Guys-Update your Jeans!

November 30th, 2011

Men need to keep updating their wardrobe as much as women.

This year’s denim is getting slimmer.  If you’re wearing jeans from two years ago, most likely they don’t look fashionable.

General rules for denim: dark washes are dressy and lighter washes are more casual.  A relaxed fit is fine, but the baggy denim look is over.  Avoid washes with too many effects i.e. whiskers, creases, rips.  They look fine in small doses but never wear jeans that have all of the above.  For a great fit, try jeans with a bit of stretch  to them.  Even for guys with larger thighs they look and feel terrific.

C’mon Guys…….time to update! 





Carry On

November 23rd, 2011

Today I worked with a client who is headed on a two-week business trip to South Africa and San Francisco.  She wanted just a carry-on suitcase since she has limited time to wait for her luggage.  The weather will be varied from hot to cool.  Rather than start shopping we made a list of all of her activities (business & social) that will drive her needs.  We decided on a basic color that would enhance her skin and hair color.  In this case it was brown.  After we found the basic color we found blouses and sweaters (to keep her warm in San Francisco).  I showed her how to layer her clothing so she could take it from hot to cold and stay comfortable.  She packed two pairs of shoes (she wore one pair), a pair of jeans, suit with pants and a skirt.  She rolled everything to fit in her suitcase and is able to look professional yet have a social look for both climates.   










How would your artwork describe you?

November 16th, 2011

Recently I blogged about a dear friend of mine who paints for a hobby.  Yesterday she sent me note cards with her paintings on the front.  I laid all 15 cards on the table.  Admiring the artwork I noticed each one’s uniqueness and I realized Marlene’s art expresses her to a tee.  Each in a specific fashion conveyed happiness, elegance, serenity and vibrancy.  Her use of different paint strokes shows she takes risks.  The lion painting says she has a wild side to her (and she does)!  Almost all but two have a dash of red (her hair color), which could mean she likes to be included in everything.  I wish all of you could meet Marlene and see how I’ve described her perfectly.

Look around you and see what colors and things describe you and why.  Build from your “canvas” the real you.

There's a wild in all of us! By Marlene Kniveton


Marlene's Dog Lili, by Marlene Kniveton


Flowers with a “dash” of Red by Marlene Kniveton



Want to walk on marshmallows?

November 9th, 2011

I’ve had surgery on my foot and need comfort along with a stylish look.  I’d love to wear 3” heels yet impossible after my surgery.  From the day I started walking (a few years ago) my mom always dresses me in quality shoes.  She said because our feet are our roots and carry our trunk, they should be one thing I always buy.  So I found these great pumps from Nordstrom called Pikolinos.  I bought the Ginebra’ Mary Jane Pumps.  It’s a win-win for both Pikolinos and me.  They’re an environmentally friendly company who’s objective is to “create a better society and give priority to education, training and children, because education is the key to promoting the development of future societies.”   Aaaah got to love marshmallows!   Guy’s they have shoes for you too! 

Nordstrom Pikolinos






Travel Light with “THREE DOTS” clothing

November 2nd, 2011

Over the past two months my husband & I have traveled extensively, both domestically and internationally.  We travel light and only take carry-ons as luggage does get lost and we’re ready to go once we get off the plane.  I pack color coordinates to keep my clothing to a minimum and create outfits to a maximum.  Once again I found essential fabulous clothing from “Three Dots.”  One is a long sleeve tunic cardigan.  I love the collar sewn diagonal, which always gives an outfit an interesting flair and flatters all face shapes.  I wore it with black leggings and flats both with and without a long black knit sweater and another time with a stretch mini skirt and black boots.  I added a funky belt once and different accessories depending on the occasion.

I also found a “Three Dots” multi-color ¾ length sleeve V-neck dress.  With this I wore a scarf and another time a belt.  Once I added the same black knit sweater I wore with the cardigan.  I wore it with hose (Kate Middleton style) and high heels along with pearls for a dressier look.  I then wore it with boots and a denim jacket for a more casual look.

All I do is roll them up and stash them in my suitcase and their ready to wear in more ways than one.  I’m big on items being made in the U.S.A. and also high quality clothing worn a multitude of ways for traveling light.  “Three Dots” is number one on my list!

Shop Three Dots

Three Dots Dress & Cardigan





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