Bottom Heavy?

June 27th, 2012

If your tush is larger compared to the rest of your body balance your look by…

-Bringing bulk to your top half

-Wearing boat neck collars

-wearing straight skirts

-wearing plain pockets that don’t draw attention to your tush or having no pockets at all



June 20th, 2012

The shorter the hem…the shorter the heel.





The longer the skirt….the longer the heel.





Hair Tricks that Make You Look 7 Years Younger

June 13th, 2012

I love gray hair on men and women at any age, but only if it’s the correct coloring with your skin tone and it’s worn stylish.  Even short hair can make you look older than you really should look or may make you look dated.  A haircut defines who you are.  Are you stylish? Sassy? Conservative?  Certain colors of hair may make one look washed out or too  old (ex. black hair can make a person look older, mousy brown colored hair can make you look tired).

I found this article about hair tricks to make you look younger.  Check it out:   7 Hair Tricks To Make You Look Younger


Are You Shopping Backward?

June 6th, 2012


During a client consultation I always ask “what is the biggest frustration with your wardrobe?”  Many clients respond, “I need to go shopping because I have nothing in my closet to wear”.  I convinced a client to shop her closet when at first she thought she needed to shop the stores.  I explained to her how this step can deter the tendency to purchase unnecessary clothing.  We started in her closet where she had 10 pair of black pants.  I asked her to pick out her 5 favorite pair of black pants and without hesitation she selected them immediately.  I wanted to insure she had no doubt that she needed to save more pants or look at different options.  She looked and shrugged her shoulders at each pair and told me she had no idea why she bought some of them (perhaps because it was on sale or the fit was better than she originally thought). By the time we finished she had outfits put together and a list of shopping needs to make other items in her wardrobe work together.   Try shopping forward in your closet first and stay ing on track with your list of shopping needs so you save money rather than throw it away.






His Inner “TUTU”

June 6th, 2012



I simply LOVE this story!  Photographer Bob Carey, a hearty, middle-aged man who’s wife, Linda, discovered in 2003 she had breast cancer (the cancer has now spread to her liver). Instead of burying himself with sorrow, Bob decided to make Linda laugh plus raise awareness and money for breast cancer.  Bob started taking quirky self portraits of himself in his pink tutu all over the country in interesting locations.  While a pink tutu is not for everyone I felt he didn’t take himself so seriously and that tomorrow it could be over and he’d rather laugh than cry!   Kudos to you Bob and I wish you all the best Linda!  How can you laugh at yourself?       Bob’s Tutu Project






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