Hairdressers for Hair Tresses

April 27th, 2011

Generally, it’s hard to find a hairdresser who can cut or color your hair perfect to your liking the first time around.  Most of us have to try a few hairdressers to get the ideal style and/or color that flatter us and fit our lifestyle.  Some hairdressers can be better at one type of hair or another whether it’s coarse, thin, fine, straight, or curly.  My stepdaughter has gorgeous natural curly hair and lots of it.  She’s had to try different hairdressers to find one that knows what she wants specific to her hair.

If you’re checking out a new stylist, remember it’s a consultation.  If you don’t feel comfortable with their suggestions you can leave.  It’s your hair, your decision.  When you find a terrific hairdresser don’t be afraid to have them show you step-by-step how they styled your hair.  They want you to be a happy client who will return and spread the word.  If you want to find a great hairdresser look for someone’s (even a stranger’s) hairstyle and/or color you love and ask them who does their hair.  To them it’s a compliment.

Stephanie's Curls Straightened


Stephanie's Natural Curls




Men: What’s in & how to wear it.

April 20th, 2011

1.  The Suit.  Casual rather than plaid patterns are hot.  A suit or sports jacket always requires alterations.  Wear it with a chambray or polo shirt.  A canvas belt can work as can sneakers and a crewneck knit.   Please do not wear French cuffs and a silk tie.

2.  Boat Shoes Wear with khakis, jeans or even a cotton suit.  Don’t add anything overly nautical on top so you’re doing a “theme” thing, which is unoriginal.

3.  Boot Cut-Jeans New styles have a slightly larger leg opening than straight-leg jeans but don’t seem dated.  18” leg openings are a great look.  Wear with boots,  sneakers, or leather lace-ups.

4.  Denim Shirt The denim shirt was the original “blue collar” shirt, but no longer.  Faded or slightly distressed fabric is a rugged look.  Darker & neater versions can be dressed up.  The structured fabric can conceal a few extra pounds or bulk up a thin frame.  Wear with dress pants to jeans (as long as they’re a few shades apart.  Add a nice necktie.

(Men’s Health magazine, March 2011 issue)



Closet Organization Tips

April 13th, 2011

Closet Organization

This is the method I use when I sort closets:

Sorting Method Phase 1:

  • Long dresses
  • Formal dresses
  • Casual dresses
  • Business dresses
  • Business suit jackets (skirts hung separately)
  • Pants
  • Jeans
  • Skirts on one hanger with multiple tiers
  • Long Sleeve tops
  • Short sleeve tops
  • Sleeveless tops
  • Scarves
  • Fold sweaters and place on padded hanger or Shelf
  • Purses shelf
  • Shoes shelf

Sorting Method Phase 2:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter

*Organizing in the above way is better than color organization.  Otherwise you have a “single color” in your mind and it doesn’t want to leave that part of your brain and allow you to look at more possibilities to change  outfits.

Turn each hanger hook towards you when organizing.  When you wash or wear the item of clothing  put it on the hanger and turn the hook away from you.  If you notice a hanger hasn’t been turned in 6 months to a year get rid of it.  If you don’t have the heart to get rid of it put it in a separate closet.




Guest Blogger Natalie Gauci “5 Hottest Make-up Trends for Spring”

April 6th, 2011

Don’t leave your look behind; your makeup should change with the seasons too!

1. CHEEKS are back! Bold Vibrant flushed – Coral or Pink depending on your skin tone – Apply to the apple of your cheek while smiling! Blend with a powder brush.

2. “ELECTRIC” EYES! Yes they’re back! Don’t be afraid if this is too extreme for your personality. Just a “dab” of a bright turquoise or purple on the lid of your eye will create a “pop” and change for your spring look.

3. BRONZER. Add a “sun kissed” look to your entire face with a bronzing powder. Bronzing powders are great as we go into summer . . . A little goes a long way! A fan brush is used to apply.

4. VIOLET IS HOT! – Yes, purple eye shadow.

5. SEXY SMOKEY EYE. – For a night out create drama with sexy metallic grays and navy. Pair with a neutral lip so your eyes are the focus!



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