December 28th, 2011

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Can sleeve length and sleeve width make you look shorter & wider?

December 21st, 2011

The answer:  Yes.

I went “closet shopping” with my 5’1” client who for the most part had all the right clothes in her closet but felt they made her look frumpy.  She began trying on the jackets and they looked as if they were all the wrong size.  She stood in front of the mirror while I rolled up the sleeves and pulled in the sleeves and waist.  She was amazed how much taller and thinner she appeared.  Later she put on a dress with vertical stripes and the hem had a 4” wide horizontal pattern.  The dress was too long so it needed hemming, however, I folded the 4” wide pattern under, and she could see how it had shortened her.

Before you put anything to the back of the closet try taking it in or hemming it.

Creating length is more than just wearing vertical stripes -it’s altering.




Your Canvas

December 14th, 2011

How do you start if you want to completely refurbish your wardrobe?

Think of your wardrobe as an art canvas and you the artist.  Does the artist begin the painting with all colors?  No, the artist starts with one basic color and then adds colors one by one.

So find your “basic color” which doesn’t always mean black.  It can be a chocolate brown, blue, or avocado green hue.  Buy a monochrome outfit (i.e. top, pants or skirt) and develop from there.  Then add colors, be it a scarf, necklace or blouse one at a time that enhance this basic color family.

If you start with the basic color scheme, your creativity will flow with color additions that enhance your wardrobe. Trust your creativity and start with a basic color scheme.  


Do I Wear Black Patent Heels For An Interview?

December 7th, 2011

I present “Dress for Success” seminars to women soldiers at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas who are leaving the military and entering the civilian workforce.  Since they’ve been in uniform for at least four years, most are unsure about what to wear for an interview or updated fashions since they’ve been in the military at least four years.   Below is an example of the type of questions I get at these sessions:

Q:  Is it true you are to wear black patent leather high-heeled shoes for an interview?  It’s not my style and I will never wear them after the interview.

A.  Not true.  A great pair of leather shoes with a covered toe is most professional.  You can wear flats or a heel (not a stiletto, unless they’re worn with pants) whatever is most comfortable.  If you never wear them it’s like throwing money away.  A dark colored pair or nude shoe is great.

I truly enjoy working with these wonderful women who are ready to go to work as civilians!  




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