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December 26th, 2012

One of my own “Pinterests”

I’m a visual person and at one time I tore ideas out of magazines; (I must confess I would tear ideas from friends magazines or the magazines from my doctors office)and stash them in my file.  I found I would go back to them intermintly or just rummage through my file even though it was organized.  However, if I wanted to tell someone about an idea I liked, I would have to describe it.  This year I discovered Pinterest.   What is Pinterest?   It’s simply your personalized pin board  filed anyway you choose.  You can photo share from websites or other users boards to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, and more.  You can refer anyone to your board.  For instance, I have women’s fashions, men’s fashions, places I love or places I want to go.  Anytime I hear someone tell me something I want to remember I add it to my Pinterest board.  Check it out and put any ideas you want to keep right in your very own file.


Sew What?

December 19th, 2012


Sometimes it’s difficult to find that “perfect style” which feels as if it were designed specifically for you.  We can shop ‘til our toes drop; yet never stumble on that unique, one-of-a-kind look.  One great way to achieve this   is to purchase a sewing pattern, a great fabric and locate a talented seamstress to make the perfect piece of art fitted for you!  Having a pattern hand-tailored for your body is a great way to get the look, ideal fit and color you desire.

How can you do it if you don’t know “your style” and what flatters your body shape?  Follow these easy steps:

  • Hire an image consultant about flattering styles for your body type/and or head to a clothing store and try on clothes (even in the designer section of a store) and see what looks great on your figure.
  •  Visit your local fabric store and page through modern patterns or check out popular websites such as Etsy or where vintage patterns are sold.
  • Locate a talented seamstress (many times seamstresses are added to a list available at the Fabric store or check on the Craigslist website in your  area.  A talented seamstress can sew any pattern & make adjustments (such as make the pattern larger or smaller and give advice as to what type of fabric is suitable (also it will be noted on the back of the pattern).  Seamstresses are able to combine two separate patterns by interchanging a neckline with a different bottom.
  • Choose your fabric.  It’s so important to select a fabric that speaks to you and is right for that specific pattern.
  • Voila, a LOOK that is totally you in just a few weeks.




AUSTIN Guys!! Store for Sizes XL and Larger!!

December 12th, 2012


Guess what Austin guys?  We can now shop at Destination XL, a new store focusing on your fashion needs for XL sizes and up.  Located at the Arbor Walk, 10515 North MoPac Blvd.


-Tall Sizes AND XL and Larger Sizes

-Over 100 Brands, including Lucky Brand & DKNY Jeans, Michael Kors and Lacoste!

-Casual and Dress Clothing

-Accessories and shoes (sizes 10 to  16  and wide-width options)

Check out: DestinationXL



Great Gift Idea

December 5th, 2012


Still trying to figure out what to give that one special person on your list who has everything?

Great for teachers-clients-employees or  ANYONE!

*Personal shopping or closet re-organization  $25 Gift Card or more

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