Shoes can be fashionable & comfortable at the same time

January 26th, 2011
Comfortable earth shoe

Women's Duck Toe Shoes

White Shoes

Men's Rubber Soled Shoes

I love comfort plus style in shoes more than anyone.  I’ve had major surgery on my toe so believe me, I get it.  I’ve found you can get both comfort and style if you take the time to look and spend a little more money on them.  A few taboos I’ve seen in the workplace are: white shoes that scream “look at my shoes, not my face”.  Rubber soles that say “I’m old” or duck shoes (wide at the toe base) that say “I don’t have any idea what comfortable means except in these”.  It’s okay to wear them for travel or to the grocery store.  Just not for work or social events.

Keep in mind the feet are one’s roots that support the entire body.  Spend more on your shoes is something I stress.  My mom always said to all 5 of my siblings growing up  “no matter what, buy good shoes”!  A great shoe can last 3 years or more if you pay more and buy a classic style compared to a cheap ill-fitting shoe lasting only 6 months.  You may have to get 2 to 3 pairs of cheap shoes per year because they do wear out sooner.  To make sense of this, divide the price and number of shoes by the number of times you wear them.  It puts it in perspective and can give you more than comfort.


Vertical stripes not always “Slenderizing”

January 19th, 2011

bottom heavy body shapeMost people believe vertical always means, “slenderizing”.  However, vertical stripes CAN make the hips look wider especially if you’re bottom heavy.

Why?  They follow the contour of your hips and legs.  If the hips go out, so do the stripes. I suggest sticking to a basic color pant with no pattern.  Other considerations when wanting to look your best in pants include fabric, pockets, and the right style.


Everyone needs a good Seamstress….

January 12th, 2011

"Bunching" requires alterations

Whether losing, gaining or staying the same weight everyone needs a seamstress in their life. A $200.00 outfit can look like $20.00 and vice versa.  No one body shape is symmetrical. Look thinner by shaping the outfit to your body.


Twiggy, Farrah, Demi….Retro Hairstyles that are Back!!

January 5th, 2011


Retro Hairstyles



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