Thrift Store Shopping

January 25th, 2012

My daughter Kira is a thrift store shopper much of the time.   Kira owns her style and is a one-of-a-kind, unique dresser.  She shops at secondhand clothing stores that carry the latest fashion labels and vintage clothing.  She reminded me it costs more because it’s hand selected prior to your shopping. Here are some helpful hints Kira gave before and during shopping at thrift stores.

1.  Before hitting the store create a list of general needs/wants like a belt or jewelry to add to a dress and perhaps a classic black blazer.

2.  Select good quality fabric ie no pilling, fraying, etc.

3.  Consider cost maintenance of the product ie does it have to be dry-cleaned or can it be washed?

4.  How is the fit?  If it’s too small it won’t be able to be taken out. If it’s too large it will need to be altered and it could change the entire structure of the outfit and look very different.

5.  Does the color look good with your skin tone?

6.  Is it a current trend and if not, can you update it?

7.  Is it an interesting pattern or style that flatters your shape?

Kira said it takes patience and time but it is fun and worthwhile to thrift shop. It will enhance your own, unique look. Own it!  



The Iron Lady

January 18th, 2012

When I meet with clients we talk about who they truly are and how to bring out their true self.  My husband and I went to the movie “The Iron Lady” based on Margaret Thatcher and becoming Prime Minister of Britain.  When she announced she was running for office her staff of male political advisors told her that in order to be voted in she would have to be more masculine: changing her voice range to a lower tone, making her hair less curly, going without a hat and doing away with her pearl necklace.  She agreed she could take on some of the changes but compromising all was something she would not do.  She said she would “NOT” take off her pearls as they were a gift from her husband and the pearls represented her twin children.  She stood up for herself and kept the pearls due to sentimental and emotional value.  She knew how to change some areas of her image but was unwilling to change everything, as it would interfere with her true self.  Her strong will and her ability to represent her true self aided her in becoming the first Female Prime Minister of Britain.  


Be the Unique Tree in the Forest

January 11th, 2012

Good Question from one of my clients:

“I’ve been told I should wear a navy suit with a white shirt for my interview.  I don’t want to buy one because I’ll never wear it and I don’t feel it’s who I am.  Help!”

In speaking with a number of Human Resource Representatives, they want to see your personality.  If everyone wore a navy suit for an interview it’s like seeing all the same trees in the forest and not viewing the different ones.  Set yourself apart with even the slightest changes.  Add a scarf or a colorful blouse but don’t overdo it.

Consider the type of job you are applying for and in what part of the country when deciding the type of outfit you should wear.  For example, Austin can be very casual interview wear and New York many times requires a very tailored style.  An internet gaming company may require casual wear since that is what their normal attire is verses a more conservative banking company.  Many times the interviewers will offer a heads up on dressing for the company interview.  If not, call the company receptionist and ask how formal or informal the office culture is related to dress.  If all else fails, dress “up” rather than dress “down” for the job interview as that is the smartest way to prepare.




Bringing Brilliancy into 2012

January 4th, 2012

Transforming yourself on the outside (i.e. losing weight, new hairstyle or a clothing update) can motivate you on the inside! 



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