You’re Not To Buy a Thing

March 27th, 2013


When people hear I’m a personal shopper the first image that may come to their mind is leaving the store with clothing bags galore.

Would I love if my clients purchased lots of clothing when shopping with me?  Of course, then it feels like I’ve done my job.  Quite honestly shopping can be overwhelming for everyone; the fit, the look, the  price, etc.    At the beginning I let my clients know that instead of  buying the clothes they like immediately, they should put them hold and come back after we’ve discussed what works and they’ve cleared their head.   Shopping is not a full out race, rather a step by step process.   I never want to push anyone to buy.  I’d rather my clients gain knowledge.




Giving the Shirt off your Rack

March 20th, 2013

Many of us have difficulty getting rid of our clothes we no longer wear. Clothes become ignored while new clothes are  being added. Many people have the mind set that it may come back in style, or they ‘ll wear it when they lose weight or they  never know when they will need it.

Consider it differently when going through the clothes in your closet.  Think of it as GIVING to those less fortunate and how lucky you are to have so many clothes.  Many  people around the world have suffered misfortune and most likely wearing the only clothes they have. Readjusting your mind will help you not take your material items so seriously.  Spread your wealth. You’ll be happier…..I promise.



Spring 2013 Eyewear Trends

March 13th, 2013


Spring of 2013 has a variety of eyewear trends and since I help my clients shop for glasses here’s some trendy ideas.  However, I remind everyone that because it’s a trend they still need the right fit & look for their face shape.  Style is about the overall look, not just “the frames”.

1. Round Frames

Small, medium, and large frames are all in fashion, as long as they have a sleek circular shape.  Round frames is just what you need to give your outfit a retro-feel.  They can be hard to pull off so make sure you experiment with different sizes to find the frames that suit you best.

2. Cat Eye Frames

Cat eye frames have been in fashion for a while now but this spring they’ll be everywhere!  They are ideal for creating a glamorous, ladylike look.  You can’t go wrong with classic black or tortoiseshell frames, yet bolder designs are going to be popular as well.

3. Mirrored Lenses

Mirrored lenses on sunglasses are a big trend this spring.  The look is fashion-forward and a tad futuristic.  These sunglasses can be found in all shapes and styles.

4. Oversized Frames

Bigger is better in eyewear this spring.  Oversized frames with square, slightly rounded shapes are the most popular option.  Big sunglasses are perfect for the mysterious look, while larger ones are great for channeling your inner hipster.

5. Artsy Frames

You can make a statement this spring with some artsy looking frames.  Embellishments will create a statement of your personality in seconds.

Below are two websites in which you can try on a downloaded picture of you from your very own home and see what look is right for you.  Coastal Eyewear  and  Zenni Optical



Accessories with Meaning

March 6th, 2013

Adding the final touch to an outfit can at times be challenging.  I want my clients to express themselves through their outfit which includes accessories.

Some of my clients love sparkle while others love nature, some love necklaces while others love bracelets.  A few of us have a meaningful piece of jewelry such as a bracelet but it clashes with the rest of our jewelry.

After stepping on my necklace and breaking it I took it to “BEADIT” for repairs.  While waiting for my necklace to be repaired I began browsing the store and spotted a unique bracelet for one client who was having difficulties putting it together with earrings she’d gotten from her grandmothers jewelry chest.  For myself I found Czech crystal beads (I’m of Czech descent)  and an interesting vintage metal clock face and gear (I love vintage and elegance together) that the clerk helped me design and then she constructed at no extra charge.   Czech Bead Information

Next time you have a dilemma of where you’ll find the perfect accessories that completes your look check out BeadIt!  BeadIt-Austin

Vintage Look..Clock Parts & Czech Crystal










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