“What I love about fashion is it’s an expression of personality…. What I hate about fashion is anything forced” Kelly Klein, photographer

October 27th, 2010


The Button

October 20th, 2010

Friday evening my husband Ted, an Executive Search Consultant and I were part of a panel presentation at the University of Texas McComb MBA program.  Ted, my biggest fan and PR agent started his intro joking “it’s difficult being married to an Image Consultant, since I have to look my best at all times”.  As I’m watching him, I hone into his suit coat and notice the middle button BROKEN!

One point I tell my clients is check your clothing for tears and stains before you head to your interview.

Note to self…Figure enough time to inspect husband and self before leaving house!


Suit Up!

October 13th, 2010

My friend enlisted me to be her accomplice in search of a suit for her husband.  Shopping venture goes something like this. Enter suit department, husband in the middle lest he escape.  He made it known 14 years had been the magical date he last purchased a suit and was proud of this achievement.  His opinion mattered; however, we were the ultimate decision makers in agreement with him.  Suit jacket number 1 on.  Husband turns to the two of us, not the mirror.  Sales person adjusts sleeves, etc. waiting for everyone’s comments.  Arm holes and sleeves not working.  Try another, than another.  After suit coat number 5 we decide to check one more store.  Three more suits and final decision.  This was it, decision made, everyone happy, sold!  Mission accomplished!

I empathized when he voiced his reluctance to wear a suit as he shared his feelings of being stuffed, crammed, and forced into one. This being said, I think guys know but won’t admit most women find men dressed in suits distinguished, intelligent, classy, and confident.  Well-cut suits do exist and you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg.  He liked it!


Honoring My Mom

October 6th, 2010

Raising five children (without a nanny) was something Mom was committed to.  Laundry, meals, church; nothing ever waivered.  Dining out with our family was one Sunday a month.  Mom always made birthdays & holidays special.  Besides my own birthday cake she’d make my favorite chocolate cupcakes with white frosting and colorful sprinkles to share with my class.  I still put “happy sprinkles” on cakes.  Reminiscing, it wasn’t about the gifts I received, but how she made it “my special day”.

When the last of five children was headed to kindergarten, Mom took on a second job other than motherhood as Postmaster in our town.  How would she have time to hit the escape button with a massage or manicure?  She was available 24/7 to her family and residents of our small town.  At times, she’d receive a call from someone returning from their vacation wanting to pick up their mail.  I remember her heading out the door good naturedly saying “it’s my job”.

Shopping for school clothes was something my sister and I looked forward to with Mom.  “If anything, always buy quality shoes” she’d remind us.

Saturday’s were my parent’s date night.  Mom would dress up beautifully and head to the dance with Dad.  Wake up the next day to 5 children, getting them breakfast and coaxing them to get ready for church.  You have to wonder what she prayed about all those years.

Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 70.  Through her journey Mom kept her silent strength as she did all the years raising her family.  Complaining wasn’t an option for her yet keeping faith throughout was.  Now after each mammogram she calls just to say “I’m cancer free”.

Mom loves receiving flowers on any occasion (her favorite, red roses).  She’d rather enjoy flowers now since she won’t be able to on her grave is what she tells us.

Thanks Mom for your devotion.  I’m so very proud of you.  You’re silent strength carried us through.  I love you!


Presentation at St. Edwards University Austin, Texas

October 4th, 2010

Last night my husband Ted & I did a presentation to top students of the business colleges at St. Edwards University. Ted discussed Strategic Job Search & I discussed Image and first impressions. Great questions, Great Students!



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