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August 31st, 2011


What is Ruching: When fabric is gathered evenly to create a rippled effect.

Ruched side seams that create draping in front are perfect for tummy troubles.

Top with Ruching at "The Limited"



Grateful & honored to help our women soldiers coming back…

August 24th, 2011

Fort Hood Dress For Success Seminar


The employees of the Fort Hood Army Career and Alumni Program make it their goal to set transitioning Soldiers up for success when they leave the Army. For female Soldiers, part of that transitioning might include a visit to a “Ladies Dress for Success Seminar.”

The most recent seminar was held at the Copeland Soldier Service Center June 14. Linda Christ, transition service manager, said Dress for Success seminars are held for both men and women preparing to enter the civilian workforce.

“Our Ladies Dress for Success is about a year old,” she said. “We also have a Men’s Dress for Success … and they’ve been doing that for about a year-and-a-half or two years.”

Bonnie Balistreri, an image consultant who comes to Fort Hood from Austin to teach the afternoon class, said she tries to make the class interesting, helpful and interactive.

“I usually talk about body shapes, what is good for your body shape,” she said. “I talk about appropriate dress … I usually show accessories and talk a little about makeup.”

Balistreri spent just over an hour going over helpful dressing tips with the women in attendance and showing examples of what to wear to an interview or an office job, as well as a few examples of items to leave in the closet.

“It’s a matter of dressing to gain respect from those who are hiring you and treat you the way you want to be treated,” she said.

Balistreri added that job seekers and interviewees should also maintain their individual personality. “Dress to be yourself,” she added.

Two female Soldiers who are just beginning the outprocessing checklist attended the seminar.

“I’ve been in the Army for going on four years now, and I don’t know how to dress outside the uniform,” Spc. Erica Marin, 4th Battalion, 5th Air Defense Artillery Regiment, said. “Basically, I came to get some information.”

She was joined by her friend, Sgt. Kim Fleming, also with 4-5 ADA. “I don’t know if I remember what it’s like to be a girl and do makeup properly anymore,” Fleming added.

Marin, Fleming and the rest of the attendees got a crash course in makeup application, how to accessorize outfits without breaking the bank, and how to create professional and business casual outfits acceptable for an interview or a day at the office.

Balistreri was joined by representatives from the Killeen Dilliard’s store and Essential Bodywear representative Michie Reid, who spoke about the importance of properly fitted undergarments.

Ultimately, both Marin and Fleming agreed that the seminar was helpful, and both said they would recommend it to their female friends and co-workers.

“It’s fun; we don’t get girl time very often,” Fleming said.

Christ said the class has been popular. “People have liked it. The ladies have liked it so much we had to move to a bigger classroom.”

The class is open to female Soldiers who are preparing to leave the military, any female military spouses and female civilians.

Balistreri said she’s happy to lend her expertise to women in and associated with the military and is happy they gain something from her class.

“I just feel that it’s professional,” she said. “You are what you market. It’s kind of like owning your own business. How do you want to set up your store? How do you want to be presented?”


Shoe Tips

August 17th, 2011

Men:  A shoe with a bit more round tip will always be in style.  Square tipped shoes are just that!

Women:  If you are short and/or have thick calves wearing shoes with too high of a strap can make you look shorter and bring attention to your calves.






August 10th, 2011

Men:  Narrow Lapel=Narrow tie, Wide Lapel=Wide Tie

Women:  When wearing  animal print keep it simple and only one or two items.  Wearing a belt, earrings, shoes, and carrying a handbag all in animal print makes your look less fashionable.





August 3rd, 2011

Men:  Keep the pen out of your shirt pocket and in your leather portfolio.

Women:  If a purse is not your thing buy a leather portfolioleather portfolio

Both sexes:  Turn your cell phone off….not muted….OFF.




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