physical.  Asking the typical questions the doctor asked what he’d been doing for exercise?  He told her biking, swimming, golf, and tennis.  Sal immediately turned the question back to the doctor.  She told him her favorite exercise was dancing.  However, she had no time because of her 60-hour workweek, along with having a husband and child.  When Sal shared this with me we were baffled.  A doctor who prescribes activities for physical and mental wellbeing does not take a dose of her own medicine.

Many of my clients tell me later my services propelled them toward physical and/or mental wellbeing.  One of my clients, a gifted singer/songwriter told me friends and family felt she was making excuses for not writing songs for her album.  She told me she couldn’t compose with clutter but she didn’t know where to start to get free of the chaos.  I organized the clutter and shopped her closet to create space.  After that she began writing songs because the roadblock of clutter was gone from her physically and mentally.

Another client had her 20-year hairstyle cut and restyled.  I witnessed as she danced out of the stylists chair saying she felt 20 lbs lighter and realized she was holding her self back by “staying the same.”  Once we finished shopping she opened her world to yoga and country western dancing.

I’m lucky because I see people in new stages of their life.  I consider myself the catalyst and my client the driver.

I learned later in life I had to be good to myself so I can radiate from the inside out and enjoy the life I was meant to live. Nourish your soul and you then have more to feed others.





I purchased a $20.00 sale dress & it cost me $456.45!

July 10th, 2013


You read correctly.  My belief has always been you don’t need to break the bank to look your best.  At times I forget that I could be spending more than the sale price after all is said and done.

For example, my daughter recently rented a home.  When we opened the door we discovered the landlords did a quick clean rather than a deep clean.  Mind you, I do not have OCD, but I wanted my daughter to live in a clean home, is that too much to ask?  Wasting no time I got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the tile floors.  The next day I woke to noticeably large bruises (which turned to scabs) covering my knees because I had failed to use my knee protector.  My husband said “you realize we have a pool party invite for tomorrow.”  Immediately I checked my closet to find an outfit that would hide my knees (without looking as if I were trying to hide my knees), yet feel cool in the 100° plus weather around the pool.

The following series of events unfolded in search of a pool party dress:

6:00 pm Target store to find a dress that wouldn’t cost a bundle.

6:20 pm Sorting thru dresses to cover my bad knees. (I don’t like pants).

6:45 pm Fitting room trying dresses (plus a few extra sale dresses I liked).

6:55 pm Discovering the perfect dress was too small and asking store clerk to check if other Target stores had the correct size.

7:00 pm Driving my car to a South Austin Target that had one dress available in my size.

7:20 pm Arriving at Target, racing to the dress department to find the dress, only to discover the system had not been updated and the dress was gone.  Searching all racks believing it was misplaced.

7:30 pm Waiting for the clerk to find the correct size at another Target.

7:35 pm Heading to the Kyle Target, which supposedly had one dress in my size.

8:00 pm Arriving at the Kyle Target; zooming to the dress department to find the dress had been sold and the system had not yet updated.  Also purchasing two other items I tried on previously that were on sale for a ridiculously low price.

8:45 pm Arrive home explaining to my husband I found the perfect dress On SALE (that usually soothes him) but the stores (not store) didn’t have it available in my size.  My hubby then reminded me I don’t have an “off switch.”  My response: “what’s it matter when I want found a great dress style and fantastic sale price”?

The following morning:

9:00 am On-line looking for a store that might have the dress.  Calling the stores in hopes they actually have the dress.

10:00 am Calling the San Marcos store.  They checked and were actually holding the dress in my size.  Me begging to have them hold it as they said they couldn’t because it was on clearance.  I convinced them I’d be there in 45 minutes and headed out the door once they tentatively agreed.

10:50 am Rocketing into the San Marcos store Customer Service asking if they had THE dress.  YES, YES, YES!!!

12:00 noon Back home with the perfect sale dress.  Congratulating myself for my persistence.  Suddenly it hit me, was it really on sale after all was said and done?

You do the math….

$ 373.75    Hours looking:  5.75 hours @ $65.00/hour (using hourly rate)

$   62.70    Mileage:  114 miles @ .555/mile (IRS rate)

$  20.00     Price of Dress on sale

$456.45   Total price paid for “Sale Dress”




Disease…..”Shop-Ite-Us” and/or “Closet-Ite-Us”

July 3rd, 2013


Either of the diseases can affect a few or all of us who wear clothing. It affects males, females of different shapes, sizes, personalities and ages.  No one is immune to these diseases. People can choose to avoid symptoms or recognize them and take action immediately.  Should one avoid any one symptom they could end up bringing more disarray and sadness to their lives and unable to reach full enjoyment and peace.  Treatments can be short term or long term depending on treatment.



Shop-Ite-Us: Described as over-shopping or under-shopping.  Some choose to avoid shopping for years and others can’t stop  the urge to shop.

Symptoms, one or more may apply:

  • Shopping online and clothing doesn’t fit.
  • Buying 2 or more items of the same piece of clothing in different colors.
  • Panic when entering a department store.
  • Feeling of bliss when entering a department store.
  • Buys clothing, shoes, or accessories just because there’s a SALE.
  • Standing for hours in front of the store mirror wondering if it’s “you”.
  • Grabbing and paying in hopes you like it & find you look horrid when getting home.
  • Feeling tired  when the thought of shopping occurs.
  • Wanting to look fun at your age, yet end up looking like a teenager.


Closet-Ite-Us: described as wearing the same clothes endlessly because your closet is unorganized or have trouble creating new outfits.

Symptoms, one or more may apply:

  • Have 3 or more items of the same color of clothing and wear only one.
  • Upon entering closet your mind goes blank.
  • Clothing still has the price tags.
  • Unable to mix and match clothing.
  • Wear the same outfit over and over.
  • Closet is in disarray.

Should you know anyone that has one or more of the above symptoms please call for Immediate Treatment:

Bonnie Balistreri, Image Consultant

PS:  (If you’re wondering I created the above words and diseases)  





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