“Now you see it. Now you don’t!”

July 27th, 2011

Wearing the wrong item of clothing or wrong shoe can make you appear shorter and heavier.  Here are 3 trouble areas and 3 easy ways to create an illusion to make you appear longer and leaner!

1. Shoes

Short & Heavy Looking: Chunky platforms, gladiators, flats, and square-toed styles all make your legs look heavier.  Lots of straps bring attention to your legs especially if you have larger calves or cankles. 

Longer & Leaner Look:

Keep the top and front of your foot free.  A nude pump visually lengthens your leg.  If you wear a color that matches your skin tone it visually gives you a longer, leaner look.  

2. Pants

Short & Heavy Looking: Capri’s look best on people who are tall and slender and slender calves; otherwise they shorten your leg and emphasize your calves.

Longer & Leaner Look:

1) Flat front, no pleats.  2) Zipper on the side or back, and 3) No pockets or pockets in the front, not on the sides.  Pant length should be ¼” from the ground and wear the highest heel you can stand in.  

3.  The Skirt

Short & Heavy Looking: Anyone with wide hips say no to the low-rider look.  Which includes full whirly skirts.  

Longer & Leaner Look:

A-line or pencil skirt—a skirt that’s not going to bring attention to the bottom half of your body.  The length should be right above the knee. 




Want an Instant Face Lift?

July 20th, 2011

The eyes have it when it comes to looking younger more polished.

Men and Women if you’re looking for ways to enhance your facial appearance, consider these strategies to perfect your eyebrows.

Creating the perfect arch can be a trial and error process if you attempt to use tweezing and waxing methods on your own.  Salons, med spas and aesthetic centers offer professional eyebrow waxing and hair removal services, and these can help you achieve just the right arch without losing the small hairs you need to get the right look.

Common methods for creating perfect eyebrows include:guys unibrow and eyebrow arching, waxing, reshaping

-Hot wax

-Tweezing and plucking


-Laser hair removal for dark hair

All of these methods can provide instant results and shapelier, more attractive eyebrows, but do require ongoing maintenance.  If you choose to maintain results on your own, you also run the risk of ‘over-plucking’ or over-waxing, and hair can take months to grow back.  Yes men, having your eyebrows shaped and hair removed between your brows can give you a polished look.



Travel Light

July 13th, 2011



I’ve been lucky my luggage has never been lost while traveling.  After hearing horror stories of people losing their luggage for 3 days or more I’ve decided to only travel with the maximum size carry-on.   It’s easier and really freeing not toting several bags back and forth from trains to planes and up hotel steps as international hotels do not all come with elevators.

I just found out about this clothing kit called Chick on the Go which fits into a carry on.  The kit weights 4 lbs and consists of 5 pieces of black and white clothing made of a light-weight rayon and spandex blend.  They include a wide-leg pant; a black slip dress; a white long sleeve shirt; a white tank top; and a black poncho that can double as a skirt or shirt.  There are two accessories, a black and a white cloth belt that can be mixed and matched to create 25 different outfits.

They’ll work for all body types.  The clothes come in five sizes ranging from extra small to extra large and plus sizes are coming soon.  There are no buttons or zippers. Best of all the clothes are comfortable, lightweight and chic.

Go forth and travel…….and travel light!   The Chick On The Go Clothing Kit



MEN: Dash Up your Suit or Sports Jacket

July 6th, 2011

My husband loves to jazz up his sports jacket or suit coat by adding a new tie or pocket scarf. From a visual standpoint I feel it gives a uniqueness to the overall look.   I found a great website that easily demonstrates different ways to fold a scarf and necktie. Check it out “Folding a Pocket Scarf or Necktie”



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