Same Old Dress?

May 29th, 2013


Most of us do not have the Paris Hilton closet which you can wear an outfit one time and do away with.

I discovered the ideal website “Rent the Runway.”  You can rent designer dresses for as

little as $50.00 up to $450.00.  They rent high-end accessories as well.  They carry sizes 0 to 16.  You can select the length, collar, sleeve, age, occasion, neckline, and body shape for your ideal look and occasion.  Prices vary for dress style and rental times.  Plus, I love the fact women write reviews about how the dress fits and looks.

Check out the website and now you can look like a million bucks without have to spend a million or wear the same dress over and over.   Rent The Runway





Small details make a big difference!

May 22nd, 2013

Subtle details may not seem important but your overall look will give you that polished and seamless appearance from head to toe.  You’d be amazed how the overall look truly matters.   The following are some important areas to notice.

Pant Length…

Buy pants with a heel size in mind.  When wearing heels, opt for dress pants that fall about ½ inch above the ground, touching the very front of your shoe.  For flats, your pants should cover the entire shoe at the back, without dragging on the floor.  Men and women’s trousers rarely fit perfect around the waist and leg.  Find a great tailor.  (Some stores offer tailoring for little to no cost).

Gaping Buttons…

If a shirt flatters the rest of your torso, but not your Pecs or breast, you need to buy it for the largest size of your upper body and have it altered to outline the smallest part of your upper body.  It makes a world of difference.    Altering can make you appear 20 pounds less and taller!


How clean are your shoes?  Do you polish them regularly?  How is the heel?  People see your shoes far more than you’d think.  Buying a comfortable, more expensive shoe allows you to resole them and wear them triple the time you’d wear the uncomfortable, non-expensive pair.  It’s better to have 2 pairs of comfortable, great looking shoes, quality shoes that last 5 years in your closet compared to 10 uncomfortable, cheap shoes that last 6 months.   Plus consider the major cost savings over time.


Add a belt if your pants have belt loops.  Empty belt loops look neglected.  If you add a belt to an outfit without belt loops, hold in place with safety pins, to prevent belt movement.

Sleeve Length…

Here’s a bizarre fact: Many people pay little attention to sleeves when they are buying clothes.  Whether they are slightly too long or slightly too short, it just doesn’t feel like a big deal as long as you are comfortable.  But when you are out and about, sleeve length matters.  Incorrect sleeves look unpolished and just plain wrong…  Invest in some shirts where the cuff hits just below your wrists when your arms are by your sides and if they don’t get a tailor to alter.  If you have long arms and the sleeves are too short, roll the sleeves up if the outfit allows this look.

 Accessory Overload…

There are occasions when accessories are everything.  A statement necklace can totally transform an outfit.  Too many accessories can distract.  Less is more, don’t let the accessories wear you, rather have the accessories compliment the entire outfit.  Neck sizes, height and torso sizes need to be considered when wearing accessories. 

Hair And Nails…

Hair; it doesn’t matter if it’s loose, in a chic up-do or thrown up in a ponytail, as long as it’s tidy.  Wet hair is a big no-no or wet hair that has been air-dried after gel has been applied is a remorseful look.  Bangs falling in the face or one continuously messing with their bangs or hair is annoying to say the least. As for your nails, keep them tidy and short to medium length.  Wearing no polish is better than wearing chipped polish.  Please put lotion on your hands to take care of the cuticles, wash underneath your nails and please don’t bite them to the nubs.





Shopping on A Budget

May 15th, 2013


Fashion doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style over budget!  You can do both.  If you’re like most women these days, knowing how to be stylish on a budget will be helpful when you go clothes shopping.  Here are some useful tips on how:

Re-sell or Donate Unused Clothes

Selling or donating your unused clothes is the first step to learning how to be stylish on a budget.  This accomplishes 3 things! First you make room for things you really want or need.  Second, you make a little money to spend on new clothes!  Third, you are helping others who are unable to afford great clothing at a regular price.

