She just threw $100.00 down the drain!

February 29th, 2012


Once again I presented my “Dress for Success” to the women soldiers of Fort Hood.

They have the choice to attend the presentation dressed how they would for an interview.  One woman sat in the front row dressed in a simple black suit.  I welcomed her one-on-one.  She in turn acknowledged me with a half smile and stiffness yet underneath I could see her warmth.  I couldn’t help notice throughout my presentation she wore a frown on her face, listened intensely, and sat uneasily.  About 45 minutes into the presentation I posed a question and she stood stiff and expressionless, yet answered graciously.  The conversation focused on the suit she was wearing.  I asked her if she liked what she was wearing.  She distinctly answered “absolutely not.”  The other women gasped.  She said “it’s going in the Goodwill pile after my interviews; I would never wear this outfit it’s not me.  BINGO, my eyes, and brain picked up on this, as many interviewers might.  The next question why she purchased the outfit.  Her response, “the rules say we’re to wear a conservative dark suit, black patent leather shoes etc.”  GREAT POINTS!  First, she bought the suit for a bargain price.  I explained it wasn’t a bargain if she wears it once.  Yet if she’d invested the money toward an outfit she would wear and be professional yet interchangeable with other clothes in her wardrobe she would have saved money.  I always use my calculator when buying clothes for others and myself.  I think of it this way:  $100.00 divided by one outfit wearing equals $100.00 per wear.  Whereas,  $100 divided by 10 outfit wearings equals $10.00 per wear.

Secondly, I told the group if they wear what the “rules” say they may as well wear their uniforms.  They’ll all look the same as if they’re still in the army.  Yes, I believe you need to dress in a professional manner, yet I believe you need to bring your style into your dress.  There are so many different outfits one can wear for different types of jobs and the interview to dress professionally yet comfortably and be who they are.  Rule number one, dress professionally.  Rule number two buy an outfit you can wear at least three different ways.  Rule number three, bring your personality into your wardrobe then you can be the natural you and it will show.



Simplicity & Femininity

February 22nd, 2012

Believe it or not the 2012 Grammy’s was the first time I’d heard Adele perform.  I loved the song “Rolling in the Deep” she sang.  I too loved the Clements Ribeiro polka dot sheer dress she wore when she belted out her song.  The dress accentuated her shape and was simple and most of all feminine.  So very glamorous Adele!  


Your “Street Appeal”

February 8th, 2012

Some people think updating their image (whether for an interview or dressing in the work place) is not that important.  Comments I’ve heard include,  “I need to be comfortable and no one should tell me how to dress” and “if they don’t like how I look then I don’t want to work for them” or “they should like me for my skills, not my appearance” and lastly,  “I don’t judge others on their appearance so they dare not judge me.”

What people don’t realize is they are selling themselves each time they meet with someone whether peers or clients.Most of us use sight first to make judgments in our everyday life.  Consider what you do when buying a home.  The house must have “street appeal.”  If people see a well groomed home finely landscaped it can encourage them to take a look on the inside.  Or look at two cupcakes on a plate, same flavor but one is frosted beautifully and the other is smashed.  Even if the smashed one tastes better most people will likely choose the nicest looking cupcake (unless they’re really hungry and decide to eat both).

How can you assure you are sellable?  Look at yourself in the mirror before heading off to work or going to an interview.  Be totally honest with yourself and ask if you look professional from head to toe?  What would others say about your look i.e. sloppy, too sexy, too young, too frumpy?  People may treat you as they perceived you, it’s generally a given.

Consider your “street appeal” when developing and creating your image.  What does your image communicate to others that are judging you at first sight?




February 1st, 2012

QUESTION:  I really want to wear new types of clothing i.e. pencil skirt and skinny jeans, but I feel I look strange.  What can I do?

ANSWER:  It’s great you want to try something new!  If I were you I’d buy the pair of skinny jeans or pencil skirt you want to wear, save the receipt and leave the price tag on.  One problem could be it doesn’t give you a balanced look.  Try wearing the piece of clothing with different styles of tops, which can make a huge difference. Another problem could be the skirt may be too long or too short for your height and emphasize the wrong areas.  So it may need to be altered.  Another suggestion if it’s a pencil skirt and you feel, for instance it’s emphasizing your calves wear the same hue of tights and shoes to give you a leaner look of continuity.  Go slowly and ask others what they think (or hire me).  Eventually you’ll feel confident in your heart whether you can or cannot wear it.

Shorter Pencil Skirt with Longer Top

Longer Pencil Skirt with Blouse tucked in






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