Optical Illusions with Fashion

October 26th, 2011

My wish for all women is to be comfortable with their body no matter the shape and realize the models are not true to life rather retouched for magazine covers.  At one of my recent image classes a woman said she had gained weight and wasn’t shopping until she lost weight.  She wore baggy clothing and this made her look larger.  While looking in the mirror I gathered her t-shirt to show how she could look slender by emphasizing her waist…no matter her current size.

One great look for appearing thinner is to wear “colorblock” clothing.  By wearing purposefully placed patterns and hues it has a waist-whittling effect to flatter your figure.  Check out the pictures below. Dillard’s ColorBlock Dress

After Photo, same style as the before, color placement on bottom is different

Before Photo


Want to look longer and leaner?

October 19th, 2011


Men:   Wear shoes in the same hue as your pants

Women:  Wear skin tone shoes, which give the illusion of a longer silhouette

black shoes, black pants




Banana Republic for all sizes

October 12th, 2011

I rarely shop online for clothing.  However, when my customers are unable to find their size of clothing I head to the online store of Banana Republic for latest fashion wear and a variety of hard to find size clothing.  On-line they carry Tall Women’s Clothing and Big and Tall Men’s Clothing.  Plus you get free shipping with any order over $50.00. Banana Republic Online


Like Fine Wine….

October 5th, 2011

On our Mediterranean cruise we met a fantastic couple, Stan and Marlene who acted one-third of their age.  They were in their young 70’s.  As I watched them it cemented my belief that maturity doesn’t mean looking or acting older.  Rather it’s becoming aware of who you are and how you want to live your life…dull and the same routine or taking chances and having fun in life and going beyond your potential.  Marlene is someone who takes interest in others (not having children of her own,) but making everyone feel like family, as she did my husband and me.  Plus, she volunteers at a hospital visiting patients weekly along with her dog Lili.  She still gets together with high school and college friends, plays tennis and mahjong to name a few plus painting with oils and acrylics for a hobby.  She has spunk and is young at heart.  Stan continues to operate the business he owns along with enjoying his horses.  Even on the cruise Marlene had her pedometer making sure to walk 10,000 steps a day and taking the stairs rather than the elevator.  Their hair and clothing were fashionable and smart and gave them a sense of youth.  They were ready to go on every shore excursion with extensive walking for 10-hour intervals.  They laughed hard, saw performances, danced and Marlene tried karaoke with an enthusiastic do-wop and they were up at the crack of dawn ready to see what the next day would bring.  They were friends to all who crossed their path.  Who doesn’t choose to be around a happy vibrant couple?

Getting older  is an art and Marlene and Stan are true artists.  They have become their own people rather than letting society define them.  Of course they are from Napa Valley,  just like fine wine……Cheers Stan & Marlene!

Bonnie, Sal, Marlene and Stan



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