Invest in Classic Pieces

Classic** pieces are important to your closet, since they build the foundation of your wardrobe.  Classic** pieces are items that never go out of style, so think of dark skinny jeans, a basic white button-down shirt, a pencil skirt, a neutral blazer, etc.  Once you have a few classic pieces, you can change up your look easily with the help of shoes and accessories, and still look stylish without spending a wad!  **Remember your classic pieces may not fit into the mainstream.  (I.e. If you don’t wear jeans you shouldn’t have them in your closet).


Layering looks stylish no matter the occasion!  It’s definitely a way to wear the same pieces over and over without making it obvious.  Try to be creative and daring, but when in doubt if something looks good, ask a trusted friend for their opinion.  Don’t be afraid to mix textures or patterns!  (i.e. denim top with a lace skirt).

Build Your Accessory Collection

Accessories are perfect for a woman on a budget because they don’t cost very much at all if you find the right places to shop.  Accessories can really change up or add something to your overall look.  Keep an eye out for sales on jewelry, scarves, bags, shoes, and hats or hairpins.  Stock up when you find amazing deals!  Also bead-making shops can put something together for a small fee (or better yet you can during a class) and it is uniquely yours.  

Makeup And Hair

Your makeup and hair say a lot about you, and keeping up with current trends is a great way to look stylish on a budget.  You don’t have to overhaul your entire makeup drawer but do keep your look current.  A smoky or neutral eye is always safe, and nude nail polish can really finish off a look.  Trendy hairstyles are great, but keeping something that’s a little more classic will help you avoid spending too much money on upkeep when your trendy haircut is no longer in style.

Shopping The Budget-wise Way

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to swear off any and all shopping!  Just learn how to shop the budget-wise way.  Make a list of needs and wants.  Shop for the “needs before the wants.”  Sale racks are your newfound friends.  Thrift stores, garage sales, and outlet places are a few other hot spots to find really inexpensive prices.  Be selective about what you buy.  Inspect for wear and tear or flaws, and make sure it’s something you know you will get use out of.

I’m one to shop on a budget and part of my play (aka job) as an Image Consultant I’m always on the lookout for Great Sales.







Seeing Eye to Eye

May 8th, 2013


Purchasing my services for another individual is a brilliant idea!  However, the giver of my services and the receiver may have two completely separate ideas as to how the receiver should appear after the image makeover.

Issues I’ve Come Across:

-Closet Organization can be overwhelming, especially disposing of clothing, which receivers have held onto for many years. Sometimes it’s a bit emotional for the receiver.

-Parents wanting their daughter to dress more feminine rather than wear just jeans and a t-shirt and finding a happy medium.  

-A daughter wanting a mother to cut her waist length hair to chin length and go from a blonde to a redhead; where as the mother’s lifestyle requires it to be pulled up at times and she basically dislikes red hair.

-A wife wanting to have a hip-20’s dressed husband when he’s actually 40 and looks awkward dressing as a 20 year old.

I understand and guide the receivers’ wants and needs rather than mine or the givers.  Gift givers…please realize I’m fulfilling the want and need of the receiver and what makes them happy.  Receivers have to live with the final look while givers only see it.

Do I see a better look for people at times?  Yes.  However, I encourage and allow them to take baby steps.  They’ll get there…it just takes time and patience.




What? Forget the Laundering…

May 1st, 2013

Wool & Prince tailored men’s shirt. Yahoo-Shine

Really?  A shirt that can be worn 100 days straight without being washed or dry cleaned.  Imagine being wrinkle-free and odorless.  Mac Bishop, 24, whose family owns the Pendleton Woolen Mills in Oregon had 15 testers sport the shirt for 100 days from socializing to working out at the gym.  The shirts retained their shape and look.  What’s the secret?  Wool is six times more durable than cotton and is wrinkle resistant.  The company says its shirts are light and breathable, because they use a fine wool thread three times finer than human hair.


Get this!  Jeans, according to Levi Strauss and other experts can and should go for long stretches without being laundered, as washing breaks down the fabric.  Levi’s suggests freezing your jeans to kill off bacteria between uses.  They’ve suggested washing them every 6 months.


I wonder if their test included people eating and possibly spilling mustard or barbecue sauce on their shirt.  I could definitely to it, just not eat in my shirt or pants!    *See entire Yahoo-Shine Article”



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