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May 25th, 2011
travel bag

John and Mary Bag

I found this simple and smart looking travel bag.  Better yet, it was designed and handcrafted in the USA! They have different sizes, fabrics, and colors.  There’s a variety of uses depending on size.  There’s a bag for weekend travel, the gym, a portfolio or briefcase.  See if you love them as much as I do!  John and Mary Bags



May 18th, 2011

Recently I entered an elevator while a woman was exiting.  Her STRONG perfume scent made my nose hairs flip out and my stomach churn!  I have a sensitive nose and a weak stomach.  I can’t be the only one.  A woman recently told me 3 people commented on loving the smell of her perfume.  Quite honestly, how many people would say they hate the smell of one’s perfume to one’s face?  I feel rather than be confrontational,  I’ll hold my breath long enough to get out of the “scents” way.  That goes with body, breath, smoking, or perfume odor.

It’s so much easier to tell someone they have broccoli stuck in their teeth than to say they smell.  Often I’m asked “how would I tell someone kindly they smell”?  My answer is to speak to them privately and point out a positive, such as “you’re really a fantastic person.”  Tell them if it were you in this situation you would want to know and you care about their feelings.  After that be very clear and to the point.




“Own” your look, change it up!

May 11th, 2011

Clothing doesn’t have to be brand new to look fantastic.  Everyone I meet wants his or her own look.  Finding your look can be difficult.  Some lack the money to spend on clothing while others lack the imagination and wear black to be safe.  I’ve been inspired by my 29-year-old daughter Kira who is big into shopping at 2nd hand clothing stores.  She’ll buy a $10.00 dress and restyle it for an extra $20.00 by taking the dress to a seamstress with her unique vision.  One dress Kira redesigned was altering a size 24 muumuu into a size 4.  No one would ever have known.  To Kira it seems simple by changing buttons, the neckline, or hem.  She can add an accessory like a jacket or necklace to take it from daytime to weekend to evening wear.  Kira “owns” her look that is an eclectic-modern look.  She feels right in it and therefore she looks fantastic and confident.


Dress with added jacket & boots for weekend wear

Redesigned Dress, brought up waist, took in, added zipper & darts


Sizing like the Jetsons

May 4th, 2011

Who can say they wear the exact clothing size from store to store?

I recently heard about this great service that sizes to your unique body by recording 200,000 points of body measurements.  I had no idea my body could give off that many measurements!

Mybestfit size scanner measures your body and matches it to stores that sell clothing brands best sized for your body shape.  How do you do it?  You step fully clothed into the body imaging booth and stand still for 10 seconds while the scanning wand rotates around you.  Your precise body measurements are then matched to the sizing specifications of clothing brands.  After your measurements are given you create a shopping list on the touch-screen monitor at the kiosk.  The process takes about 10 minutes.  Shopping for apparel is faster and simpler and time saving.  One negative is not all stores participate and in essence limits where you shop.

Bad news, the only mybestfit size scanner kiosk is currently located at the King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania.  Good news, an additional 13 locations this year, and 400 locations within the next 2 ½ years.  It’s a free service to the public.  The size scanner mybestfit matches you up to apparel that fits based on your unique and exact body measurements.  I’m crossing my fingers that Austin will be one of the next 13 locations.

wand sizing, body shape, unique, hard-to-find clothing Size Scanner






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