“Three Dots” for the 4th of July

June 29th, 2011

In honor of our National Holidays I enjoy giving attention to clothing manufactured in the USA.

On Memorial Day I blogged about John and Mary bags and since Independence Day is only a few days around the corner, I decided to search my own closet for USA made items.

After finding “Made in” either in China, India or Egypt, I took the easy way out and went to Zappo’s website and conducted a search.  The one I found that’s actually in my closet is Three Dots a company out of Garden Grove, California.  They design and manufacture knitwear, cashmere, and wovens for men and women.  The clothing is so comfortable and has a fantastic fit.  I love the fabric quality.  I’ve had my tees for almost 3 years and I’ve washed them over and over and they continue to look brand new.

A big thank you and salute goes to Three Dots for giving people in the USA jobs and superior products.

Threedots clothing made in USA, clothing manufactured in USAThree dots dress

Three Dots Clothing



10 Fashion Trends with Staying Power

June 22nd, 2011

When assessing women’s wardrobes I’m often asked, “is this still in style?”  This morning I read the following article which answers this question rather well: 10 Fashion Trends with Staying Power


bow tie top, leather jacket, skinny jeans, patent leather


Guest Blogger Salvatore “Ted” Balistreri of Salvatore Balistreri Consulting

June 15th, 2011

Since today is my husband’s and my wedding anniversary and our business’s can work hand-in-hand I asked him to give me his “male” view on  interview wear.

As a retained executive search consultant, I have been involved with thousands of face-to-face interviews. With that kind of “apprenticeship,” I can describe a sense of what kind of interview dress is great to see:

1)  I like it when the candidate seems to be dressing one-level up from the company culture they are interviewing for. This indicates to me that they have done their homework and have dressed appropriately for the interview event.

2)  I enjoy seeing an outfit with the appropriate shoes/belt that makes the entire outfit seem to flow. Many times I have seen good outfits bogged down by shoes that are not polished or do not go with the rest of the outfit.

3)  I like to see a tie that makes the candidate seem unique. This can be tricky as a “too loud” tie can be a turn off but a tie that seems cool and fashionable tells me something about the confidence level of the candidate.

4)  When I see a suit that is tailored to the body it makes me feel that the candidate pays attention to details and that they feel good about whom they are.

5)  On the intangible side of things, I think energy and enthusiasm play a great deal in the hiring decision. I strongly suggest to candidates to exercise before the interview. This becomes of greater importance as people age. You want to be seen as the “best you.” If I sense that the candidate is tired during the interview, it speaks volumes about the person and their ability to handle the opportunity if they are hired.

Be proactive and strategize about what to wear at an important interview event. Your skills and talent are crucial but your interview dress plays an important role too.

Executive Coaching, Outplacement, Executive Recruiting Interview wear

Salvatore Balistreri

Salvatore Balistreri Consulting












Seven Reasons-Sound Familiar?

June 8th, 2011

revamp or update your lookWhat better time than now to assess your own appearance and revamp your look head to toe?  Whether you’re in a haircut rut, or bored with everything in your closet here are signs you may need my expertise:

1. Your partner or teenager is telling you what to wear and how to wear it.

2.  You cling to long hair because you think it makes you look younger.

3. You’ve been applying your makeup the same way for years.

4.  You have clothes hanging in your closet you never wear because you don’t know how to match them up.

5. You’re losing weight and don’t know how to look good during your transition so you stay in your larger clothes.

6.  You have clothing in your closet with the price tags still on.

7. You’re not feeling good about your body shape and clothing.

If any of this sounds familiar, let me know and I will be there to get you back on track.



Don’t let the hanger fool you!

June 1st, 2011


Shirt dress with tie and pockets

Shapeless dress

shirt dress

Joeann makes the dress shapely

Last week I gave a presentation and brought some clothes for the women in my audience to model.  I brought a gorgeous jewel-tone, teal, silk-like shirtdress with a drawstring at the waist.  I admit my first impression when I saw the dress on the hanger reminded me of a silk tablecloth and very boxy.

A striking woman walked into the room so I asked her to model the dress.  Besides not wanting to model for the audience and saying she normally wore pants she finally agreed to wear the dress.  She came out with the dress on and everyone was surprised.  From boxlike on the hanger to an hourglass figure, WOW she looked great!   My secret: Try something different you may surprise yourself and “never judge a dress by its’ hanger”.



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