Bye Bye Bikinis! One-piece Swimsuits Win!

January 30th, 2013


The New York Post found that one-piece swimsuit sales are up around 20 percent in local New York shops.  Industry experts say that one-pieces are versatile, flattering, and can sometimes be sexier than showing more skin in a bikini and be a flattering style for all.

 Designers are getting more innovative in one-piece design.  It doesn’t have to be super sporty and active and covered up. Some one-pieces offer a more plunging neckline or halter neckline that can still be sexy.  Skin-revealing cutouts, which have been a trendy fashion element in recent seasons, also translate well to swimsuits. Cutout details at the waist and back are a happy medium between bikinis and full coverage swimwear.  If you have a tummy a certain one-piece suits offer a panel to hold our tums in.  While pleats in front can also make you look leaner.

That extra inch to pinch around your tummy can potentially remain hidden all year.


Deprive or Enhance Yourself

January 23rd, 2013



verb (used with object), de·prived, de·priv·ing. To remove or withhold something from the enjoyment or possession of (a person or persons): to deprive a man of life; to deprive a baby of candy.

My clients offer me great insight as to what they are feeling on the inside and how they are judging themselves on the outside.  My client’s feelings are so important and I choose not to deny them.  Instead,  I want to understand why and how they are feeling.  I won’t judge them.

Lori, explained to me how she was feeling:

She told me she exercised in the past and started to do so once again.  However, having children and age creeping up with the associated body changes,  she said she needs to lose 40 lbs and organize her life and herself.  She said “Bonnie, I can choose to deprive myself or I can give to myself?”  “I choose the latter as I want to live in the present and not in the future.  I want to go the extra leap and not hold myself back.  I want to enjoy the moment.”

Beautifully stated!  So many times I hear “I have to wait until I lose weight or obtain more money.”  Take Lori’s great advice and make it happen now, we never know what lies ahead.






Pants: Pleated vs. Flat Front

January 16th, 2013

My clients range in different shapes, sizes, personalities and ages.  When I meet my clients I let them know there are no stupid questions as we all know the world differently.  My goal is to inform everyone about clothing types.  One question I get asked many times is “what are Pleated Pants”.    That’s when I do a little show and tell as we hit the shopping aisles.   Pleated pants are a fold of even width made by doubling cloth near the waist band which is sewn in place. If you’re thinking about shopping for pleated pants, they may be  “in fashion” for a season, but that doesn’t mean you should wear them.  It depends on body shape.   Taller, more slender people with longer legs can wear pleated much better than a shorter, heavier set or wider bottom end can.  The pleats should not separate or spread when you wear them.  If you are short, pleated pants will make you look shorter and if you have larger hips  they will emphasize your hips.  Guys and gals who have an athletic build and larger thighs say pleated pants are more comfortable.  Not true.   Most likely that’s because they’ve given up your search.  Try again!  They look great on everyone.  I’ve posted the picture below for comparison sake.

Pleated pants-Left
Flat front pants-Right


2013 Fashions for Guys & Gals

January 9th, 2013

Besides organizing and shopping closets and personal shopping I need to keep updated on the current trends.  I’ve done my research and here are fashions that are in for 2013:

Emerald Green:     









Grid Patterns:   




Metallic Shoes:


Transforming Your Geekness

January 2nd, 2013


I happen to enjoy all types of people…including people who are commonly referred to as “nerds and geeks.”  I find them not unusual rather unique.  In fact, I’d rather be a geek than a high-maintenance person.  FYI…I’m a tomboy at heart that likes to dress up most of the time and not be tethered to the mirror.  I feel everyone’s personality is their own and underneath each exterior we all have that special something.  If we’re seeking perfection we’ll search forever rather than enjoy life and the people surrounding us.

If geeks/nerds or anyone for that matter realized everyone at one time or another were unsure as to how to talk to someone or felt a lack of confidence in the way his or her looked they may feel more confident.  In fact, lots of people are better at hiding it than others.

My clients range from engineers to scientists and accountants to name a few.  One know-it-all once commented to me “if they are so smart why would they need you”?  My reply, THANK HEAVEN they are gifted in one area and I in another or this earth would be humdrum.  My answered put the lid on the can!

When shopping with an engineer I admire their curious nature as to how eyeglasses are made rather than how they look on their face.

An accountant may total the price (tax included) of the clothes before the register rings them up (while I’m doing math on a piece of paper).

A scientist may freak out walking into a store, yet feels most comfortable walking into a lab.

As for me, I love understanding who my clients are and the challenge to dress them for their likes. Spotting great deals and knowing the store merchandise by heart is my expertise.

I recently read about Dr. Nerdlove in the Austin American Statesman who gives  romance and dating advice to geeks and nerds.  He’s a self-described geek who decided to look at why he was having difficulties relating to women. (By the way he is now married).  He brought his knowledge of  his own failures and successes to others with an audience of 40,000 to 50,000.

One idea that struck me Dr. Nerdlove advised his clients to look at their  lifestyle.  Change it up and explore.  One can feel like a geek if they look in the mirror and see they are dressed as they were in grade school or high school.  We’re not all Mark Zuckerberg’s who can find a woman, however she may be a geek as well.  Congrats to you Mark!  However, it’s difficult to take him seriously when he’s dressed in a hoody, pair of jeans and athletic shoes and purposely mussed hair.  The majority of women seeing this may look at him and feel he’s  unrelatable  because he still a child in one sense.  Or they may feel the guy doesn’t want to develop in a relationship through the years and their life is going to be boring.

What’s my suggestion Dr. Nerdlove?  My advice would be changing your look (you get it), which is related to lifestyle.  Geeks/nerds…picture it this way: ask yourself, how would you feel if you woke up each morning to look at a dinosaur of a computer?  Unexcited, wishing there were more?  Yet if you woke up to a brand new computer it would be exhilarating and you’d want to try new things on the computer.  (I know I would and I’m not totally into computers).  Improving and changing it up can be exciting and scary.

The same goes if you transform your look and wear some adult clothing that likens your personality.  You will stand taller and more confident in the mirror and look a bit more fashionable than you did sitting in front of your computer.  You will then convey this confidence to women which women want.  Dr. Nerdlove knows his stuff and I’m the extra piece that fits into the puzzle.

So appreciate your inside geek/nerd and explore other parts of  yourself.  You’ll add one more piece of the puzzle and meeting Miss Right will eventually happen.

See you soon for your One-of-A-Kind-Up-to-Date look.









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